A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 20

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Three days from now, you say? Good, well strike then . Where did you say hed take you? Altraz asked, sitting in the wooden chair, next to the kitchen table .
He said it was called the Feather and Tickle . Its a strange name, for what it is, Min said . She was on her knees on the floor, reporting to her Master . It had been seven days since she infiltrated Lord Caladris mansion as as servant maid, and the time had finally come for her to report her findings .
The Feather and Tickle . We have some connections there . Getting in should be no problem . Imperiuss fate is practically sealed . But Min, you have to promise me something, Altraz spoke . His expression rarely changed, and still now, it remained as calm as it always was . However, his eyes conveyed a different message . They betrayed worry .
Min, this time youre already far more involved then I ever wished for you . Imperius isnt like that Beastman you killed . Timer was only twenty to thirty levels above you . Yes, it poses a great difference in strength, but it meant he was still in the realm where you could kill him . A stab in the neck was enough . However, he was amongst the lowest ranked nobles, and his lineage was shallow, Altraz said, before pausing . Once more, his eyes portrayed that same look of worry .
However, Caladri is different . Hes amongst the most powerful nobles in the city . We live in a country where power is the most important . To hold true strength in the political scene, you need economical power, to to keep your economical power, you need the personal strength to protect it . Because of this, all nobles tend to go through various ordeals to raise their levels . Imperius Caladri is a powerful warrior . His level is several times higher than yours . And since hes a warrior, even if you stab him in the heart, he wouldnt die right away, and he could even survive . This time, well be sending six assassins who are around Caladris level of strength, so his death is assured . However, I implore you, Min, be careful, Altraz continued .
If I were to lose you, it would represent the greatest loss I and the organization could face . Youre a Child of Darkness, Min . Amongst all the assassins in the organization, I dare say none possess your potential . But even then, we send you on these dangerous missions, because only through training and experience can your potential be realized . You understand that, right? Altraz asked .
Yes, Master . I do . In this last week, I have learned a lot in terms of espionage and seduction . Ive read a lot about these topics, and both you, and Master Eledor have taught me a lot . Especially you, Master . I learned much from my old Master, but in the end, he was only a noble, albeit a powerful one . But Ive never actually had the chance to use what I learned . Similarly, I would like to experience some actual combat, Min said .
Dont worry, youll get to experience combat one day . But its still too early for that . Your legs are yet to regain their full strength, and Im yet to teach you how to fight . But I do intend to start after this mission is over . As I mentioned a week ago, if you were successful on this task, the next stage of your training would begin . That stage represents combat . And Id say you finished your mission with resounding success . Anyways, I have something for you, Altraz said, as he pulled something out of a pocket .
He held his hand out to Min, showing her a small gem with a needle on it . It looked like a piercing . What was it with Mins masters, and giving her piercing . Well, hopefully this once could be removed again . Min wouldnt be able to take her navel piercing out until it ran out of mana, which could take years . Altraz had explained her a bit how enchantments worked . Just like how magic couldnt last forever, enchantments suffered from the same limits . However, there existed materials that could keep the mana for longer, and the most skilled enchanters could keep the mana from leaking too quickly .
Eledor had been a skilled enchanter, but he was far from a master . Still, this piercing had lasted for about fifteen years, so far . It was mostly due to the expensive material it was made from, but Altraz didnt believe it would last another ten years . Although, you would be able to recharge it again . It would require a vast amount of mana, though . Way more than Min could produce in a short amount of time . Maybe is she spent a couple of days .
This is a relic, an ancient type of enchantment . This doesnt leak any mana at all, so it can theoretically last for all of eternity, if you dont use it . However, the method to create this has been lost for thousands of years . It is one of the greatest protective treasures the organization has, which is why Im only lending it to you . This will shield you from attacks, but every attack will drain its energy . After its completely drained, well have to recharge it . Anyway, in case something goes wrong, this should be able to protect your life . But youll have to return it after the mission, Altraz explained .
I see . But where do I put it . Wont Lord Caladri get suspicious? Min asked .
Just put it in your tongue . Its the least noticeable place, and even if he does see it, unless he uses an inspection spell on it, he wont recognize it as anything special . It doesnt look that valuable after all . And since hes been paying you rather handsomely, you should be able afford something like this . You already have one piercing, so it wouldnt be weird for you to get more, Altraz explained .
Alright, Master . Is there anything else? I need to return to the mansion, soon, Min said .
