A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 11

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Min was walking outside, following behind her Masters back . As always, she was very slow, however, for once in her life, she didnt care about that at all! That was because when she returned home today, she would be a bit faster, and the next time faster still! Her Master was finally taking her to see a skilled healer! Finally, after almost fifteen years of being a cripple, she was finally on the road to recovery!
This was her new second-best day of her life! Only the birth of Ellie could be considered better than this . After walking for about an hour, they had arrived in a wealthy part of town . They stood outside a large mansion . The entrance was guarded by two well-armed guards, and looking through the gate, one could see several servants running about . This was the life of the rich, Min supposed .
Altraz walked straight past the guards; apparently, he was expected . Moments after stepping through the gate, they were approached by a servant, who led them into the house . They were guided into a waiting room, where they waited for a few minutes before a well-dressed High Elf entered the room .
Altraz, good to see you . So this is her, huh? The Child of Darkness, the man said, looking at Min with excitement . Min was a bit surprised that Altraz had told him about her .
No need to worry my dear, hes part of the organization . Naturally, hes completely loyal, whether he wants to or not . Thats why hell be healing you for free . Only our kind of organization can accomplish this kind of thing . Even the best of friends would want compensation for this kind of healing, but here in the organization, we have healers for the express purpose of healing our gravely wounded members, Altraz explained .
Exactly so . Now come, little Hobgoblin, cant exactly heal you here, the High Elf said, as he gave Min a hand, to help her off her seat .
Thank you, mister, Min said, a bit shy . Min might be very energetic, but fifteen years of not being able to move freely, meant that she had rarely ever left the house . Thus, she was a bit shy around strangers .
You can call me Aldon, Aldon said . Min nodded her head .
Soon, they arrived in an almost empty, completely white room . In the center of the room, there was a bed, which was elevated quite highly . This would make it easier for Aldon to work on her .
Im going to need for you to take all your clothes off . Not that youre wearing much, Aldon said . Min affirmed, then took off her top and skirt, revealing her naked form . Her body was quite the sight . Her pert, soft and perfectly sized breasts, her plump and equally soft ass; it was no surprise she never had much trouble finding a man to sleep with . She might be a bit shy in conversation, but when she had sex, she was a completely different girl . She could have sex anywhere, in front of anyone, and in any position . The more embarrassing, the better!
Now, you just need to lie down here, Aldon said, as he helped Min onto the bed .
Well, shes a pretty one, isnt she? Aldon said with a chuckle, as he examined her naked body in detail .
Haha, from what hear, shes quite the sexual creature . Feel free to call upon her anytime, Altraz said . Aldon looked at her with even more lust now .
Maybe I will . Its the least she can do, since Im healing her, Aldon said .
Please do! I would love to have sex with you! Min said with a sheepish grin .
Even better if you and Master fuck me at the same time, she then added .
I dont know about doing it together with Altraz, but Ill definitely call upon you . In fact, I think its better if you just stay here for today . Since you need to relax for a bit after the procedure . Now, enough chatting . Ready yourself . This is going to hurt a little bit, Aldon said, as he placed his hands on Mins hips . Then, as a light started seeping out of his hands, Min started screaming .
If she wasnt screaming so loudly, one would be able to hear the crackle of her bones, as they slowly changed shape . The reason it was so painful, was because the method Aldon used was to repeatedly shatter her bones, then immediately heal them using his magic . Naturally, this was extremely painful . However, it was for the better . The reason he didnt use traditional bone shaping magic, was because this lasted longer . Doing it like this, she would need less upkeep . However, her hips would still continue to deteriorate, just like the other method, albeit slower . The reason for this was still unknown . The lead theory that scholars had been able to come up with was simply that no magic could ever remain permanent .
And to current knowledge, this had always remained true . As soon as mana left the body, it would immediately start to fade away . Thats the reason why fire made by magic disappeared quickly, why magic ice melted away in minutes to hours, and why the great magical arrays always needed constant upkeep .
