A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse - Chapter 83

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While Nie Xiao and the others, who were staying on the faraway Earth, were discussing when Xiao Wu would return, the Alliance meeting on the Mermaid planet’s side finally concluded.

Xiao WuYi’s task of “informing and arranging rescue soldiers” was successfully completed at this time. All things have been planned and arranged in detail, and each race’s warships and rescue teams have also been neatly dispatched.

There were so many outstanding and wise leaders of the Alliance who were here to bear their responsibilities, so Xiao WuYi paddled the waters without the slightest psychological burden.

As for the dispatch of the warships of their Nemo Royal Clan and various other trivial matters within their race, he doesn’t need to worry about it. It was sufficient to have General MoYan and the group of elders to preside over it!

In any case, for the past three or four years of his disappearance, the entire planet of Nemo hadn’t seen any disturbances, and everything had been taken care of in an orderly manner. What was more, before his disappearance, he also didn’t manage the affairs of the planet very much. He was only fourteen or fifteen years old when he went missing!

He wasn’t too old even now, he hadn’t reached 20 yet!

In short, the adults were in charge of all the affairs, so Xiao WuYi didn’t have to worry about it at all. At this moment, he was itching to travel back to the Earth first, he didn’t want to wait for a moment more.

Seeing his busy Uncle General, Xiao WuYi jollily leaned forward and softly and cutely pulled Mo Yan’s sleeve as he asked, “Uncle, can Baby go back to Earth first!!?”

A pair of big watery eyes gazed at Mo Yan with a ‘bulingbuling’, not to mention the immense eagerness.

Seeing this kittenish adorable appearance, MoYan almost blurted out his agreement. After the close call, he stabilized his mentality before heartlessly turning his head away and sternly refusing. “No, you’ve grown up now, and you should learn to manage our races’ matters. If it wasn’t for your accidental disappearance that wasted those years, you would’ve tried to take over and manage these things as early as fifteen years old, so now you should pay more attention and make up for it!

“Now that this kind of emergency is happening in the reserve, you can learn more about the way His Majesty Seidong and the others are handling things!” MoYan put on a heart of stone, not at all impressed by Xiao WuYi acting like a spoiled child.

“Eh!!— There’s obviously you two here, why would I go and learn? You two can take care of it just fine!” His Highness little hamster covered his little heart very sadly as he unhappily wailed.

“Baby just wants to be a happy, carefree, idle little prince!”

MoYan: “…”

Then until when will he and AnYi have to wait until their hands are free to go to their two-people world!!?

“No, you stay here obediently. You’ll ride a warship to Earth with me later,” MoYan said ruthlessly. Everything was for his and AnYi’s two-people world.

Little hamster: QAQ!

Contrarily, His Majesty Seidong and the others were watching this scene very cheerfully. The overall character of the Nemo Royal Clan was really quite lovely.

Both the monarchs above and the subjects and residents below were fairly big-hearted and open-minded. Their nature was incomparably pure, honest, and fond of peace.

The lineage of the Nemo Royal Clan’s royal family seems to never need to be afraid that someone would scheme and usurp power since time immemorial. Every monarch was considerably untrammeled. Even His Majesty Mingyuan, the last king, often puts down his responsibilities and takes Queen Xi to go out to play everywhere during his early years. But even with him not properly attending to his duties, the subjects underneath did not have the slightest idea of corruption in politics.

If it was on their side, they wouldn’t even dare think about delegating major power like such because the power struggle in ordinary small clans was very fierce!

In the Alliance, the Nemo Royal Clan was frequently jokingly called the “stupidly cute royal clan”, which was actually a positive connotation carrying envy. The “stupid” in it has never been to belittle their IQ, but to praise their “great intelligence that may appear as stupidity” attitude towards life.

After all, if one really talked about ingenuity, the Nemo Royal Clan wasn’t stupid at all. Plus, being able to step into the interstellar age represents the extraordinary wisdom of their entire race.

Even His Highness Xiao WuYi who appeared innocent, cute, and unaware of the world at this moment, has, in fact, a very agile and bright mind. No one here dared to really look down on him and dupe him. Otherwise, their knowledge would be increased by the Alliance’s first placer in formidable fighting strength, the entire Nemo race, in minutes.

Exchange their sincerity for their sincerity and the Nemo Royal Clan would always be docile, harmless, cute unitedly friendly animals. But if one attempted to violate and conspire on their vital interests, they would show their sharp teeth and claws in a flash, and the soft and cute dumplings would immediately change into the Alliance’s number one fearful beasts, making one doubt life.

In the face of such a distinctive disposition, the various races in the Alliance didn’t have any disgust and even liked to have dealings with them very much. There was no need for intrigue, as long as one was sincere and truthful, they would reciprocate a sincere heart as well. Whether it be making friends or working together, all were a very uncomplicated and pleasant matter.

His Majesty Seidong watched Xiao WuYi as he wound around MoYan, his little mouth incessantly pleading, and couldn’t help smiling and saying, “It’s better for General MoYan to let His Little Highness go there first. Learning one or two days won’t bring any significant difference anyway.”

Hearing someone speak for himself, Xiao WuYi immediately nodded his head like a little chick pecking rice. “Yeah, that’s right! Uncle, see, even His Majesty Seidong says so!”

MoYan: “…”

Ah, it’s too difficult for me to have a showdown with such a nephew.

“Alright, alright. Then wait for it to get dark before going over after dinner.” General MoYan sighed, he still couldn’t help but relent in the end.

Xiao WuYi instantly beamed with joy and jumped with glee.

“Uncle is the best, love you oh!”


