A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 13

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Min was quite refreshed this morning . Shed just had fun killing someone last night! The look in his eyes, when he noticed hed been stabbed in the throat; his expression, as he mindlessly fucked Min in his last moments… It was quite entertaining . It had been so, so long since she had last killed a sentient being, and honestly, she had realized shed actually missed it, as she held the thin, pointy stiletto dagger in her hand, stabbed into the mans neck .
There was something that just seemed so free about it . Holding a mans life in her hands, even a man, whose level had been almost twice her own . It was a feeling of power that she quite liked . Especially, when it happened during sex . Her being controlled, shamed and perhaps even a bit raped, but then, still and unnoted, like the calm breeze, so comfortable, so harmless, as innocent as a child, it comes . The controller, he who aggressed, lies dead, the calm breeze having turned into a cold, sharp hurricane ripe with the speed of thunder and lighting! When a man lays a woman, controls her, there is nothing that can harm him in his mind . This was what Min loved! The sheer surprise of it all; the controlled turning into the controller .
Min wasnt an evil person . She just had different values . Anything that breathed ate, and anything that ate could be eaten . It was only natural for those who eat, to be prepared to be eaten as well . Even Min didnt mind the thought that someone might eat her, if she was killed . At least shed be able to fill someones belly . In Mins mind, she wasnt evil . It was just how the world worked .
However, the family of Lord Timer, the man Min had killed, they surely saw her as the greatest evil . She who had taken their father, husband . But this was not something Min thought about . She had only truly lost someone once in her life, and that was already a very long time ago . Her memories of that time were limited . Perhaps, if she was to lose someone today, her views might change . She might stop being so naïve about death, she might stop being assassin . That could only be revealed when, and if that happened . But for now, in her ignorance of death, naivety of feelings, she would continue to kill, and continue to eat .
It was the morning after the death of Mins first target . Min was very eager, very excited; very energetic . She was expecting her Master any minute now . She was already fantasizing about how he would praise her . She was even cooking for him, preparing a tasty leg steak for him . Of course, it was the leg from the beast man . She also couldnt wait to see her payment . That one payment would be more money than shed ever owned . Of course, Dralu would probably have been able to procure a gold coin, since he had a lot saved up .
The time came, and the front door of the apartment opened . Mins eyes beamed, as Altraz stepped through the door . As soon as he entered, he could smell the deep aroma of the meat .
Are you cooking? He asked .
Yes, I am! I got some good meat yesterday, and you just must try it! So I thought Id just make you a nice, homecooked meal from your dear apprentice, Min said, as she twirled around, still excited .
Thats nice of you, Altraz said, as he took off his coat, and hanged it on the coat hanger .
Sit down, Master, Min said, as she put some meat on a plate, and put it on the table . After setting the table, Min ushered her Master to sit down even faster .
Well, youre energetic today, Altraz said, as he smirked at the girl .
Of course I am! I just killed my first target yesterday, and it was so fun! Then I even got this nice meat! Min said, as she half danced to the other side of the table .
This meat is actually quite good . What is it? Altraz asked, as he at the food . Even though he liked it, he wasnt like Min had been yesterday, or even like Ellie, who also had been much calmer . He ate like a gentleman .
Its the leg of that beastman I killed, Min said, in her high-pitched voice . Altraz spat out .
W-what?! He yelped .
I said its the leg of that beastman I killed, Min said, in almost exactly the same tone as before, as if it was perfectly natural .
You, you took his leg? And youre eating it? Altraz said .
No, Master, youre eating it . But I did have some yesterday, and it was very good . Ellie and I shared the penis, and it was just so, so good! I would have saved you some, Master, but men dont usually want to eat it . But I guess I can understand why though, Min said . Altraz looked at in a stupor .
Why, just why would you take his leg? Altraz asked once more .
Why? Well, when I was little, we killed some humans once, on a hunting trip, and then we got to eat them . They were very tasty, although I cant remember which one was tastier, this one, or the human I ate . However, since then, Ive always wanted some more . But there just werent very many chances, living in a village and all . So, since I killed this guy, I thought itd simply be a waste not to at least take his leg . Sadly, I wasnt able to take everything . Is that whats wrong, Master? Should I have taken the entire body? But I wouldnt have been able to carry that out, without being discovered, Master, Min said innocently . She still didnt see anything wrong with her actions .