Insert Magic explanation here
After an hour of earth shattering pain, Aldon finally stopped . Min however, continued screaming . It was only thirty minutes later, that she finally calmed down, however, she was still in a lot of pain .
Her face was pale, and her eyes were letting tears out like a waterfall . Altraz had to hold her, so she didnt shake too much . She was still crying, and she held Altrazs hand with all her strength . She didnt consider this the second-best day in her life anymore .
Dont worry . In the future, it will be less and less painful, until finally, theres no pain involved . Its only the first time its this painful, Aldon said, as he stroked the girls hair . Min didnt respond, only continued to sob .
Dont worry Altraz . Theres no need for you to remain . Ill give her some pain medication, then let her rest . Ill get some rest, too, Aldon said . It wasnt just Min who was exhausted . Although Aldon hadnt felt any pain, he was still covered in sweat . This procedure of repeatedly breaking her bones, then healing with his mana was exceedingly exhausting . Every time he healed her bones, it took a huge amount of mana . Halfway through, he had been forced to chug down a mana potion .
Then I wont keep you any longer . Get some good rest . Ill return for her tomorrow, Altraz said . Then, without further ado, he left the mansion . Aldon took the shivering, naked girl into his arms, then carried her into the baths . Both of them were covered in sweat, so they could do with a shower . He quickly washed her, then himself, and then he carried her into a bedroom . He placed her into the bed, then gave her a potion to drink . Then, finally, he slumped into bed, next to her . He had been too tired to brink her into a guest room, so he just let her sleep in his own bed .
In addition, he was also planning to have some sexual fun with her later . As the saviour of her legs, it was his right!
A couple of hours passed by, before Min woke up . She wasnt in pain anymore, due to the potion shed drank, although, she didnt actually remember drinking one . Since the beginning of the procedure, until she finally fell asleep, her memory was quite foggy .
Min was a bit startled to find that she was cuddled up against a naked High Elf, but she quickly recognised him . Suddenly, the large High Elf turned around, and Mins eyes met his .
Youve awoken . Altraz left ahead of you . It isnt appropriate for you to do any moving around, so youll just stay here for the day . I also need to do some tests with your legs, to see how far the healing came, Aldon said .
Okay, Min replied . She wasnt quite sure what to say, and she was still a bit shy with him .
How about you lie on your back, and well get started with the tests, Aldon said . Min nodded in affirmation, and lied on her back . Then, Aldon started touching her hips with his hands, pressing into them a bit .
Hmm, it seems to have gone quite well . Your hip bones are already less deformed, and theyre quite firm . Doesnt seem to be any leftover fractures either . Try lifting your legs . Tell me if you feel any pain . Although, you shouldnt feel any, since I gave you a pain-relieving potion, Aldon said .
Min did as asked, and lifted her legs up, slowly, making her pussy more visible . She looked like she was ready to receive a cock inside her, in the missionary position . It didnt hurt when she moved, due to the potion, but it still felt unnatural, as if her bones were clashing against each other .
Yes, youve healed just nicely . I estimate that well need another five sessions before you can walk without crutches . Now, enough of this . Since youre already position so nicely, how about we have some fun? Aldon asked . Min smiled a bit, and nodded once . She had never once in her life said no to sex, and she wasnt about to now, just because of some medical procedure! And besides, she was already in position .
Good, Aldon said, as he moved in front of her, placing himself between her legs . His cock was already hard, because of her naked body, and from touching all over her hips and ass . He placed a finger inside her pussy, to find that it was already soaking wet . Then, he placed his cock to her entrance, and directly thrusted his entire length inside her .
Aahh! Min moaned, as his cock entered inside her, immediately touching the entrance of her womb, parting her inner walls . He didnt stop in the slightest, and immediately proceeded to move his hips, thrusting his cock inside her, over and over again! Min moaned constantly, being overcome by pleasure of the bulging cock massaging her insides .
