A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 18

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Min sat in front of her desk, a pencil in her hand, and a sheet of paper below it . She was rapidly sketching lines on the paper, showing considerable skill and technique . Soon, those lines began taking shape, forming into the face of an elven man . Sally entered the room, walking behind Min, and took a look at what she was doing .
Whore you drawing? Youre actually quite good, Sally said, complimenting Mins talent . Sally was surprised at just the sheer number of things this girl was good at . She was a prodigy at chess, showing genius levels of intelligence . When it came to being a maid, it seemed like that was just another skill she was a prodigy at . This was only the, what, third day? Yet she was already about as good as some of the less experienced maids . And now, she seemed to be an artistic genius, as well .
Its just some guy I saw in the mansion the other day . Im been drawing since I was a little girl, though, so Id naturally be good, by now . You know, my family wasnt always as poor as it is now . We used to be doing quite well, actually . Out status was quite close to that of nobles . Affording drawing supplies wasnt all that hard . But as often tends to happen, things changed, Min said, as she continued to draw .
Her drawing was quickly taking shape into the face of the man shed with Lord Caladri in his study, the other day . Min wanted to find out who he was . If she could, Min would like to uncover the plot shed discovered . That information might come handy to the organization she now worked for . Whatever that organization was .
I think Ive seen him before . Hes been here to visit the lord a few times . I dont know who he is, though . I know quite a bit about the Caladri family, since Ive worked here for a very long time, but when it comes to the other great families, I only know the names, not the faces, Sally said .
I dont care too much about that . Im just drawing him because hes handsome . And because I want to practice drawing from memory, Min said .
Well, Id say your memory is excellent, as your drawing is starting to look near identical to the model . No surprise there though . Youre a very intelligent girl, Sally said .
Anyways, this drawing is just about finished . I better get going . See you later, Sally, Min said, as she picked up the drawing, and turned towards the door .
Later, Sally replied, before Min disappeared out the room .
After Min had left the mansion grounds, she turned towards the poor district, just like last time . Min was very careful . She wanted everyone to believe she was going home . However, after getting a certain distance away, shed turn directions, once more, again heading towards the rich district .
However, this time, she wasnt returning to the Caladri Mansion . She was going to a much more familiar place . One she had visited several times . She intended to visit Aldon, the man who had healed her . She needed help to figure out who Lord Caladris accomplice was, but she had no way of contacting Altraz . Altraz was a much more secretive man than Aldon . He was, by all means, an assassin .
Meanwhile, Aldon played a more supportive role in the organization . He was more on the public side, even if no one knew his true identity . He had connections around the entire city, and beyond, making him invaluable . Aldon and Altraz were both very high tier members of the organization, but they had completely different specializations .
Thus, Aldon was the perfect person for her current needs . Min carefully sneaked to Aldons mansion . Since the guards had seen her before, she was allowed to enter . A servant led her to a waiting room, while Aldon was notified of her arrival . After a short moment Aldon arrived, a puzzled look on his face .
Min? Why are you here? Is something wrong with your legs? Aldon asked . He didnt think there should be any problems, but magic was a volatile thing, and should never be trusted completely .
No, Im fine . But I do need your help with something, Min said, before moving her sight to the servant behind Aldon .
Ah, I see . You may leave, Aldon said, as he turned to the servant .
Yes, my Lord, the servant replied, and left the room, giving Aldon and Min some privacy .
Then, Min my girl, what do you need? Aldon said, as he sat next to Min on the couch .
I dont know if you know, but Im currently on a mission . I need to gather information on Imperius Caladri, and, well, I found something . I was sneaking around in Lord Caladris study, when he and a friend entered the room . They didnt discover me, but I certainly discovered their secret . Their planning something . Something big . Theyre going to kill someone, and theyre willing to pay a hundred platinum coins, Min explained .
A hundred platinum coins? Thats certainly something . Do they have this amount ready? Aldon asked .
They do, or at least they did . Lord Caladri gave it to his friend to pay the assassins . But the assassins wont strike until five days from now, so he might still be holding on to the money, Min said, thinking back to their conversation .
I see . Do you know who this man was? Aldon asked .
Thats why Im here . I drew a portrait of him, hoping you might know his identity, Min said, handing over her drawing . Aldon looked at the drawing for a moment, before his lips curved upwards .
What exactly are you planning? He wondered .
You know him? Min asked .
Yes . Hes Vesryn Farvyre . Hes a a noble, but not quite as powerful as Imperius Caladri . Theres only one thing they share that I can think of . Theyre both related to the Duke, and farther up to the Royal Family . You see, here in Rymalona, there are four families that share Royal blood . One is the Ducal family . Then theres Caladri, the most powerful other than the Ducal family . Only slightly weaker is the Valynor family, and then, finally, the Farvyres . Theyre not the most powerful nobles in Rymalona, however, should the Ducal family somehow be extermined, theyre the only ones whod have a claim on the Dukedom, Aldon explained .