Youre a Goblin, right . Goblins eat just about anything they can get their hands on . But you got to understand, Min, that eating other sentient beings, like humans, elves and beastmen is not very normal . In fact, its outlawed in most places . I dont care if you eat it, but dont go around offering people this kind of food . At least dont tell them its the meat of a sentient being . Theyd be disgusted . And most importantly, dont feed me this kind of stuff ever again, understand? Altraz said . He was even a bit agitated now, which surprised Min . He had never been agitated before; he was always so calm and collected .
Yes, I understand . Im sorry Master, I didnt know, Min said with a lowered head . She was quite easily saddened when she got scolded .
Its okay . I know that you dont have quite the same social values as everyone else, and you dont understand things the same way . But Ill just have to slowly teach you how to act proper . Anyways, you did a very good job yesterday . Somehow, no ones discovered that Timer guy yet, and his butler has been disposed of as well . Heres your payment, Altraz said, as he handed Min a golden coin .
Is, is this a gold coin? A whole gold coin? Min asked, shocked .
Indeed, it is, my dear apprentice . I told you that assassins make a lot of money . However, dont use it all at once . You should save as much of it as possible, since you wont be getting that many jobs yet . Youre still too weak to be a professional assassin . The only jobs you would be able to take, are the ones like this last one . The kind where you pose as a prostitute and have sex with the target . Or perhaps you could pose as a servant or something, and seduce the target . However, youre still too weak for most jobs . For example, your last target . According to our intelligence reports, his level should at least have been in the early 60s . In a fight, you wouldnt have stood a chance, Altraz said .
I understand . I will use my money sparingly, Min said, as she held the coin in both her hands, and stared at it endlessly .
Ill still try to get you as many jobs as possible, though . The experience would do you good . Its also a quick way to level . Just this last job leveled you up eight times, Altraz said .
Thank you, Master . I promise to work very hard! Min said . The sadness from the prior scolding had already disappeared, to be replaced with her endless energy and eagerness! Now that she could walk again, it had become even worse . She almost felt an urge to launch her fist into the air!
Of course, you will . Lets get started then, Altraz said .
What, were going to train now? Min asked .
Naturally, Altraz replied . Thus, started yet another day of training and practising for Min . Meanwhile, Ellie was working in the Saucy Chick restaurant . So far, Ellie had only told Kinder and Min that she worked in a restaurant, and dreamed of becoming a great chef one day . However, she had been very secretive about the restaurant itself . And the Saucy Chick was the reason!
She couldnt bare the embarrassment it would bring if her mother or boyfriend found out . It was because this restaurant, the Saucy Chicken, wasnt exactly a normal restaurant . It specifically catered towards the male mind .
The staff were mostly female . The only males, were chefs . And the uniforms, they made even Ellie embarrassed . They were extremely skimpy! It was practically a thong and bra! The thong revealed her entire ass for anyone to see, and just barely covered the pussy, while the bra just covered her nipples, leaving most of her breasts free to gaze upon .
It was all too common for the girls to be harassed or groped by the customers and chefs alike . It wasnt all too rare to come upon some poor girl being fucked . Sometimes, customers would offer the girls money to have sex with them, or at least give them a blowjob, while other times they would simply be raped .
Of course, the girls would never tell on them, since the restaurant valued the customers above anything . If a waitress reported a customer to the law, she would at the very least be fired . It was more likely, however, that she would either be kidnapped and sold as a slave, or just directly killed . The owners of the restaurant were of the shady type . There were rumours that they belonged to one of the big crime syndicates of the city . Those types would kill and **** without hesitation .
But even then, it was still rare for a customer to **** a girl . If the girl said no, they would most often just leave her alone, and try another one . But it did still happen . Ellie herself, had been pretty close to getting raped once . Luckily for her, the customers friend had stopped him, saying it was unseemly . Thus, Ellie had walked free .
Ellie herself, always said no, when someone asked her to let him fuck her . She might be open to having sex with other people than just Kinder, but it needed to, at the very least, be someone she actually liked . If she was going to sleep with someone else, it was more likely to be a second boyfriend .
Ellie and Kinder had long ago agreed to not keep each other for themselves . If they wanted to, they could get another two or three boyfriends or girlfriends . However, they agreed that would always love each other the most . When, and if, they got married, it would only be the two of them getting married .
On this, Kinder had been a bit quicker . He was already together with some girl who worked next door to the smithy . This girl was quite smitten with Kinder, and was even okay with only being the number two girl . Ellie liked her, too . She had been over a few times, and every time she was, they would have a threesome .