Min clenched at Aldons back with her hands, as she arched her back . Aldon continued to move in the same way, thrusting inside her repeatedly, moving with constant rhythm . The pleasure was such that Mins mind went blank . It was only after Min had orgasmed several times that the motion stopped, resulting in a steady flow of white liquid entering Mins womb .
That was quite good . I dont think Ive ever done it with a Hobgoblin . Hmm, if mind serves me right, that old master of yours was quite infatuated with the Goblin species, wasnt he? That was probably a reason he took interest in you . You must have been nothing but a normal Goblin back then, Aldon said .
Yes, I think I remember my master saying that he liked Goblins, Min said . Her voice was a bit low, as speaking of her deceased master was not a light subject for her . It always made her sad .
Such a pity that he died, Aldon said softly . The two laid in bed for a while longer, Min sitting in Aldons embrace . Only nearly an hour later, did Aldon get up .
You must be hungry . I will get the servants to make us some food . I will also send someone to help you get dressed, and to bring you to the dining room, Aldon said, before quickly disappearing from the room . Min could do nothing, but sit and wait . She might have been healed a bit, but she still couldnt move her legs freely . By now, her legs wouldnt even be able to hold her, in fact . She would need quite a bit of physical exercise before her legs could function again .
So, since she didnt have her crutches, she couldnt move from the bed . She could only wait .
A few minutes later, two female servants entered the room . One was holding some clothes, while the other carried a water bucket and some washing supplies . The one holding the washing supplies walked towards Min, while the other one placed the clothes somewhere, then exited the room .
Miss, let me help you get a bit cleaned, before dinner, the servant said . Min nodded, and struggled a bit to get to the edge of the bed . She wiped Mins sweaty body with a wet cloth and cleaned her face . She also cleaned Mins nether regions, since there was still quite a bit of semen there .
There we go . Now lets get you dressed, the servant continued, before getting the clothes . When Min was all dressed up, she looked quite different than usual . These clothes were nowhere near as revealing as her usual outfit . It looked quite fine, in fact . Clothes fit for a noblewoman . A long, golden dress reaching her ankles, and a low-cut neckline, showing ample cleavage .
A few more moments passed, while Min chatted with the servant, when the other one came back, pushing a wheelchair . Min was a bit surprised at this . Of course, she knew wheelchairs existed, but shed never used one herself .
As Min sat in her chair while one of the servants pushed her, Min decided to chat a bit .
Does Lord Aldon often get visitors like me? She asked .
You mean girls that he brings into bed? From time to time . Handicapped girls, though, thats a new one . Is he healing you? The servant answered, then asked .
Well, yes . Im the apprentice of a friend of his, so hes healing me as a favour or something, Min replied .
Oh, that must be Lord Altraz, then . Hes quite the distinguished mage . How did you get apprenticed to someone like him? You dont bear any noble marks, so you must be low born, like us, right? The servant asked . The only reason she was being so friendly, was because she knew Min wasnt a noble .
He saw me down in the markets and noticed my talent, so he decided to make me his apprentice, Min revealed .
I see . You must be quite talented then . For him to even be willing to settle the price required for such a healing, the servant said, a little bit jealous .
Were here, she said, as she opened the door . She pushed Min inside the room, seating her at one end of a table . On the other end, was Aldon .
Min proceeded to eat her meal; a meal which happened to be the best meal she ever had . After that, she went back to bed . She was still very tired; the sex hadnt helped in that regard . She was also starting to feel a bit of pain in her hips .
Thus, she slept for most of the day, and only woke up again, when Aldon was coming to bed, too . She had a bit of a break from sleep, so she could have sex with Aldon again, but after that, it was straight back to sleep .
A bit over a month passed by . She would go to Aldon once every week, and every time, shed spend the night there . There was usually a great deal of sex involved . Just like Aldon had said, the second time didnt hurt as much, and by the fourth time, there was very little pain, compared to the first time . And right now, she was undergoing the fifth time . This was the final, major operation . After this, she would only need to train up both her legs, and hip bones . Although, her hip bones had gotten quite strong throughout the process . But her legs were still very weak .