Since Caladri already holds more power than Valynor, if Farvyre supports him, hed definitely become the Duke, should the Ducal family really be killed off . It would definitely be Farvyres favor to help Caladri, since Farvyre and Valynor arent exactly friends, while Farvyre and Caladri have a long history . Should Caladri become the Duke, Farvyre might end up becoming the most powerful Noble in the city, while Valynor would be suppressed . Im not guaranteeing anything, but its certainly possible that the Ducal family is their target . A hundred platinum coins would be enough, since the assassins would not only get the money, but also the favor of a Duke, Aldon said .
Should we do something, then? Lord Caladris death would not be enough to stop this plot . Its been going on since before his father died . Caladri has an heir, so if Caladri died, it would only mean his son would become Duke, instead . I dont know if its my place to speak, but if we let this happen, we would be giving our competitors more power, Min said .
Youre very right . I will convene the council tonight . Ill convey everything youve discovered . You did very good . Your name is about to become known to all the highest tier members of our organization . But for now, you should do your best to get closer to Imperius Caladri . Seduce him, if you have to . You know how to manipulate the relationship window, right? Aldon said .
Yes, Master taught me . As long as I dont hate him, Ill at least be able to keep it friendly . And since Im friendly towards him, even though Im aiding in his assassination, I might be able to make it seem as Im romantically interested in him, Min said .
Good . As long as he thinks youre friendly . While its a bonus if he thinks you like him romantically, it isnt required . As long as he likes you, he wont care if you only want to get closer to him so you can live a better life . Hell only want you for sex, after all, which Id say youre very good at, Aldon said .
Anyways, Min, before you go, I have another task for you . I see youre very talented at drawing, so Id like you to make me a picture of the container the money Caladri gave Farvyre, Aldon requested .
Thats no problem . However, Im just as good at painting . Im at the Professional rank in both skills, so I could pain the picture to get the colors, too, Min suggested .
Oh, splendid! Ill have a servant prepare a canvas . Wait here for just a second, Aldon said, before disappearing out the door . He came back a moment later . A few more minutes passed, before a servant came with all the painting supplies Min might need .
Min spent about half an hour painting a detailed painting of the small chest that Caladri had given Farvyre . The shape and colours, as well as even the most intricate details were all completely identical to the real thing .
This is very good . Ill make sure to give you the highest praise to the council, and Im sure Altraz will as well . This will definitely aid you in the future . You can go now, Aldon said .
Yes . Farewell, Lord Aldon, Min said, before bowing to him .
Goodbye, Aldon replied .
Having finished her task, it was time for Min to return to the mansion . As soon as she got back, she changed back into her maid outfit, and got to work . The maid work was quite tiring, but it had its worth . Cleaning around the mansion allowed Min to get a close and personal look at every inch of the rooms she visited .
It was common for these mansions to have secret doors and the like . Especially when the owner was a lecher like Imperius Caladri . After all, if he didnt have secret hallways, how would he go about groping the younger maids . Min had been trained to be perceptive, ever since her days with Eledor, so she did indeed manage to find a few secret doors, hallways, or rooms . She made sure to make a note of all their locations on a map shed made . She hadnt had the chance to explore them, though . Shed have to revisit them when she was on her own .
After shed spent about an hour working under the supervision of Sally, Lord Caladri entered the room to visit them .
Min, come with me, would you? Caladri said, while eying Mins skin and curves, staying quite faithful to Mins impression of his character . Not that she minded . She found it quite funny how shameless this old man could be . Min, too, stayed loyal to her emotions, and chuckled, before replying .
Yes, master . Sally, Ill have to leave you a bit . Lets play chess again when I get back, Min said, smiling a smile of acceptance .
Yes, Min . Maybe youll beat me this time, Sally said, half joking, half serious . She was quite scared at just how good Min was at the game, even though she was a beginner .
Beat you? I doubt the day will ever come where you lose a game of chess, Lord Caladri said . Sally was the oldest maid in the mansion, and the only reason she wasnt the head maid, was because she didnt want that title . Not only was she the oldest, shed also worked there the longest, since she started since she was a little girl, having been born to another maid . Lord Caladri had Sally had practically grown up together, so they were quite close, as a maid and her master go .
