A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 17

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Min straightened up her clothes, before she walked towards the exit to the room . Shed come here to drink tea with her new employer, but in the end, she hadnt even touched her drink . Instead, shed her new employer fuck her brains out . It was these kinds of situations that made life worth living, Min thought .
Ill be seeing you again soon, Caladri said, as he covered his member, and stood up . He hadnt had any tea either . But now that hed had his fun with Min, he did grab a cup, and took a sip .
Yes, Master . I look forward to it, Min said with a curtsy, before leaving the room . Min headed towards the baths that the maids were permitted to use . Her chin and chest were covered in cum, and she was quite sweaty after the whole ordeal . She could certainly use a bath . The bath was quite nice, but it was much smaller than the main bath, which Lord Caladri and his family bathed in, which was only natural . Min had seen the main bath on her tour, yesterday . However, it wasnt her job to clean it, which she was thankful for .
After getting cleaned, Min headed back to her room, since she didnt have any work at the moment . In about an hour, the alloted time for her to go home would begin . After they finished having sex, Caladri had discussed this with Min . Hed promised her that the guards would be aware of their deal within the hour, so she neednt worry .
When she entered her room, she was met with Sallys gaze, her expression displaying worry .
Min, dear, are you alright? Sally asked, as she motioned Min to come sit next to her on the bed .
Im fine . It wasnt that bad, and now Lord Caladri is giving me preferential treatment, so Id say its worth it, Min said, a smile showing her mood, on her lips .
Preferential treatment? What kind of treatment? Sally asked, curious .
Hell let me go home to see my daughter three times a day, and hes paying me twice the normal pay, Min revealed .
Really? He must really like you then . Since you dont seem to mind the situation much, I suggest you take advantage of this opportunity . He might end up taking you as a mistress, or even concubine, if youre lucky . Then, not only will not have to work any longer, youll live an incredibly luxurious life . Lord Caladri is incredibly wealthy, you see . His family is one of the top three richest dynasties in the entire city, Sally said, a look of excitement on her face . Min could see that Sally was more than a little envious of Min at the moment . However, even if she was envious, she still wore the same, benevolent expression she always did . Min had a very good impression of Sally .
That explains how he could take that much money out, earlier in the study, Min thought . Min knew Caladri was a wealthy noble, but she didnt know too many details . Her mission was to gather information that might aid the assassins in killing him, so she didnt really need to know the intricate details on him . In fact, she could already be considered to have finished her mission, since shed acquired the guards schedule . But since she wasnt going to see Altraz again for a week, and since such a perfect opportunity had presented itself to her, she might as well continue her mission .
Yes, I fully intend to do everything I can to take advantage of him . If he took me as a mistress, I might be able to bring my family here . If not, Id at the very least get money to send them . I dont mind sacrificing myself a bit, if it means my Ellie can live a better life, Min said .
I can understand that . Then, I wish you luck, Sally said . Then, Sally moved form the bed, and opened a drawer, taking a checkered board out of it .
Im a bit bored, so how about a game of chess? Sally said, as she unpacked the board, and set up several small figurines on either sides of the board . On one side, were the white figurines, and on the other, were black ones .
Chess? Whats it about? Min asked, having never heard of the game .
You dont know it? Well, its a game of strategy and tactics, played between two people . Each player has sixteen pieces, eight pawns, and eight special pieces, Sally said, as she delved into explaining the rules of the game . How each piece could move, the conditions of victory, and everything else she needed to know .
Alright, I think Ive got the gist of it . Lets play! Min said, eager to try her hand at the game . Shed never played a board game before, she she admittedly a bit excited . Soon, the two sat on opposite ends of the small table in their room . Min was playing the black side, and Sally the white side .
So, since youre white, you begin, right? Min asked, just to be sure .
Yes, thats right, Sally said, as she moved her first piece . She moved her first pawn one pace, to the d3 square . Min on the other hand, moved her pawn one pace, too, to the c6 square . Sally moved the pawn on right of the first one two places forwards, reaching e4 . Min on the other hand, moved the pawn opposite the first pawn one square again, reaching d6 . The two played for a few minutes, playing around thirty moves, until, finally, Min found herself dumbfounded .
Min had lost half her pieces already, and had been placed into checkmate . Her pawns were placed in a4, b7, b5, g7, and h4 . One of her towers had only moved on space forwards, while the other remained in its original position . Finally, her king had been forced back into its original position, trapped there without any way out, while the queen lay dead .
If the king remained where it stood, it would be killed by a knight . If it moved to the left, Sallys queen would take her . If she moved it to the right, the king would either fall at the hands of the mighty tower, or once more the queen . And finally, if she moved him down, hed remain at the mercy of the queen, still .