There we go, finally finished, Aldon said, as he wiped some sweat of his forehead .
Try moving your legs a bit, he continued . Min complied, and started moving her legs . She still looked like she struggled a bit, but her facial expression was flawless .
It doesnt hurt! Theres so little resistance, too! If only my legs were stronger, I bet Id be able to walk easily! Min exclaimed . This was, by far, the second-best day of her life!
Yes, now you just need to exercise, and youll walk in no time . Youll also need to come by every month, so your legs dont start deteriorating, however that will only be necessary for a few months or years, since I, the great master of Light, the greatest healer in all of Rymalona, shall teach you how to heal, Aldon said .
Yes, yes, no need to brag so much . Anyways, rest up a bit, Min . Ill be coming by your home tomorrow . I think Ill teach you another spell . You simply master them all too quickly . Damn, you even managed to learn one that should be above your level, Altraz said .
Yes, Master . But to be fair, if I were to cast that spell, it would drain my entire mana reserve . Id probably be knocked unconscious, Min said .
Thats beyond the point . Just the fact that you can cast it, is insane . Its a complicated spell . Usually, only someone at the Qualified rank would cast that kind of spell, and itd still be a big one . Although, granted, youre only one level from that rank by now, but you werent when you learned it, Altraz said .
Anyways, Ill be leaving now . See you tomorrow, Altraz continued, before leaving .
Did you really learn such a spell? Aldon asked .
I did! But I wouldnt be able to learn a spell of that level in the Light element, Min said .
Naturally . The Light is such a grand element, no mere Child of Darkness would be able to learn a spell high above their level in it . Anyways, since youre here, I think its high time I teach you some Light magic, so I dont have to heal you every month, Aldon said .
Thus, he started teaching Min Light magic . And indeed, Aldon was a very good teacher . Whether he was more skilled than Eledor had been was unknown, however, Eledor had never taught Min Light magic! He had only taught her Darkness magic, which he was very limited in .
Thats why, in only a single day, Min had reached level 9 in Light magic, and had even learned a few spells . It had taken Min a whole week to reach this level in Darkness, since her teacher wasnt very good at it . But now, she had a true master of Light, a man who was at such a high level that she could barely even comprehend it . Thus, she reached level 9 in a skill she was less talented in, in only one day!
She had also learned the spell, Illumination and Basic Healing . Illumination only made a ball of light . It wouldnt do any damage, just illuminate . Basic Healing could heal light wounds, like shallow cuts . It wasnt much, but it was a start .
That will do for today . From now on, I will teach you once a month, while you come here for healing . In the meantime, I want you to read many books . I will arrange for several books on the theory of Light and healing to be sent to your home . You will need to read at least five of these books every month . I would say ten, but you also need to learn under Altraz, so that would be a bit much . Do you understand? Aldon said .
Yes, Lord Aldon . I will study diligently, Min replied .
Fantastic! Now, lets get a meal, then go sleep . Im exhausted . Not too exhausted to fuck you, though, Aldon said, as he led the way into the dining area for Min . She was using crutches to walk now, and she even used her legs properly . She used her legs to support as much weight as possible, to train them . It was a bit tiring, but Min was eager to walk without supports once more .
She fantasized about going out into the forests when her legs were completely functional again . She missed climbing in the trees and hunting animals . However, whenever she thought about it, she would always end up silently crying .
Many faces would appear in her vision . Her mother, father, Gibb and Mila . Vraaz, Gobu, Crotz, Gnez and Bob, her old hunting partners . She still missed them . They had been her closest friends in the earliest days of her life, and also the ones to take her virginity . Then there was her old master, who had lost his life defending the tribe . Min felt nothing but the deepest hatred for this Grand Dungeon . If she ever gained great enough power, she would want nothing more than to destroy it, and avenge her tribe . But such a goal was far, far away .
