A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 16

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After spending a few minutes, Min finally managed to unlock the second door . This one had turned out to be even more difficult, compared to the first door . However, she hadnt been in a hurry, this time, since she was completely alone . Min entered through the door, and arrived in what she could only assume was a study . The walls were covered in bookshelves, which were all filled to the brim, and in the dead center of the room, was a finely carved desk, with intricate patterns covering the legs and edges . On the desk, there was an assortment of paper sheets, and a few open books, as well as an inkwell and feather pen .
Min walked towards the desk and started carefully looking through the papers, but they were mostly just about matters of the family business . From what she could read, this noble owned extensive real estate in Rymalona, as well as many other businesses . These documents were informative, but they were of no use to Min . She didnt need to know how much money each business had made last month . She needed more incriminating information, like if Lord Caladri maybe had a secret lover that he would go visit in the dead of night . Something like that would be perfect for killing him .
As Min went through the documents, her ears suddenly perked, as she heard the door to the hall open . She had closed both doors, but her hearing was good enough that she could hear it, even through the closed door .
Shit, someones coming, Min thought . She immediately put the documents back, and climbed up the bookshelves, and hid on the ceiling . As the second door opened, she immediately activated her Shadow Cloak spell, and seamlessly blended into the background . It was very dark in the room, but with her night vision, she could still perfectly see who had entered the room . There were two, High Elven men, and one of them was no other than Lord Caladri himself .
Odd, I thought I locked the door last time I was here . I must be getting old, Caladri said . It wasnt too far-fetched that hed forget locking the door, since his face was wrought in wrinkles, and his hair lost its golden luster of the past, instead replaced with a dull gray . Lord Caladri was an old man, past three hundred years in age . In less than half a century, he would hit his four hundredth year .
Good thing you have guards posted here at all times . It would be dreadful if all our plans got revealed because you forgot the lock the door, the other elf said, a slight hint of mockery in his voice .
Yes, yes, but everything went fine, didnt it? Its only been an hour or two since I was here last . Anyways, how are things going on your side? Caladri asked as the two men had made their way to the table in the center of the room . The younger elf took a seat on one side of the desk, while Caladri sat on the other side, facing his companion .
Everything is going well . The assassins are making their preparations, and in two weeks, they will strike . They assured me that there wont be a single survivor from that family, no heirs . No one will be able to dispute us when you take control, the man said .
Splendid . Its finally coming to fruition, isnt it? After so many years of planning, its finally happening . How long has it been now, since my late father came to us with his plans? A hundred and fifty years? Its too bad he never lived to see it through, Caladri spoke .
Yes, it has been far too long . But now, all our hard work is coming to fruition . After so much plotting and killing, well finally be able to rest, the younger elf said . Although he was younger than Caladri, it was only by a bit . Min judged that he was maybe in his early three hundreds or late two hundreds .
Yes . Hah, those poor fools wont know what hit them! Anyways, in these last few days, we have little time to waste . Heres to money to pay the assassins, Caladri said, as he picked up a small chest under his desk . The chest was just a bit bigger than his palm . The second elf received the chest and opened it . As he looked at the contents, there was an almost pained expression on his face .
A hundred platinum coins, he said, as he closed the chest again . As she heard what he said, Min nearly fell down from the ceiling, from pure shock! A hundred platinum coins?! That was ten thousand gold coins! Just who the hell were they getting assassinated?
As soon as the younger elf closed the chest, he stood back up .
Well then, Imperius, Ill see you again in two weeks, he said, before turning around and leaving . Caladri looked at his friends back, as he walked away, until he, too, stood up, and left the room . When both doors had finally closed and made the clicking sound from being locked, Min finally jumped down again .
What was that all about? She thought . Apparently, Lord Caladri was part of a rather big plot, but Min had no idea what it was about . She just knew they were going to kill someone . And did this even matter for her mission? She just needed to gather information that could help with killing Lord Caladri .
Min decided to put it to the back of her mind, and only think about it if she found more information . Thus, Min started scouring the study for everything she could find . She spent about an hour there, before she had looked through just about all the documents, and peaked into most the books, just in case there was something hidden in them .
In the end, she hadnt found much . She did find the schedule for the guards in the mansion, which was helpful . She also found something which she believed might be related to the plot she just discovered . It was a bunch of documents, about people they were bribing or paying to spy for them . They apparently had an entire host of city guards on their side . There was also information about several nobles who might be in on the plot, or maybe nobles that were their targets . Min couldnt be sure .