There was a time difference between the Mermaid Planet and Earth. While Xiao WuYi was having dinner with MoYan and the others, it was already late at night in China.

The curtain of night was deep, dark, and silent. The stars in the sky were covered by clouds tonight, and only a few sporadic stars were twinkling brightly. The zombies were very active during this kind of night, making bursts of collision and sharp hisses.

Inside WuYi Base, except for the staff responsible for patrols, everyone else was sound asleep. The tall city walls of the base and the solid, airtight defensive shield gave everyone an ample sense of security.

Saath levitated in the night sky, looking at the magnificent and towering base in front of him. His eyes couldn’t help showing a hint of surprise.

When he came back last time, this place had just gathered some people and hadn’t completely come to maturity. It had unknowingly developed into a city of such a large scale. It was simply beyond his imagination.

When he came here during the daytime, he went to Europe and America’s areas that were at nighttime but did not find any shining places. The indigenous people there had established pitiful and puny bases, struggling to survive under the siege of zombies. Just like the few planets he had visited before, there was no trace of the little prince’s existence.

Until he chased twilight and journeyed all the way to this side, arriving at this country called China. This country was like a lit star, brilliant and dazzling compared to all other places.

And the base in front of him was even brighter.

An aura called “Vitality and Hope” seemed to condensed into an entity here, surging and radiating from the inside to the outside. In time, a new doomsday kingdom would be built around here.

Saath couldn’t avoid lifting his lips. His heart was immediately resolute that his Little Highness was here. Thinking that he still had a lovely loyal servant here, Saath’s mood became even more delighted.

It was unknown what ability core he used but Saath easily passed through the defensive shield and entered the base without Wu Wenyu noticing it.

In a villa in the center of the base, when Nie Xiao and the others saw Bai Mei’s message, “He’s here!”; they all became alert and readied themselves. They closed their eyes and lay on the bed in their respective rooms with high vigilance.

This night was destined to be a night without comfortable sleep.

Bai Mei slept in his room alone tonight. Hearing the call in his mind and sensing the familiar pressure1, he got off the bed and walked straight to the balcony.

Saath stood there quietly, the invisible and transparent defensive cover around him concealed all his breath, isolating all possible probing from the outside world. Bai Mei stepped inside, then bowed his head and knelt on one knee.

“My lord,” Bai Mei respectfully said.

Saath gazed at the handsome young man in front of him, sensing that the pressure on the other’s body had changed. His eyebrows uncontrollably raised, and his pale hand raised Bai Mei’s chin. He spoke as if in praise, “Not bad, you’ve become a lot stronger this time.”

Bai Mei submissively said, “Many thanks for the lord’s praise, I have collected many ability cores for you this time.”

Saath became happier when he heard these obedient words, but the purpose of his trip was not for the ability cores. He waved his hand indifferently and said, “You can keep it for your use first.”

Bai Mei raised his head, seemingly confused. His beautiful and harmless face seemed to make people less vigilant. “Then what does the lord currently need?”

Saath was faced with a loyal servant with superior aptitude, and thus there was no need to hide it at this moment. With a shallow smile on his lips, he said, “I’m looking for someone. As long as you help me find him, I will bestow you a brand new world. In that world, you will become my most excellent subordinate with an extremely lofty status.”

Hearing the deja-vu-like words, Bai Mei’s heart couldn’t help but faintly jump. Also, what bestow a new world? He was promised this once at the beginning, but he didn’t take this “new world” seriously.

“Who is the lord looking for?” Bai Mei suppressed the doubts in his heart and asked calmly.

Saath looked at Bai Mei with a smile that was not quite a smile, and replied, “A very precious and lovely little prince.”

Bai Mei’s heart jumped wildly, but he dared not expose any clues. He lifted his head and looked at Saath’s face covered by the shadow of the black robe, his eyes seemed to be filled with doubts and incomprehension.

“But we don’t have a prince in China,” Bai Mei frowned slightly in confusion as he sincerely and innocently said.

This ignorant look thoroughly pleased Saath, causing him to let out a carefree, unrestrained low laughter.

Apparently, he was already certain that Xiao WuYi was in this base. At this time, Saath didn’t seem anxious at all, even carrying some leisurely mood.

It was because he knew that those people in the Alliance would have to arrive here two days at the earliest, and at that time he would have already caught his little prince and locked him in his carefully built “castle,” successfully refining and merging him into a whole new world.

By then, as long as he hides in that new world, everyone wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

“My little prince is not from your Earth.”

Saath looked at Bai Mei’s pleasing face and finally spoke without reservation. With the absolute coercion between zombie kings, he was not afraid that Bai Mei, who was weaker than him, would betray him.

What was more, there was already a huge gap between their mutated and differentiated physique and their original compatriots, which makes them absolute opposites and irreconcilable adversaries.

It was impossible for Bai Mei to integrate into his original colony again, and it was impossible for him to tell others about his affairs.

Moreover, looking at him now, it didn’t seem like he knew about the whole alien situation at all, so how could he go to the little prince to inform him.

Seeing Bai Mei’s eyes widen in shock after hearing his narration about aliens as expected, Saath became more fearless. He took out his quantum brain and then displayed a photo for Bai Mei.

Even though Bai Mei had already guessed who it was, his pupils still uncontrollably shrunk and his heart drummed the moment he saw the person in the photo.

“This is the person I’m looking for. He has grown up a few years now, but he shouldn’t have changed much.” Saath also lowered his head to look at the photo thus he didn’t notice Bai Mei’s momentary strangeness.

The beautiful young boy in the photo was about fourteen or fifteen years old. His limpid eyes were brimming with spirit as they looked at the camera, which made those who see it unable to forget.

“He should be in your base right now, have you met?”

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