Another month passed by . Min could finally walk without her crutches . Running was impossible, though . She would also get tired quickly . These days, she usually just walked around with a single crutch .
In this month, she had reached level 15 in the Light element, making her an Amateur Light mage . She had also surpassed level 40 in Darkness, reaching level 45 in it . She had also trained her Short Blades skill, reaching level 25 in that . It was quite challenging, tough, since she couldnt move as agilely as she used to in the early days .
Stealth had already reached level 30, increasing by 16 levels . She had also trained in several other skills, such as Archery, however, none of them had surpassed the threshold that gave XP . But she had still made massive gains . She had gained over 30,000 XP from increasing her skills, as well as reaching level 40 in Darkness . She almost increased in level twice! She only needed another 1500 XP to level up again .
One day, Min was just minding her own business, relaxing for once, when Altraz came by . She was a bit surprised, since he had said that she wouldnt be doing any practising or training today .
Master, why are you here? Min asked .
I said that there was no training today, however, I didnt say nothing was going on, Altraz said with a smirk .
Its time for your first assignment . Its time for you to kill again, Altraz revealed .
What?! Im going to kill? Isnt it too early? I cant walk well yet, I would be in a disadvantage in a fight, Min said .
You dont need to fight . Say, what do you think about anal? Altraz asked .
Anal? I prefer using my vagina, but I can do anal as well, Min said . Altraz smirked, then took out a long, but thin stiletto knife . The knife had a pointy end, with no edges, and it had no cross guard or anything similar . It was basically just a long needle .
You will be posing as a prostitute . We are quite lucky to have you, it seems . The target has a fetish for not only rare breeds, but also handicapped people . Although, you can walk now, you do still have almost fifteen years of experience as a cripple . If you try to, I believe you can sell it better than anyone . As for how youll kill him, youll use this knife, Altraz said .
What? How exactly will I get a knife in there? If were going to be having sex, I assume well be naked, and Ill probably be checked before I go in, Min said .
Remember when I asked if you do anal? Its simple . Youll just insert the knife into your asshole, and when youre sleeping with him, you just pop it out, and stab him in the neck . But you should practise first . And youll use this wooden ball so you dont stab your innards, Altraz said .
Put a knife in my butt? Hehe, Min chuckled, as she grabbed the dagger and ball from Altrazs hand . She placed the ball on the point of the stiletto, then she put it under her skirt placing at the entrance to her anus . She never wore any underwear, so the entrance was open .
She slowly pushed it in, careful not to cause the wooden ball to slip off . She winced a bit at the cold, as the metal slid across her insides . It didnt take long, until she had inserted the entire knife into her anus! She had even pushed her entire hand as far in as she could, to get the knife a bit deeper .
Huff, there we go . Now to push it out again, Min said . She started pushing with her anal muscles . At first, it took a while to get out, but after trying a couple dozen times, she could easily get the knife in and out, as if her own asshole was the sheath to the dagger .
Well then, lets go . Luckily for us, the target hired a prostitute from one of our brothels, so this will be an easy job . Hehe, after this, you wont have to live in this apartment anymore . We pay our assassins quite well, since were a high-ranking organization . Were expensive, you see . We only assassinate powerful targets . When we get to the brothel, you will disguise yourself as one of them . You wont need to change clothes, since yours are already revealing enough . And remember to use the spell I taught you . You never know when someone might be able to see your status . You should make your level 20, since thats when Goblins evolve . If the target asks, you will have only recently started working in the brothel, since thats simpler, however you still have a lot of sexual experience, which his true . Understand? Altraz asked .
Yes, Master . I wont disappoint you, Min replied . This was her first time assassinating someone . She absolutely couldnt fail . Partly because she didnt want to disappoint her Master, and partly because if she did fail, shed probably be imprisoned and executed .
Good, then, Altraz said . And thus, they ventured towards the brothel, where Min would be posing as a new whore .

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