Just one more thing . You should invest all your free attribute points . If something does go wrong, you should be at your full strength, Altraz said .
Yes, Master . Then, where should I put the points? Min asked . She could figure it out herself, but she wouldnt mind Altrazs input .
Your main strength lies in magic, so you should put most of your points in Intelligence and Wisdom . But you should also put some in Constitution and Endurance, so you can take more of a beating . Your agility is sufficient, but your Strength is pitiful . I suggest putting a few points there, but not too many . Just use your own judgment . That is all . I will see you again in three days, Altraz said .
Yes, goodbye Master . I will take your advice to heart, Min replied . Then, the two left Mins apartment, and went their separate ways .
As Min walked back to Lord Caladris mansion, she invested all the points that had been laying around for who knows how long .
First, she invested eight points in Strength, bringing it up to fourteen . It had always been way too low . Next, she sacrificed ten points to get Constitution up to twenty . At least, now she wouldnt die too quickly . Then, she put five points in Endurance, bringing it to fourteen, too . Now, she had fifteen points left . Five of those went into Wisdom, and the rest into Intelligence .
By now, her Status Screen looked like this:
Status Window
Dark Hobgoblin
15 years
Health Regen:
3 . 5/min
Mana Regen:
Stamina Regen:
Attribute points:
28 (32)
Abilities and Spells
Indeed, she could no longer be called a weakling, or even an ordinary person . She could even become an adventurer, if she wanted . To become an F ranked adventurer, you only had to be level forty, after all .
Three days later . Min sat next to Lord Caladri in an exquisite carriage, drawn by four, beautiful, white colored horses . Mins cheeks were blushed, as she sat in silence . Lord Caladri had made a much greater ordeal out of it, than she wanted . He had simply taken her out the main door, into his personal carriage, for everyone to see . For him, it was nothing much, but to Min, it had been very embarrassing, as everyone could see the high and mighty noble, Lord Caladri himself, take a lowly servant girl out . When Lord Caladri fancied a girl, he usually just had sex with her in the confines of his own home . Rarely did he take them out, like this . Who knew what that could certify?
Thinking about what was about to happened, Min gulped . It still felt strange, as the foggy gem on her tongue, brushed against the roof her mouth . It had been quite painful to put it in, but Min was pretty impervious to pain, considering her peculiar personality . Her tongue had been rather uncomfortable since putting it in, since the wound was yes to fully heal . She could have used magic to take care of it, but chose not to, since a maid wouldnt really have access to such means .
Youre quite quiet, Caladri noted, after theyd been inside the carriage for about five minutes . Usually, Min would be sitting much closer to Caladri, letting him feel her body up, if he wanted . But now, she was sitting at a distance, and it was quite out of character . Caladri already knew Min for the horny girl she really was . He wasnt surprised at all that some adventurer had taken to **** her, due to the way she dressed and acted .
In truth, the only reason she hadnt been raped, was because she was very unlikely to decline someone sex . Even if someone tried to **** her, shed let them, effectively making it consensual . Shed only decline the most revolting of people .
Im just a bit embarrassed . So many people saw you take me out . Now they all know youre giving me preferential treatment, and it makes me a bit shy, Min said .
Thats why youre embarrassed? Not because everyone knows Im taking you out to fuck you? Lord Caladri asked, a smirk on his face .
Not really . Everyone already knows youve been having sex with me . I dont get embarrassed by sex . Its not in goblin nature, as goblins live in a very carnal society . Although I never got to participate in the sex, because of my dad, I did see it all the time, for the short duration I lived in the tribe . But having you treat me so good is still a bit embarrassing, Min explained .
I see . I do not possess much knowledge on goblin society, so your mind is still a bit of a mystery to me . But how do you even remember your old tribe? As far as I understand, you only lived there for the first few months of your life, at most, right? Caladri asked .
I lived there for a few months . Im not sure why my father was there for so long . However, the reason I still remember a bit of it, is because Goblins actually mature very quickly . My mother was only a goblin when she had me, so I was naturally born as a goblin, too . As a goblin, I matured to the same as a teenager in just a month . Very soon after that, I evolved into a Hobgoblin, which almost completely halted my aging . That goes for maturing as well . Ive barely changed, mentally, and physically, since those first few months of my life . It will probably take me a long time, before I have the mind of a full adult, Min explained .