The girl was named Sarah . She was a sixteen-year-old Wood Elf, who worked in a bakery as an apprentice . However, she always had to be a bit sneaky when she came over, since her parents didnt know about it . If they found out that not only was she in a relationship with someone who had other girls, but also had lost her virginity, practically right after meeting this guy, they would be furious .
They werent like Min and her family . Polygamy wasnt exactly normal amongst civilized people .
Meanwhile, Ellie still had only Kinder, and she wasnt completely sure yet if shed get another man, even though shed quite like to try being fucked by two men at the same time, if only to try it . Shed seen her mother having sex with two, or even more, men before, and she seemed to like it a lot .
While Ellie was out serving tables, she was approached by another waitress . She had a slightly worried look on her face .
Ellie, the head chef is calling for you . Did you do something? Anyways, you better go, Ill take over here, she said . Ellie gulped, but then silently handed the girl the plates, and went to the kitchens . Inside, many of the chefs stared at her with pity, as Ellie walked towards the end of the kitchen, towards the head chefs office .
When you were called upon by the head chef, it was seldom for a good reason . Sometimes, the girls going to see him, would never be seen again .
Ellie stood in front of the oaken door, hesitating slightly to knock . But eventually, she swallowed her fears, and knocked .
Come in! It shouted from the other side of the door . Ellie hesitated once more, but still opened the door . Inside, the fat head chef sat behind his desk .
Ellie, youve been working here for a few weeks now, right? He asked . Ellie was almost too scared to answer .
Y-yes, I have, she still said .
Indeed . About a week ago, I seem to recall you helping out in the kitchen, when that chef was in an accident . Poor fellow, didnt survive . He was one of my better chefs too . Anyways, thats beyond the point . My point is that you showed pretty good skill, and had apparent talent . And since Carno died, Im now down one chef . So, I thought it might be high time to take another apprentice, and you show talent, he said . When she heard this, Ellie beamed! She had been scared out of her pants, or well, thong, when she was summoned by him, but now it was something this good?
T-truly? Ellie asked .
Yes . However, youre not the only one who shows potential . There is another girl, whos even better than you, however, I still asked you to come first . Do you know why that is? He asked . Ellie looked at him for a while, silent .
N-no, sir, I dont, Ellie said .
Its simple . Its because youre pretty . Youre one of the prettiest girls we have, and certainly prettier than she is . So, I will give you a chance . You just need to let me fuck you . And not just this once; whenever youre here, you shall be mine . You will let me fuck you whenever I want . But only when youre at work . I wont ask you to devote yourself to me, during your free time, the head chef said .
Ellie was slightly taken aback by this . This head chef was certainly not a pretty sight . He was very fat, and his face looked like a pigs . It didnt help that he was an Orc, one of the most unattractive species in the world . At least in the eyes of other species . But even for an Orc, he was ugly . Of course, Ellie would never dare to tell him this .
B-but I have a boyfriend . I cant have sex with someone else, Ellie said . She was only slightly lying here . She wouldnt have sex with just anyone, after all .
Ah, yes, that boyfriend of yours . However, it doesnt matter . He will never know . Are you really going to let that boy ruin your dreams? As I see it, it would be stupid not to accept, the chef said .
Ellie remained silent, thinking, while fidgeting .
Should I say yes? Would Kinder even mind if I had sex with this guy? I mean, its for the sake of my dreams . I just need to have sex with him, and Ill become an apprentice . Even though Ive never had sex with anyone except Kinder . Gah, fine, Ill do it! Ill let him fuck me as much as he wants, as long as I get the job . It, itll be worth it, Ellie thought . She was conflicted . She wasnt the type to whore herself out . She wasnt like her mother, addicted to sex and willing to have it with anyone . Ellie could imagine that if her mom was in her position, they would already be having sex .
F-fine, Ill let you… d-do me, Ellie said, her cheeks blushing immensely .
Thats more like it! The chef said, as he stood up from his seat .
Come, lean over on the table, he said . Ellie obliged, and walked over to the table, putting her hands on it, then leaning her upper body on it . Then, the chef slapped her on the ass, and gripped her hips in his enormous hands . He took out his cock and started rubbing it over the small piece of cloth, covering her pussy .
