A Fight for Love - Volume 1 - Chapter 36

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Volume 1 Vol . 1 First Meeting

Chapter 36 Don't miss him when you're with me!

At this moment, Qian Lin came out with a little bottle and a pack of cotton wool in her hand and sat by Lin Ziqi's side without saying a word . Lin Ziqi lowered his head in silence with the strong desire to ask her when they could go back home . Nevertheless, the pain from his hand made him suddenly raise his head and stare at Qian Lin, who focused on rubbing something on his hand .


She  . . .  She comes back for  . . .  Lin Ziqi's heart seemed to somehow skip a beat .  


"Qian Lin! In fact, I will be fine in two days even without this medicine . " While trying to take back his hand as he spoke, Lin Ziqi was stopped by Qian Lin's words .


Having grown up for seventeen years, it was the very first time Lin Ziqi enjoyed this thoughtful care . Even his mother had said "a real man is not afraid of injuries, but to not get back on his feet" to him when he got hurt .


"Oh  . . . it hurts . . . " As a myriad of thoughts crossed into Lin Ziqi's mind, Qian Lin was already rubbing his face with the cotton wool with a disinfectant solution . His most serious abrasion was on his forehead, and there was a few scratches on his cheekbones as well . Therefore, Qian Lin began to clean the scratches on his cheekbones after tending his hands .


Feeling Lin Ziqi's distraction, Qian Lin deliberately pressed the wound on his face . Hearing his screaming, she suddenly felt the hurt same as him, but she still complained relentlessly .  "You deserve it! You dare not impulsively fight in the future!"


"He deserves it! It was the cheeky teacher that pursued you first and then Tengyue, which hurt your heart two-way . "


Qian Lin finally figured out what was going on after hearing Lin Ziqi's inexplicable words . It turned out he had a richer imagination than Shao Xun .  Who on earth thinks I have a two-way relationship! Ah! He has made me so miserable .  How about two-way? What is he thinking all day long in his little head?


"Go to hell! Why don't you add yourself and say I'm three-way? Add your dead ghost brother again—I'm multiple-way! It is annoying enough with you!"


Lin Ziqi was shocked at the scene . What did Qian Lin mean by saying this? Did she already have a crush about him?


"Qian Lin .   .   . " Lin Ziqi blinked his peach-blossom-like eyes, looking at her with emotion, which made her freeze for a moment before realizing what he had just said .


Qian Lin didn't know why she would say something like that, but she knew she couldn't take it back .  "I told you, call my sister! Alas, come in and apologize to Shao Xun then, because whether it is a misunderstanding or not, you are not right to hit someone first . "


"No problem!" he nicely responded, and did not raise any objections to that "sister" like beforehand . He just smiled, listening quietly to Qian Lin's reproach . There was a strange throb in the depths of his heart, which made him feel a little happily dizzy .  Does she care about me? Did Qian Lin just see me as her boyfriend?


"Besides, even if Shao Xun doesn't mess around with you anymore, the worst injured one in this fight is Tengyue and you have to make her laugh before we let this matter go . "


"Okay!" Lin Ziqi replied in a good manner again . No matter what Qian Lin said, he had just made a promise to her .


Qian Lin was surprised that the one who always articulated so well liked to refute her was so obedient like this . Was he out of his mind today? But as long as he would go to the ward and apologize to Shao Xun, it would be a thing of the past . After all, they were friends, and they would still be friends after the misunderstanding was resolved . In fact, she blamed herself internally . If she had introduced Tengyue and Shao Xun to Lin Ziqi earlier, then this thing would not have happened at all!


"Well, Xiaoqi, do you remember what I said just now? If Tengyue laughs, then it will be all fine, but if she does not, afterward we go back home .   .   . "


Qian Lin squinted her eyes as she looked at Lin Ziqi . Saying so much to blame him, she was just trying to conceal the kind of inexplicable affection that she had for him .


He looked at her as she slightly blushed, and he couldn't figure out whether this was owing to anger, excitement, or shyness . But he wanted the truth now .


He suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand in the palm of his hand and then gently pulled it and placed it on his chest .


"Qian Lin, carefully feel this, I am also beating fiercely for you here . "


She instantly blushed because of his actions . In the past, she had just held hands with Lin Zifeng when no one else was there . Nothing similar to this intimate action and confession had ever happened to her . To this day, she still remembered that the most movable words that Zifeng had said were, "Qian Lin, be my girlfriend!" She didn't know why she looked at his eyes and let him put her hand into his hands without resistance .


"Don't miss him when you're with me!"


Lin Ziqi pulled hard so that Qian Lin was suddenly caught on him . Looking at Lin Ziqi, who was smiling like a cheating fox, Qian Lin's heartbeat badly accelerated . Staring at his smiling face, she gently stretched out her hand with the intention to touch him .


As she almost did it, she suddenly came back to her mind and she retracted her hand, straightened up, and walked towards Tengyue's ward, and said, "Let's  .   .   .  Let's go to the ward!"

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