So thats how it is . Due to becoming a Dark Hobgoblin, you now possess the lifespan of an elf . Although, for us elves, our aging is usual equal to that of a human, until we turn eighteen . Only then, does our aging slow down . However, to be honest, you do seem older than your average fifteen year old . If I had to guess, I would say you are around eighteen to twenty, Caladri said .
That would be accurate . When I turned into a Hobgoblin, I was actually comparable to an sixteen to eighteen year old, so I would put my mental age around that number . To be honest, it isnt that strange for me to have a child at this age . I only used my actual age for shock value . I hope youre not angry, master, Min revealed .
Haha, Im not angry . You didnt lie, after all, Caladri said . The two continued chatting, until the carriage stopped outside the Feather and Tickle . After exiting the carriage, Min saw a finely decorated entrance . It looked quite similar to a high-end brothel, and if you heard about it, you might even think it was a brothel . But it wasnt .
It was more like a hotel that specialized in sex . Those who were into certain fetishes, could come here to enjoy themselves in peace and quiet . It didnt allow for only the more violent kind of sex, either . It had rooms that gave a more romantic feel, and those that looked almost like a dungeon .
Lord Caladri took Min hand, and led her inside . After entering, the two were immediately met by one of the workers in the hotel .
Follow me, my lord, the beautiful woman said . You had to reserve a room in advance, so they naturally knew Lord Caladri and Min would be arriving now . The scantily dressed woman quickly led Min and Caladri up a few stairs, and into a room of their own .
As soon as she entered the room, Min started salivating . This was a dungeon . The walls were made of dark, almost black, stone bricks . Two chains hung down from the ceiling, a place where you could strap someones hands . Next to the chains, was a table with various knives of various lengths and widths . On one wall, there was an assortment of whips, some thin like a needle, others thick as an arm .
On another table, they had gathered a plethora of butt-plugs . The smallest were the size of your average penis, while the biggest were so huge, Min couldnt fathom how it could fit into anyones ass! But she really wanted to try getting it into hers .
On one side of the room, there were several tables and racks, lined with all sorts of devious devices, be it simple ropes, chains, clamps, and anything else you might want to play with . After entering the room, the woman behind them closed the door, leaving Min and Caladri to their privacy .
This is amazing, Min said, after finally catching her breath . She couldnt stop her eyes from trailing over the various objects . She was looking forward to using them .
Its quite something . Its my first time here, since Ive never had any girls into this kind of thing, and Ive never cared to force anyone . But I am quite eager to get started . I dont consider myself a particularly cruel person, but torturing you, as I fuck you, does sound fun, Lord Caladri said .
I cant wait, Min replied .
Then, let me help you get naked, Caladri spoke, as he hugged Mins waist with his old hands . He brushed upwards, caressing Mins smooth skin, reaching under her top . Slowly, and sensually, he lifted the cloth off her body, revealing Mins naked tits, letting them bounce freely, as they dropped from the silky fabrics of her maid outfit .
Next, his hands moved down to her skirt, making its way inside, to her already moist cunt . A single finger slipped inside her, before immediately exiting . Instead, Lord Caladris fingers grasped at the cloth, pulling it down . Swiftly, Mins bare bottom and nude front entered into the open, letting Lord Caladris eyes fall on their smooth luster . It was almost as if her butt glowed, due to the perfect placement of the single torch in the room, shining spectacularly on her behind .
Having stripped Min of all her clothing, Lord Caladri placed one hand on her ass cheek, and the other on her cheek . Min was caught of guard . This was much more sensual than Caladri usually was .
Are you ready? He asked . Maybe he was a bit more hesitant, due to the nature of what they were about to do .
Yes . Chain me up, Min replied, an eager light in her eyes . Lord Caladri momentarily closed his eyes, before centering into Mins black pupils .
As you wish, he said . He pushed Min further into the middle of the room, where those two chains hung . He was being rougher than usual, causing Min to stumble as he pushed her . Caladri grabbed Min by the shoulders, and turned around . He took her left wrist, and strapped it to the chain on their left . Then, he chained up the right wrist, trapping Min .
Then, he let her hang, as he walked to the wall, where various whips were on display . He trailed his hand along the whips, before resting it at on of the thinner, but not the smallest, whip . He grabbed it by the handle, and walked back behind Min .
Without a single word, he lifted his arm, raising his hand above his head . Then, it fell, sending the end of the whip to the flesh of Mins back .
Aaaah! Min screamed in symphony with the crack of the whip . Once more the whip flew, and once more, Min screamed, as a second, red line decorated her back .