Min held her king in her hand, unwilling to give up . But there was nothing she could do . Sally looked at her, a smug smile on here face, until she finally spoke .
Check mate, little Min . Im afraid youve lost, Sally said . Min sighed, and placed her king down, defeated .
How did this happen . I was sure I was going to win, just then . Suddenly, you just had me . I didnt even see it coming, Min said . Min still couldnt fathom how shed lost . She knew she had to be much smarter than Sally . Even if she was old, a maid would probably be quite low level . Meanwhile, Min was level forty-six, and had almost sixty in intelligence . She was six times more intelligent than your average person .
Haha, you were very good, especially since its your first time playing . You predicted several of my moves, and you came close to checking me a few times . Youre a very smart girl . However, I do have one thing that you dont have . Experience . Today was your first time playing, while Ive been playing this game for more than a hundred years! There arent many people who can beat me, Sally explained . Now, it all made sense . In fact, it was obvious .
Of course . I should have come to that conclusion right away . Losing made my mind muddy . I pride myself on my intelligence, you know . Although, when I was little, I was stupid as a brick . But today, Im the smartest in my family! Min bragged .
Haha, I bet . That game was on the level of a prodigy . We must play everyday while Im still here . Ill try to teach you a bit . Maybe, in a few years, youll become the chess grandmaster in the mansion . But thats not a title that comes easily, in this household . I only became acknowledged as the best after Lord Caladri challenged me to a friendly match, and lost, Sally said .
Ill try my best . It was really fun playing, even if I lost . But thats enough now . Im going to go home now, so Ill see you in an hour or so, Min said, as she sat up, and started undressing . She didnt want to wear her maid uniform when she went home . Not that she was going home . She was going to snoop around a bit more, which was the real reason she needed to change .
Be on your way then, Sally said, after Min had gotten dressed . Min had made sure to turn her back towards Sally, as she undressed, as she didnt want her to see the naval piercing . It probably didnt matter, but it was better to stay safe, as it was one of the few things that could be used to reveal her true identity .
Min left the mansion grounds without trouble, and after walking for roughly for roughly ten minutes, only to end up in the back of the mansion, Min changed her outfit into the subterfuge version . The sun had already set, providing plenty of darkness for cover .
Today, Min had a specific task in mind . On the tour, Min had gotten a good look at the wine cellar . While she was there, she had noticed something peculiar . It was well hidden, hard to notice, but Min had seen it . There had been a strange gap between some of the barrels, and Min suspected it to be a secret entrance . If she could figure out how to open it, and where it led, it would be a prime way in for the assassins .
Min sneakily climbed up the wall, and jumped down to the bushes on the other side . Now that she wasnt crippled anymore, she could fully use her high agility once more . She could even climb up a three meter tall wall with expert speed . After getting over the wall, Min remained crouched, as she ran towards the large mansion . There were two ways into the cellar . One was through a door inside the mansion, while the other was outside . To the side of the mansion, there were some stairs that led right into the cellar .
Min set her course to the outside entrance . She remained constantly vigilant of the patrolling guards, and even the occasional straggler . She couldnt afford to let anyone see her . If they did, shed have to kill them, even if it was Sally . And she really didnt want to hurt anyone . She would do her job, she would even kill her target, if thats what was required of her, but Min wasnt a cold blooded murderer . Those who were innocent, didnt deserve to die .
Min managed to make her way to the entrance of the wine cellar by staying low, taking cover when necessary, and sneaking around any guards who stood in her way . But she couldnt just waltz straight into the cellar . There could be someone on the other side . Luckily for Min, there was a keyhole on the door, just begging to be peaked through .
Min looked through the keyhole for several seconds, trying to catch any movement . Meanwhile, her ears remained perked, listening for any sounds coming from inside the room . But there was nothing .
Good, its empty, Min thought, as she backed away from the door . Then, she slowly opened the door, remaining vigilant . The door creaked slightly, but Min only needed to open it slightly . While Mins breasts were relatively large, she was still quite skinny and small . She only needed to open the door a little bit to slip through .
After getting inside the wine cellar, she made sure to close the door behind her, before going in deeper . The wine cellar was huge . Some of the wine in here was probably centuries old . Min made sure that she was indeed alone . Then, she walked towards the area where shed noticed the irregularity between the barrels . It was indeed minute, but if you focused one the gap between the barrels, you might notice that it was slightly larger here .
Min placed here ear to the gap, and started listening . Her lips curved slightly upwards, when she could feel a very slight breeze brushing her ear .