But for now, there wasnt more she could do . Shed already found everything she could find in here . Now, she needed to get out again . But there were two guards outside . There was no way shed be able to sneak past them again . Her only option was to go out through the window, but there was a heavy storm outside . Unless she was careful, she might get discovered .
Min made her way to the nearest window, which was also the farthest away from the entrance . She could hear the violent wind, blowing outside, clashing against the glass windows . Carefully, she opened the locks, but the moment she did, the window blew open! She had tried to hold on, but the wind was just too strong! Strength was her weakest Attribute, only at six points .
Damnit! Min shouted, as she quickly took out her dagger! With intense fervor, she slammed her knife repeatedly at the lock, once, twice, ten times! She hit it as fast, as hard, and as many times as she could, until the lock finally broke! Then, as her long ears picked up the clicking in the first door, she jumped out of the window . The wind took her, sending her flying, but Min was agile, and a quick thinker! She cast the spell for Shadow Hand, sending to the edge of the roof! The Shadow Hand might not be very strong, but it didnt suffer from Endurance . It would never get tired, so as long as she could get hold of something, she wouldnt fall!
Luckily for her, she just barely managed to grab the edge of the roof, before she hurriedly climbed up the shadow hand .
Meanwhile, the two guards finally entered the secret study, and made haste towards the open window! They quickly managed to get hold of the window and close it .
Thats one hell of a storm out there . First, that window out in the hall opened, and now this lock broke, one of the guards said, as he continued to hold the window shut . Since the lock was broken, he wouldnt be able to actually lock it .
Maybe the locks are getting old . Maybe Lord Caladri should think about getting them replaced, the second guard said, as he held the other side of the window shut . Then, a third person entered the room . Since it hadnt been long since Lord Caladri left the study, he had naturally heard the commotion and rushed back .
What the hell is going on here?! He exclaimed, demanding an answer on why his two guards were inside the study .
My Lord, the lock broke . We had to rush in to close it shut before any real damage happened, one of the guards said . The wind had already caused all the loose papers to be spread all over the room, and a few books had even fallen out of their shelves .
Oh, I see . Damned storm . You stay here and keep the window shut . Ill get the craftsman to repair it, Caladri said, before turning around, and leaving the two guards to keep the window shut .
If it was someone like Min, this would be quite the challenge, but these were all elite guards . They naturally had high Strength, so it wasnt hard to keep it shut . There had only been some resistance when they pulled them in again .
Meanwhile, Min was stuck on the roof . She was flat on her stomach, praying to whatever god ruled this world that the wind wouldnt take her again! But there was no telling when this storm would stop, so she had to get down again before she froze to death! However, the wind wasnt actually as strong as she had thought at first . It was just the pressure from the open window, which had caused her to be taken with the wind . So, when she finally noticed that the wind wasnt going to take her, she climbed back down, rather easily, even .
Then, she just made her way back to the servants quarters, after changing back into her normal clothes . It was too late now to go back home . Inside her room, the old Sally was already sleeping . However, there was a small nest for Min on the floor, which she quickly made her way into . It reminded her of the days when she was a Goblin and had slept amongst all those furs . She fell asleep quickly .
The next morning, Sally woke Min up, just as the sun started peaking over the horizon . Min was a bit groggy, as she awoke . The storm had woken her up several times during the night, so she hadnt had the best nights sleep .
Up and ready, little Min . Today, you have a long day ahead of you . Well start by cleaning the main entrance hall, and then well get breakfast, Sally said .
We have to clean the entire entrance hall by ourselves? Min asked, frightened by the task . Shed seen that entrance hall, and it was not small .
No, you silly girl . Therell be several of us . We should be finished within the hour . And then youll get to taste the excellent food of our lords cooks . Oh, and you should don your new uniform, too . It came yesterday when you were away, Sally said, pointing to a bundle of clothes on a table .
Like Sally had said, it was quite skimpy . It was composed of a frilly, black and white top . It went down just below her navel, which was quite lucky since Min needed to hide her piercing . It also showed a healthy amount of cleavage, only just barely covering her nipples . It didnt look like it would take much to make it fall down, revealing her naked breasts . But Min didnt care if others might see her boobs . It would only make her happy .