As he rubbed his cock on her, Ellie started moaning slightly, and the cloth covering her pussy, slowly started moistening . Finally wet enough, the chef moved the thong to the side, and had the tip of his cock touch her entrance . He continued rubbing, wetting the tip of his length with Ellies moist pussy, until finally, he pushed his tip inside her . Already now, she could feel her pussy stretching, from his giant head .
The chef had a very big cock, much bigger than Kinders at least . The chef used his hands on her ass, to stretch Ellies pussy a bit more, before he finally thrust his entire length inside her, stretching her even more!
Mmmmmh! Ellie almost screamed, as the bulging cock slid across her insides, slamming into the entrance of her womb . The chef thrusted his cock inside her repeatedly, and Ellie already found it impossible to keep down her moans! If it wasnt for the immense amount of guilty pleasure this cock gave her, shed probably be embarrassed beyond her mind, as there was no doubt that anyone outside this office could hear her loud moans . Although, it wasnt like this was the first plaything the head chef had ever taken, so it wasnt too unusual to hear moans coming from his office .
What, have you never had a cock this size before? The chef asked, as he laughed while he slammed into the girls dripping pussy over and over again!
Ahh, ahh, oh lord! No, never! Ahhn! My, my boyfriend doesnt have such a huge diiiick! Aaaah! Ellie said, while moaning uncontrollably . Every time the cock slid inside her, stretching her more than she ever had before, it would be followed by a loud, seductive, high pitched moan from the half-Hobgoblin .
Is that so? Then whose dick do you like better? Mine, or that boyfriend yours? The chef asked, while not slowing down in his ramming in the slightest . With every movement of his cock, she could feel him slamming into the deepest corners of her cunt!
Ah, I like yours! I love yours . Anh, I love how it stretches my pussy! Aaah, more! More! Ellie moaned . She was filled with endless pleasure, as if the bulging cock of the Orc chef was the perfect aphrodisiac .
Fill me up with your cum! Fill me up! Ellie begged . Her mind was filled only with thoughts of sex, and thoughts of her pussy being ploughed .
As you wish! The chef grunted, as he increased his pace even more . With every movement, he would slap into her ass, and it would ripple! Her ass was already slightly discoloured, but he kept ramming her, until finally he reached a crescendo, and his cock bulged even more, as he finally let go!
Stream after stream of white cum filled Ellies pussy up, easily making its way into her womb . It even flowed out of her crack, while the cock was all the way inside her, as overfilled as it was .
Finally, he pulled his cock out, and the sperm came out running in a steady stream, splashing on the floor, while Ellie slumped unto the table, exhausted .
Hey, youre not finished yet . You need to clean my cock, the Orc said, as he grabbed the girl, and put her on her knees . In a daze, Ellie started licking the Orcs cock, cleaning it for any sperm . She licked the entirety of the cock with her tongue, before she put it into her mouth and started deepthroating it . As the cock slid down her mouth, into the throat, her throat bulged out due to the sheer size of the thing .
She continued massaging his cock with her mouth, until he came once more, filling her mouth up with semen this time . She tried to swallow as much as possible, but a lot still slipped out of her mouth, staining her chin and breasts with sperm . After he came, she cleansed his penis once more, until there wasnt a trace of cum on it .
Thats good . You can go out now . You will finish your shift today, but tomorrow you start as an apprentice, the chef said . Ellie stood up, and was about to leave the room, before she woke up and realized her state .
But, but head chef! Im covered in your cum! Its even leaking down my thighs! I cant go out like this, Ellie complained .
I dont care how cum stained you are, you are going out like that . And since we spent quite a bit of time here, you will work through your next break . You are not allowed to spend time to clean yourself until your shift ends, the chef said .
Ellie stared at him in shock, but she knew better than to talk back, so she could only swallow her pride .
Remember, I dont want to see you cleaning any part of yourself . Even the cum on your face remains . Thats an order, the Orc head chef said .
I, I understand, Ellie replied, before opening the door and leaving . When she came out, everyone stared at her . There was cum on her chin, on her boobs, even a bit on her stomach . There was even an obscene amount of semen leaking down her thighs, and her underwear was completely soiled .
But Ellie still returned to work, while holding her tears back . When she had been having sex, she had loved it, since the pure pleasure had muddled her mind . But now, she only felt guilt . Guilt because she had let someone she didnt even like fuck her . Guilt because she had, in fact, loved it . She was unsure if she was going to tell Kinder and her mom about this .

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