Its not like Im invincible . If I play with someone who takes the game as seriously as I do, I might very well lose . Its happened before . Never the less, if I were you, I wouldnt take Min lightly . If it werent for her unfortunate background, shed be perfectly capable of creating a true fortune for herself . Even amongst prodigies, shes an absolute genius! Even though shes only played chess once, Im sure she could beat almost everyone in the mansion in it . Only us, who have played the game for a long time, could beat her . And even then, you have to be careful, as she might predict many of your moves . I have no way of checking her status, but I dont doubt she has a very high Intelligence . And then theres the fact that shes a very good artist . I saw her practicing her drawing earlier today, and it was like watching a professional . And she was drawing a man shed only seen once, yet it was so accurate . It just proves how good her memory is, Sally said . It was almost like she bragging about a granddaughter or something .
Well, isnt that a surprise . I didnt know my new maid was so skillful . Tell me, who did you draw? Caladri asked, interested in Mins sudden talents .
I dont know his name, but he was a noble, Im pretty sure . He visited you on my first day here . I saw the two of you walking together, Min admitted . There was no harm in telling him . In fact, if she hid it, it would be suspicious .
I only had one visitor that day . Must have been Vesryn . Would you mind showing me the drawing? If youre really as good, I might be able to help you get good at painting as well, Caladri said .
Yeah, I can show you . But Im actually already past level 110 in both drawing and painting . In the past, my family wasnt so pitiful, so I had plenty of time to practice . But these days, I have neither the money, nor time, which is very sad, as I could have made some money with my painting, if I only had the means, Min said . This was part true, part lie . After having received the money from her first assassination, she had more than enough money for painting supplies, but she did spend a lot of her time studying or doing housework these days .
Really? Youre already this good . You just keep surprising, dont you? Im sure Vesryn will be more than pleased when he hears a pretty, and very talented artist chose him as the model for a drawing . Youre going to have to tell me a bit abour your past later . It sound like it might be interesting . But right now, theres something else Id rather do with, Caladri said, garnering another chuckle from Min .
Sally, you be well, Caladri said, as he put an arm around Mins shoulders, and led her away into a private room .
Inside the room, Caladri stared at Min for a few seconds, before he spoke .
Id like to see your naked body . Last time, youre were still clothed, Caladri said, his eyes plastered on Mins breasts .
Y-yes, master, Min said, showing some actual shyness . However, this shyness was actually more nervousness . She didnt want to show Caladri one of the few identifying marks she had; her navel piercing . However, after thinking about it for a short moment, she decided it didnt matter too much . Caladri was going to die anyway, and he was unlikely to tell anyone about some insignificant piercing . And Min wasnt going to kill him anyways, so there probably wouldnt be any suspicion on her in the first place .
At most, she was just going to lead him to his death . Maybe act as witness to the death, before disappearing . After she got rid of her disguise, not even Sally would recognise her, even if she stood right in front of her .
After all, everything about Min looked different right now . Her hair was black, her eyes were changed to a dark blue color, and her facial features were completely different, due to the heavy makeup she was wearing .
Thus, Min took off her top, and pulled down the skirt, revealing her naked body to Caladris eyes . Caladri stepped forwards and took on of Mins breasts into his hand, squeezing it tightly .
Your breasts are so lovely . So incredibly soft and smooth . But whats that piercing in your navel? It looks expensive, Caladri asked .
The last relic of my past . It isnt really worth much, but it has sentimental value, Min said, as she pushed her body towards Caladris, her chin touching Caladris clothed chest .
I see . We can talk more about that later . For now, how would you like me to fuck you? Caladri asked, as his free hand groped at Mins ass . Min thought about the question for a moment, before answering .
I would love for master to pick me up, and fuck me against the wall, Min said, excited to be fucked again by this High Elven cock .
As you wish, Caladri replied, and picked Min up by the legs, and pushed her against the wall . Then, he took out his already erect rod, as pushed it against Mins pussy . It easily slid into her well-used entrance, touching her deepest pits in seconds .
Aaah, Min moaned seductively, as Caladri brushed against her inside . Caladri started thrusting, as he simultaneously lifted Min up and down, causing his hard cock to slide in and out of Min, rapidly .
Caladri fucked Min as hard as he could, causing Min to moan equally as loud, resounding through several rooms in the mansion . She was fucked for a quarter of an hour, before Caladri pulled out, only to shove his cock back into Mins mouth . Min gleefully sucked him off, until she managed to milk him for every drop of cum he had . When she was finished, there was a single trickle of white sperm going down the side of her mouth .
When she was finished, she looked Caladri in his eyes, a satisfied smile on her cum stained lips .
You looked happy, Caladri commented .
Thats because I am! I havent had sex often before, but having sex with master is amazing . I really love it! And I even get to drink your tasty cum too . Im so thankful to you . Not only do you treat so well, you also give me so much pleasure .
Im glad you feel like that . It feels very good for me, too . Now come clean up my dick, Caladri said .
Yes, master! Min replied, before getting down on her knees, and cleaning Caladris shaft of any remaining cum .

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