The skirt hung low, showing a bit of her butt crack, and it was pretty short, hanging slightly below her ass, with a white half-apron on the front . It also came with a pair of stockings, which rose just above her knees . And her head, she was crowned with a white, lacy headpiece .
All in all, it was a pretty typical, but revealing maid uniform . Min quite liked it .
After getting dressed, the two made their way to the entrance hall, hauling buckets and mops with them . There were already a few maids there, whod already started cleaning, so Min and Sally didnt dawdle and immediately joined them . The maids all chatted, as they cleaned, and before they knew it, the floor was already clean as a pearl . Then, the group walked to the maids dining room .
The breakfast was buffet style, with several dishes placed on a table . The food was actually quite luxurious, considering they were only servants . Min had only ever had better food when she was at Aldons place, for her healing . Naturally, she devoured every scrap of food on her plate .
For the rest of the day, Min accompanied Sally on her schedule and learned all sorts of things . The maids did not only have the clean the mansion, but they also needed to serve their master, and any guests he might receive . However, this task usually went to the younger maids, since they were much better to look at .
And since Min was amongst the youngest maids, this task naturally fell upon her, too . Although the master hadnt received any guests yet, Min still had to learn how to behave in front of them . Luckily for Min, shed already been trained extensively in such matters, but she couldnt let it show . Instead, she just acted like she was a quick learner .
By the time the sun set, Min was already exhausted . But she had a mission, and just like yesterday, she intended to fulfill her duty . However, as Sally and Min were returning from the maids dining hall, after eating dinner, an event occurred that slowed down her plans but also presented a bountiful opportunity .
Ah, you must the new maid, a wrinkle-faced, old High Elf said, his eyesight plastered on Mins breasts, instead of her face or eyes . Min immediately recognized this man as the noble, Imperius Caladri . However, she couldnt show that she recognized him .
Yes, thats right . Who might you be, my lord? Min said, giving a practiced curtsy . This was also one of the things Sally had taught her . Sally turned her face towards Min, at her brazenness .
Little Min, this is our master, Lord Caladri . You must never speak without permission to someone like him, dont you know? Sally hissed, scared that Caladri might punish Min .
Now, now, Sally, its quite alright . Shes new, and I did speak to her first . Say, Min, is it? Would you perhaps like to join me for a cup of tea? I like to get… acquainted with my new employees, Caladri said, showing a kind smile, but Mins keen eyes saw the lust in his eyes . Seeing the opportunity which had presented itself to her, she acted without hesitation .
Of course, master, Min said, showcasing the sweetest, most innocent smile she could muster .
Fantastic . Sally, you can return on your own . Ill have to borrow Min for the evening, Caladri said, as he handed out his hand towards Min . Min shyly grasped it, and let Caladri lead her away . Meanwhile, Sally could only watch . She knew what Caladri intended to do . He often did this with the more attractive maids . It wasnt rare, either, for some of those maids to end up pregnant . In which case, theyd always disappear . Sally had learned that he shipped them out into the country, where they wouldnt bother Caladri .
Although truth be told, it could be considered a happy end for those maids, as they would be cared for, and live in luxury for the rest of their days .
Soon later, Min was seated next to Lord Caladri on a sofa, in a cozy living room . In front of them was a small table, with a platter, full of tea and snacks . Caladri was seated perhaps a bit closer to Min than what was considered appropriate, with his hand rested on her hip .
So Min, tell me a bit about yourself . Were you born here in the city? What made you come work here? Caladri asked, as his hand squeezed tighter around Mins bottom . However, Min didnt fight back at all and only gave a delighted squeal . However, to save the situation, she did don an embarrassed expression right after .
I wasnt born here . My family used to live in a village in Kon Rithia . My dads a sailor, so when his sailing route changed, we moved here . As for why I need a job, its because I recently gave birth to a daughter, so we need the money . My father is still at sea, so its just me, my mother, and now my daughter . Mom cant work anymore, so she stays at home, caring for Ellie, while Im here, working, Min explained, even though every word of it was a lie .
I see . Then, I take theres no father in the picture? Caladri spoke .
No . He was an adventurer, and he took me by force . He doesnt even know he impregnated me, Min replied .
