A Dragon among the Stars - Chapter 38

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KIel gulped, surprised and confused by the sudden intrusion . He said . Its Ki- My name is Yang Chen . He almost said his other name, it was a good thing that he was able to act fast, or it would have been difficult to explain .
Ma Huo nodded . committing his name to his head . he said . Yang Chen, youre quite strong for a 10 stage body refinement realm cultivator .
Yu Lianbo became angrier . At first it was a bunch of freshman who were defying his tradition, now, someone who he irked was intervening . It was impossible for him to keep his calm . He shouted . Mu Hao, how dare you ignore me! Dont make me repeat myself, Scram or else!
Ma huo looked back at the angry Lu Yianbo . Squinting his eyes he said . Or else what? Youre gonna beat me up too? You think you have the ability to do that? Even if you come running towards your bullshit faction, I wouldnt care! do you think just because our seniors have graduated, we would be afraid fo you? He let out mocking laugh . He already fought with this Yu Lianbo, and every fight would always result in his win . If it was any other day, Yu Lianbo wouldnt be this bold in front of him . His anger might have a hand in this but most of it was because of the Brother Min who was eating behind his back . Ma Huo felt fear in his heart whenever he looked at this Brother Min .
Yu Lianbo face was dark . Angry like a mad bull . He said . Dont provoke me Mu Hao . You can do nothing in this situation
Mu Hao look around, seeing more of their lackeys approaching, completely surrounding them again . He didnt feel pressured . His only fear was if this Brother Min suddenly make his move . He didnt have the confidence to cope with him . Kiel on the other hand felt the situation becoming more tense . He was already beaten up, with the increase in numbers, His outcome would become worse .
Ma Huo laughed, seeing that the brother Min had no intention of interfering, he realized that his fear wouldnt come into reality . He became confident again and said . You think this fools could deal with me?
You dont need to do it . Ill deal them with myself Said Lu Gengxin who was sitting on table near them . He stood up as he was wiping his mouth with a cloth . He walked near the commotion . The lackeys, intimated from his presence alone didnt dare to recklessly attack . They gave him way which allowed him to stand beside Ma Huo, Indicating his stance .
Yu Lianbo looked at Lu Gengxin . He said . So this is your decision huh? what a shame . Senior Lin was even considering taking you in as his subordinate, Too bad, too bad . Since you chose them, then be prepared to face the wrath of heaven
Ma Huo laughed . Amused with Yu Lianbos bold words, saying . Wrath of heaven? Dont make me laughter . Yu Lianbo! If yourre a man then dont cower behind this lackeys of yours! fight me! he let out a strong pressure . Yu Lianbo didnt want to be outdone and let out his own overbearing pressure . The two colliding pressure made everyone in the vicinity unable to breath . Only a exceptional few were indifferent to the scene .