I was right, Min whispered . Min grabbed at the side of the barrel with both her hands, and started pulling . At first, the barrel wouldnt budge, but after she put every ounce of her strength into it, the barrel suddenly loosened, and pulled back by just a few centimeters . Min kept on pulling, and after a minute or two, she finally saw the entrance to a dark tunnel . Min slipped inside, and pulled the barrel back into position .
The tunnel she now found herself in was pitch black, and there was only a single torch on the wall, although, it wasnt lit . But it didnt matter, since Min could see perfectly well in the dark .
I really am suited towards this kind of work, Min bragged, as she started walking . There were some species that possessed night vision, with the Drow being most famous . Dark Elves had some, too, but theirs wasnt very powerful . However, Min had even better night vision than the Drow . Min could see just as well as in pure daylight .
Min started walking, and kept walking for almost half an hour, before she finally found the exit of the tunnel . As it turned out, it led into a small cave, which resided outside the city walls . This tunnel had no doubt been made in case the family needed to flee the city . Maybe it was their escape route if that plot of theirs failed .
This is splendid! It might be Caladris way out in a dangerous situation, but its also what will allow assassins to come take his life . Master will be so proud of me, Min said, as she plunked down on the ground, and started fantasizing about her master pounding her from behind . Min hoped that Altraz would have sex with her soon, but he just didnt seem to be interested . Maybe if she pleased him greatly, hed grant her wish .
After finning her little fantasy session, Min got back up and set her course towards home . Shed left the mansion a bit early, so she still had roughly an hour before she was supposed to be back . Min couldnt return through the main gate, and going back through the tunnel would only be an unnecessary struggle . Instead, she opted to climb the city wall by using her Shadow Hand spell as a grappling hook .
While the hand wasnt that strong, it was able to elongate and had a reach of fifty meters, which was more than enough to reach the top of the wall . Just moments later, Min was inside the city again, where she returned her outfit to its normal state . A few minutes later, she entered her apartment, glad to be home . The place where the tunnel ended just happened to be outside the poor district of the town, which was where she lived, so it didnt take long to get home .
Inside, she was met by Ellie and Kinder, who were both glad to see her .
Mommy! Where have you been? I havent seen you since yesterday . Are you sure youre okay to be working for your master this long? Ellie asked, as she took Mins hands into her own .
Oh, dont worry about me . My legs are pretty much fine now . And this job will last a week or more, so you two better get used to being on your own for a while . Although, Ill come back occasionally, Min said .
Then, you have to go again? Ellie asked, unwilling to part from her mother already .
In an hour or so . But until then, I believe I was promised a threesome between my darling daughter and her boyfriend, Min said, a lusty look on her face .
Of course! Kinder has been wanting to do you for so long now . But I want his dick inside me first, Ellie said . Min laughed at her, as she took off her top .
Of course . Anything for my Ellie . Now, lets get started already . Im so horny! Min said, as she pulled down Ellies skirt, revealing her naked ass and pussy .
You dont have to say that again, Kinder said, as he took out his half-erect cock, and hugged Ellie from behind, his member resting between her butt cheeks . Min went down on her knees, placing her head next to Kinders quickly hardening cock, while Kinder himself nibbled at Ellies neck .
Let me please you a bit with my mouth, before you fuck Ellie, Min said, taking Kinders manhood into her hand . She started stroking it up and down, letting it grow harder and harder, before she started licking it . She let tongue slide up its shaft, and around the head . Kinders cock quickly grew wet from all the saliva, Mins hungry mouth was producing . Then, she finally let his entire length slide into her mouth, and further down the throat .
While Min blew Kinders bulging cock, he kissed at Ellies neck, while his hand was slowly groping its way down her body, trying to reach her crotch . Eventually, his fingers reached their destination, as they pierced into her, touching her inner walls .
Mmmh, Ellie moaned in pleasure, as Kinders fingers massaged her pussy . Min sucked Kinders cock, as she slid it in and out, wrapping it in her tongue, as she pushed it back in . As Kinders manhood reached Mins depths, her throat bulged out, almost unable to hold the massive length inside .
Eventually, Kinder pulled himself out of his mother-in-laws mouth, hungry for his girlfriend . He grabbed Ellie by the legs and lifted her up, positioning her vagina directly above his raging hard-on . With no thought for Ellie, he dropped her down, letting his cock penetrate into her deepest depths, spreading her apart, making her pussy gape around his member .
Thats it, fuck her good! Min said, excited to watch her daughter get fucked right in front of her . Kinder smiled at the encouragement, and started moving Ellies body up and down, sliding her across his shaft, making her moan even harder than she was before .