How unfortunate . I understand it must be quite tough for you . Raising a healthy child requires both time and money . And for your girl to not even get to see you, its truly sad . So, I have on offer for you . If you offer your body to me, sexually, Ill not only pay you more, Ill also allow you to spend an hour with your child, every morning, noon, and evening, three hours every day . What do you say? Caladri said .
What? You mean, let you have sex with me? Min asked, acting much more against the idea than she actually was .
Yes . Its up to you, of course, but its quite the splendid offer . Ill pay you twice what I do the other maids, Caladri said . Min hesitated for a moment, but eventually, she gave her answer .
Alright . If its for my Ellie, Ill do anything, she said . Caladris lips curled up, revealing a vicious smile, sending shivers down Mins spine . There was a look of savage lust in his eyes as if he couldnt wait to defile the girl next to him .
Caladri saw Mins reaction, felt it in his hand . The fear that Min had to be feeling only made him more eager . However, Min didnt feel fear . She felt excitement . She could only hope he was going to be barbaric to her . But Min was adept at hiding her true feelings, making Caladri none the wiser .
Finally, Caladri pushed Min down on the sofa, and tore her top down, revealing her blue nipples . Caladri roughly gripped at one breast, causing Min to let out a sudden moan . His other hand made its way under Mins skirt, and straight into her moist pussy . As they pushed into her, Min let out yet another, involuntary moan, as the tingles of pleasure started coursing through her .
Caladri moved his two fingers around for a few seconds, before he pushed a third finger into her, making Mins moans even more common . Meanwhile, he was kneading her breasts with the other hand . After a few minutes, he judged that Min was more than wet enough to take his member . He promptly pulled out his rock hard cock, and slapped Mins pussy with it, before pushing into her, with no mercy .
Aaaah! Min moaned as the large member pushed her apart, spreading her flesh until it hit her deepest spots . Caladri stopped for a moment, after putting his entire cock inside Min .
I thought youd be tighter . You look like the innocent type, so I figured you wouldnt have much experience . Not that Im complaining . Its a mighty fine pussy, Caladri said, showing no shame at his dirty speaking .
I did just give birth, master . Ive had sex a few times, but giving birth really tends to stretch a girl out, Min said . She couldnt really reveal the truth that shed had sex thousands of times, could she?
Of course . It makes sense . Anyways, prepare yourself for the best fucking of your life, Caladri said before he started moving again . As he pulled out his cock and slammed in again, Min squealed and raised her legs as high as she could . They ended up resting on Caladris shoulders, as he pounded her . Every time he smacked into Mins pussy, a loud slapping would resound through the room, as his hips slammed into Mins ass .
Aaah, ah, ah, it feels so good! Master, you dick feels so good inside me! Min moaned as Caladri fucked her . Hearing her speak made him even more confident, and he started slamming even harder . After a few minutes, he turned Min around, so she stood on her fours before he continued fucking her pussy .
He fucked her for almost half an hour, making Min cum several times before he could hold it no longer .
Im going to cum! Wrap those lips around my cock and take it into your mouth, Caladri ordered .
Yes, master, Min said, eager to taste his cock and drink his cum . She quickly got down on the floor and wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock . She started jacking him off energetically, and only half a minute later, she felt a thick, warm liquid spurt into her mouth . The taste of semen was one that always made her happy . Without hesitation, she gulped down three mouthfuls of the white liquid, before taking the entire cock into her mouth, cleaning it with her tongue .
When she finally pulled it out, Caladri looked at her, a bit dumbfounded .
I didnt expect that, he said, eying Min with a bit of suspicion .
Im sorry, I got kinda caught up in the moment . It just felt so good to be fucked by you, and I wanted to please you . And, your cum tasted kinda good, Min admitted .
I see . Well worry not, youll get to taste it again . Ill try to either cum in your mouth, or on your body since I dont want you getting pregnant . And I must say, youre quite suited for this kind of work . Even though youre inexperienced, you seem to be a natural . You might want to consider working in the sex industry when your girl gets a bit older, Caladri said, a smile on his face .
Thats pretty dangerous business, though . Id rather not do anything dangerous . Id much rather just be here, with you . Youre such a nice man, giving me this opportunity . I really owe you, Min said . This was the start of her plan . To get closer to Imperius Caladri .
Earlier, Min had thought that if she could find a secret lover of Caladris that would be quite perfect . But what if she became that secret lover? Would that not be even better?

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