Master, please, fuck me, too! Min begged, as the whip lashed against her back for the third time . She was enjoying this . The pain, the humilation, but she was craving to be filled . She needed to feel something fill up her pussy .
Hmph, Lord Caladri snorted, as he lashed out with the whip once more, this time with even more force . A forth, even thicker line appeared on Mins blue back .
Aaaah! She screamed, as blood started dripping down her back . Caladri stopped temporarily, to grab one of the butt-plugs . Instead of choosing one of the smaller ones, like with the whip, he instead chose one of the bigger ones . A too big whip might kill her, or rob her of her consciousness, but a butt-plug wouldnt kill her .
Caladri walked back behind Min, and placed the tip of the plug to her back entrance . Min turned her head, to see what Caladri was doing, and when she saw the butt-plug, she drooled .
I dont care much for anal, but thinking about something that big going inside me, makes me so wet, kya! Min admitted, but was interrupted, as Lord Caladri cruelly pushed the plug into Mins butt . Min had been fucked in the ass plenty of times, it was quite loose, but something of this size stretched her out, even further . It hurt a bit, but not to the point where it was unbearable . And the pain in her back overshot it anyway .
I, too, prefer vaginal sex, which is why I dont mind stretching out your ass a bit, Lord Caladri said, as he pushed the object in even deeper . By now, it was halfway inside Min, and just a single more push would put it all the way inside .
Oh, master! Use your whore however you want, and tear up her ass! Min screamed, as Caladri gave the final push .
Then whore, shall I whip you further? Caladri asked, a cruel smile having made its way on his face .
Yes! Yes, master! But please, I need to be fucked, or Ill go crazy! Min said, begging for her master to fill her pussy up with his cock .
Very well . I cant wait much longer myself, either way . Ill just replace the whip with one of those rod whips, Caladri said, as he went back to the whip rack .
Yes, master, please! Min said, as she arched her back, and pushed out her butt, eager to be fucked . Caladri quickly made his way behind Min again . He immediately pulled out his hard cock, and brushed it against Mins flowing wet pussy . He could feel Mins entrance tighten, just from the touch of his rod . She truly was horny beyond her wits .
With a powerful thrust, his cock entered Mins pussy, and slid all the way down to her womb, rattling her butt, as it slammed against her . Simultaneously as he started fucking her, he started whipping her with the rod . Small line after line appeared in her flesh, as he lashed at her in tandem with the rough thrusts of his hips, fucking Mins pussy .
The rod was much smaller than the other whip had been, so it didnt cause as much damage . Instead, he whipped with a much more rapid pace, and Min enjoyed it thoroughly .
Aaah, aah! She moaned, as her insides were being churned by Lord Caladris thick cock . She tried to speak, telling her master how much she loved it, but everything she said, came out as incomprehensible mumbles .
Aaaaaaaaah! She screamed, as he pleasure rapidly peaked, sending pulsing jolts of ecstatic pleasure through her entire body, making her shake violently . The fusion of pure pleasure from being fucked, and the amazing pain from being whipped sent her over the edge . She orgasmed one of the most intense orgasms of her life . It was rare for her to get to have this kind of sex .
Min slumped, having lost every bit of energy her body possessed, but Lord Caladri didnt care . He continued to fuck her, as the chains did their job, holding Min up . Min simply continued to moan, as the cock inside her hit her deepest spots .
Eventually, Lord Caladri came, filling Mins pussy up with her seed . It seemed like Lord Caladri had enjoyed this just as much as Min, as he filled her up with vast amounts cum . If Min wasnt on a birth control, she felt it would be impossible not to get pregnant from this .
When Caladri pulled out Min, resulting in a waterfall of semen coming out of her pussy, Min finally regained her energy, and was able to stand again .
What now, master? Min asked, eager to continue with the debauchery .
Hmm . How about we use those knives to truly mark you as my property, but cutting my name into your chest, Lord Caladri suggested . This was something he wouldnt do without Mins permission, as it meant cutting into her flesh . Even though hed already done plenty of that with the whips .
Of course! As long as I dont actually become masters slave, Min replied .
Naturally . I wont cut deep enough to leave a scar, either, Caladri said, as he walked around Min, to her front . He paused for a moment, to enjoy the sight of Mins glazy breasts . She was drenched in sweat, giving her quite the sexy look .