Kiel gasped, he knew too well this kind of pressure . A pressure that only a foundation stage genius would emit . He sighed lamenting, It was only the first day of school and their were already strong students appearing one after another . Yu Lianbo, Mu Hao, Lu Gegnxin, Kiel even suspect that the so called brother Min might actually be stronger than all of them here .
Yu Lianbo stood up, his neck and bones making cracking sounds . The earlier appearance he had became earlier were entirely different . He looked more ferocious, while on the other hand, Ma Huo became serious . Kiel could tell that Yu Lianbo never took them serious . His sense alerting him from danger . He could feel like the two were no humans, but real ferocious beasts . waiting to slaughter each other for the title of the king .
But too bad . A voice sounded . Stop! with the power of the voice alone, it completely dispersed the pressuring auras emitted by the two . A huge built man in his early thirties appeared . His hair, golden with a hint of red . Giving him the presence that he was some ferocious lion king . His serious and deep eyes were making every student shake in fear as he glanced at them . It was so silent that only the rhythm of his steady footsteps rang out . Kiel could feel no pressure coming out from his body, giving him the impression of a non cultivator would give . But Kiel knew otherwise . He could hear his strong breath with his heightened senses, Kiel could tell that he was stronger than a foundation stage expert .
The only one who was calm was the one Yu Lianbo called brother Min . He was indifferent to all of this, like he was in his own world . Only the food in front of him was able to get his attention .
You wretches actually dared to cause trouble within the campus! Dont you brats, have me in your eyes!? Yu Lianbo! Mu Hao, you two have some serious guts eh? . He shouted . Like a roaring lion, deeply angered by a trespasser in his territory .
Yu Lianbo body became stiff and hurriedly bowed and said . Teacher Jun, We-
Teacher Jun eyes became wide as he glared . he said . Shut up! I already know what is happening . Yu Lianbo, You go back! Ill deal with you later .
Yu Lianbo released a breath of relief . He knew Teacher Jun was partial to them, they will either get scolded or punished to run in grounds for a couple of laps, It was better and lighter punishment compared to the punishments given by the disciplinary committee . He glanced at Mu Hao, his face carrying a sneer with a hint of provocation before quickly making his way out from the dinner hall .
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He pointed at Mu Hao and the rest, saying . You all, come with me . The disciplinary committee will decided your punishment .
Mu Hao face became infuriated . Pointing at the quickly disappearing backs of Yu Lianbo and his lackeys . He said . Teacher Jun, As a teacher shouldnt you be partial and just? Why do we have to be punished alone, while Yu Lianbo and his lackeys will be able to avoid it?
Teacher jun looked back, His angry face resembles that of an angry lion, he said . Who told you to question my decisions? If I say you that you will be punished by the disciplinary committee then you will do so . Whore you to tell me otherwise?
His overbearing aura slowing seeping out, making Kiel and rest unable to breath properly, Kiel felt like he was being eyed on by a ferocious demon beast . His Qi becoming erratic, making him unable to resist even the tiniest bit .
Mu Hao, even thought his body was constantly shaking from the pressure, his eyes were firm, never wavering . He gritted his teeth and said . Teacher Jun, Just because were from the lower classes doesnt mean you can do this to us!
Teacher Jun who was already whos face were already dark became even more angry . He who had been teaching here for more than a decade was actually question by someone who looks down on . Hes always been satisfied of his reputation, A terrifying teacher who was fearless and stern . He cracked his knuckles, making popping sounds . He said . Look like Zhou Cang didnt teach you well, Fine then, Ill teach you proper manners in his stead .
Teacher Jun, arent you a bit too overbearing? Whether how I how teach my students will be up to me . A vigorous voice sounded out along with a pressure in equal measure spread out, neutralizing Teacher Juns terrorizing aura . Zhou Cang along with Jin Feng, appeared entering with steady steps, His face was stern as ever . He looked at Kiel and his group, He beckoning them with his head . He said . Come behind me,
With me here, Teacher Jun, you could only dream of getting them to the disciplinary committee . Only I can decided how to punish my students . Along with it was the increase in his pressure, making the already tense atmosphere further deteriorate .
Jin Fen seeing the situation become heavy, he step in and said . You two should stop . Anymore disturbances and the committee would definitely get a wisp of this .
Two were clearly heard Jin Feng, and hesitation started appearing in their eyes . It was true that it would be stupid to continue this since if the committee know this, Especially Teacher Jun, he knew that once the committee know this then his act of saving Yu Lianbo would all be for naught . Still he was indignant that he couldnt do something to deal with Zhou Cang . Who had long been an thorn in his heart . Ever since he came, the usually docile lower class students started fear him less and less . He was a traditional man who absolutely values hierarchy and social standing .
Jin Feng seeing the twos unwillingness . Hurried came up with a plan to propose . He knew the rivalry between this two teachers and said . How about this . Lets settle whos the better teacher here . Since the Heroes Ascension is nearing, just three months away right now . Well settle it there, your students would determine the winner . The teacher who has more students that achieve high ranks during the tournament would win .
Hearing this both teacher Jun and teacher Zhou both looked at each other, in each eyes blazing with fighting intent . Teacher Jun responded . Teacher Jin is right . Zhou Cang, let settle this and let the tournament decided the better man .

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