Aah! Were such a weird family . Mmmh, ah! Having a threesome with my mommy, and, aah, my boyfriend . If, mmh, if any of my friends heard, theyd stare at me with, nnh, aaah, with, with wide eyes, Ellie said, struggling quite a bit, due to the massive piece of meat that pounded her insides .
Haha, if my parents knew about this, theyd probably go mad! Youve really corrupted me, Min, Kinder said, as he lifted Ellie up and down, repeatedly .
Bah, its just a difference of culture . Where Im from, this is completely normal . We had sex as a family all the time, back then . I did it with my brother, with my father, with my mates father, anyone, really . Its just sex . It feels nice, and it makes babies, too, so thats nice, Min said, as she walked around Kinder, to Ellies back, and hugged her .
My Ellie understands, but Dralus quite stubborn . I do love him, but I wish hed accept our culture, you know? Min said, as she started groping Ellies breasts from behind her .
Yeah, aah, Id love to feel daddy inside me, mmh, but hed never do that . But he doesnt, ah, ah, force us to, ah, change, so I dont think we should, mmmmh, nnh, I dont think we should force him, ah, either, Ellie said .
Yeah, youre right, Min said, as her left hand trailed down Ellies belly, to her clit, and started rubbing it .
Mmmh! Im gonna cum! Go harder! Kinder, Mommy, make me cum! Aaaaaah! Ellie screamed, as the pleasure peaked . Kinder and Min listened to her requests, and made their fingering and fucking even harder .
Aaaaah! Yes, aah! Im cumming! It feels so good! Cumming! Ellie said, as she finally climaxed, her walls tightening around Kinders cock, as she continued to violently slide around him . Her moaning continued incessantly, until she finally calmed down .
Aah, that was amazing . Nothing beats cumming with my Kinders dick inside me, Ellie said, as she finally got to stand on her own two legs again .
I gotta agree, cumming inside your pussy is the best, Kinder said, his cock still rock hard . However, now, he was staring straight at Mins pussy, instead of Ellies . Mins pussy was something hed hungered after for years now .
Hey, you better not cum inside mommy . I want you to fill me up, so you can impregnate me already . I want a baby! Ellie said .
What? You want children now? Dont you think its still a bit early? Kinder said .
What are you talking about? I may have technically lived for a few years shorter than you, but Im a mix between Hobgoblin and Drow, so I mature quicker . Im more than old enough to be a mommy now, Ellie retorted .
Well, if you insist, I guess we can try to have a baby, Kinder said, giving up . He didnt care too much anyway .
Awesome, Im going to be a grandmother . Ha, figure that, a grandma at fifteen years old! Anywas, Kinder, fuck me already! And remember, I like it rough . You can hurt me, even, Min said, as she pulled off her skirt, got on her fours, and pointed her butt to Kinder .
I wont say no to that . Ellie didnt exactly inherit your masochistic side, so I cant be too rough with her, Kinder said, as he got down on his own knees, behind Mins ass .
No need to worry about that with me . Just pound me! Min begged, hungry for some good cock .
Yes, maam! Kinder exclaimed, as he slammed his entire length deep into Mins pussy! Mins face contorted, as he felt his sizable rod jam into her, hitting against the entrance of her womb, filling her up .
Aaaah, yes! Harder! Min begged, prompting Kinder to start moving, pounding her repeatedly with all his strength . It should be noted that Kinder, as an aspiring blacksmith, was quite strong, so each time he slammed into Min, a loud slapping sound resounded through the entire apartment . Mins ass was quickly changing color, as Kinder fucked her .
Aaaah! Aaah! Yes! I love it! Min moaned, as her insides were being churned, sending pulse after pulse of pleasure through her flesh, veins, and bones . The thought of finally having a threesome with her daughter sent Mins arousal to a peak, causing to orgasm only seconds after Kinder entered her .
Kinder fucked her for fifteen minutes straight, sending Min into several orgasms, before he felt like he was reaching a limit . Finally, he pulled his length out of Min . He stood up and walked over to Ellie who was standing next to them, raised one of her legs, and plunged his cock right back into her, and started fucking her .
Aaaah! Ellie gave out a surprising moan . Kinder fucked her with a rapid pace, until he finally edged over, causing huge spurts of white cum to ejaculate out his manhood, filling Ellie up with his seed .
Ah, youre filling me up! Ellie said, happy at the thought that she might get pregnant now . Her goal was for Kinder to impregnate her, before her boss could manage it . Seeing Ellies sudden eagerness at getting pregnant, made Min clear on the true reason . Shed helped Ellie come to terms with fucking her boss for the sake of her career .
Hopefully, my first grandchild will belong to Kinder, Min thought, as her gaze fell on the oblivious Kinder . He still didnt know about Ellies deal with the pig she worked for .

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