Caladri grabbed a knife from the table, before resting it against Mins skin . Finally, without asking if Min was ready, he cut into her skin, forming a curved line on her chest .
Nnnh! Min squealed, as the pain from her flesh being pierced . Then, he cut two more lines, forming the letter A, into her flesh . Min winced further more, her eyes shut tight . However, her moans had a sadistic sense of pleasure mixed in with them, as the knife cut into her skin .
Soon, Caladri had cut his name into Mins skin, showing just how much power he held over her .
How about we remove those chains, now? Caladri asked, without expecting a response, as he immediately moved to unlock the chains, freeling Mins discolored wrists from bondage .
Okay, master, Min said as he rubbed her wrists . They were quite painful . Lord Caladri moved his hand down to Mins pussy, and put three fingers inside her, before opening his mouth, intending to speak . However, before he could utter a single word, the door opened . Six, dark clad people entered the room . Their bodies were completely concealed in fabric, to the point where you couldnt even discern their gender .
Four of these mysterious strangers wielded swords, or other melee weapons, while the other two held long staffs in their hands . You could see nothing from these strangers, except two things . One, their specializations . Clearly, the ones with the swords were warriors, while the other two were magic casters . The other thing, was the staggering amount of killing intent that oozed out of their very beings .
What is this! Lord Caladri roared, as he pushed Min behind him .
Assassins! He shouted, as he grabbed the knife hed just used to cut into Mins flesh . These knives were the only weapons he had access to right now . He knew that the situation was dim . He expected that he would not get out of this alive . However, what happened, was completely out of his expectations .
Min grabbed one of the knives from the table, and with a frighteningly practiced manner, she stabbed Lord Caladri in the neck, severing his airways .
You, he gasped, as he felt at the sharp blade, sticking out of his throat . Min immediately jumped backwards, although staggeringly . After their play session, she was quite hurt .
Lord Caladri wanted to slash Min open with his knife, but before he could even finish reaction, he felt a searing pain in his abdomen . Two crossed blades had piercing into his abdomen, sticking out from the other sides . Caladri spit out a mouthful of blood, staining his assassins further in his blood .
The two assassins pulled out their swords through his sides, almost cleaving the unfortunate noble in half . Caladri stumbled backwards, slowly, one step at a time . Finally, the largest of the assassins charged at the near dead Caladri, holding his massive axe high above his head . Like the blade of a guillotine, it fell down, chopping Caladris head in half, through the middle, and down his neck . Even the knife his his throat was shattered to pieces at the might of the executioners blade .
Finally, Caladri fell to his knees, and then down to the floor, dead .
The two sword wielding assassins sheathed their blades, while the axe wielding one rested the weapon that had taken Imperius Caladris life, on his shoulder .
Meanwhile, the other three remained in the back of the room . They hadnt moved since they had arrived . One of the sword users looked towards Min .
Good job, girl . Your surprise attack made this quite a bit easier, the assassin spoke . Min was a bit surprised at how he didnt seem even slightly perturbed at the fact that Min was fully nude . Then again, his face was covered, so Min couldnt discern his true emotions .
Im sure it would have been just as easy, even if I didnt do anything, Min said . In truth, her sudden attack had been a gamble . The true reason she had attacked Caladri, was because she wanted to gain the experience gained from his death . And this, was the true reason to why she was smiling so widely . Seeing the screens in front of her, how could she not?
Congratulations! You have received 501,857 XP for killing a Lvl 126 High Elf!
Since you were not alone in defeating your foe, the XP has been shared equally!
Congratulations! You have leveled up! You are now level 55!
As a Hobgoblin, you are awarded with 4 attribute points to distribute .
You have 36 unspent attribute points
You have reached level 50 . As a Dark Hobgoblin, you must now evolve . Please choose your desired evolution .
Half Demon
The Succubi are the sister species of the incubus . They are demonic creatures that survive by feeding on the life energy of others, through sex . A Succubus is a long lived creature, with a lifespan spanning centuries .

A Dhampir is a halfbreed vampire, with half their blood being vampiric, and the other half belonging to another specie . They possess many of a vampires strengths, and few of the weaknesses . A Human Dhampir will have a lifespan equal to that of an elf, and an elf Dhampir can live for potentially a thousand years .

The Half Demon is someone who bears Demonic blood, giving them demon like properties and strength, including an improved lifespan . While they arent as strong as a full fledged Demon, they do not suffer from the penalties a Demon might .

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