A Dragon among the Stars - Chapter 37

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Yu Lianbo laughed, spreading out his hands, his smile getting wider and proud every second . He said See everyone agrees .
This brother Min glanced at Yu Lianbo, silent, his face was expressionless . Most of his focus was given to the food he was eating . Every one could only hear the slurping sound he makes when eating his noodles . He then said . Fine! Do what you want, just do it quickly and dont disturbed me .
Yu Lianbo smiled brightly . seeing his brother Mins approval, he clapped and slowly walked towards Fan Luyong . He was a head taller than him, completely overshadowing him . He looked down, his eyes giving off a predatory glint . Do you know that theres a tradition here? A tradition that happens everytime during the start of the school year . A tradition every freshman will have to go through .
He cracked his knuckles, the lazy grin was in his face was replaced by a wild grin . Fan Luyongs heart became erratic, his nervousness becoming worse as the clock ticks . He stammered . W-what t-tra-tradition?
In a flash before Fan Luyong could react, a fist connected to his stomach . pushing him up briefly in the air . He clutched his stomach, his legs became weak, stumbling to the ground . He coughed out blood, He couldnt help but groan from the intense and sudden pain, letting out curses .
Yu Lianbo yanked his hair . His ferocity becoming more simulated by Fan Luyongs curses . His wild smile becoming wide . he clicked his tongue, saying . You cant curse . This is a tradition that has been carried out long before youve ever known . Show some respect .
Kiel and the rest stood up . Even Gan Fa who was busy eating, put down his food, their faces painted with anger . They were indignant since they never offended this Yu Lianbo in their whole lives, so what reasons does he have to suddenly punch Fan Luyong in the gut, and even going as far as saying that it was a tradition to justify his actions . Yu Lianbo seeing this, only jeered . He didnt care a thing about these peoples complaints . He said . What? you angry? He laughed out loud before saying . Dont worry your turn will come next .
Han Ge and the other lackeys approached, Their faces having the same mocking look as Yu Lianbo . Their intent was clear, they were ready to fight the moment Kiel and the other tries to retaliate .
Wang Ke felt intense anger, his hot blood rushing to his head, he shouted . Fuck it! What sons of heaven bullshit! I dont care who you are! He picked up a bowl of noodles and with all his strength, he threw it . The bowl drew an arc in the air and landed neatly on Yu Lainbos head, splashing hot water and noodles . The noodle strings hanging out in air like hair, looking like he was wearing some sort of goofy wig .
Fattys eyes were wide . He lifted his hand in front of him, the way he look right now was like someone who was left by his lover for another man . He screamed . Not my food!

Yu Lianbos body became stiff . His heart, drowning in shock . He let his guard down since he thought that they were too scared to fight back . He never imagined that a freshman would actually threw food at his face . Never in his life that someone had the audacity to humiliate him in front of many people . And they were even done by people who he look down on . If were talking about humiliating someone then shouldnt he be the one doing it?
the atmosphere became awkward and somewhat comical . Faces of shock were in the bystanders, although most of them were on the brink of of laughing out loud, they held it in . In case Yu Lianbo became crazy mad and transfer his anger on them . Then they would have no one to blame but themselves .
A lot of them couldnt help but admire Wang Kes guts . A freshman was actually brave enough to offend a son of heaven, he even threw a bowl of hot noodles, greatly embarrassing Yu Lianbo . Kiel awed face says it all . This guy actually let anger cloud his head . He thought .
Wang Ke realized what he had done . He gritted his teeth . the deed has been done, theres nothing to do but stick with it . He used the opportunity, he dashed and kicked Yu Lianbos face while he was still in a daze from the outcome of the event . He was off guard, the kick was strong enough to send him sliding to the floor .
Everyone jaws further dropped . This guy was truly audacious! Even Kiel and rest couldnt help but lift their thumbs up in praise for his heroic deeds .
Yu Lianbos body was shaking from anger as he stood up . His lazy smile, gone and now replaced by a nasty look . He pointed and hysterically shouted . Get him! Beat him up! I want him to become a cripple!
Han Ge and the other woke up from their shocks . Their hands clutching into a fist . They scattered in a circle and surrounded the group . Each making a stance, ready to strike . To them, this was a chance to further curry up and show their prowess to a son of heaven . They were hoping to show their loyalty in hopes of being offered to join the faction, Heavens Pride, giving them glory and status . their faces become ferocious and leaped at Wang Ke .
Wang Ke pulled Fan Luyong from the ground . He looked around, his heart wavering . seeing the dozens of Yu Lianbos lackeys looking at him like he was some weak prey whos fate is to be slaughtered . He steeled his heart, shouting . Fuck it! I may be beaten up but Im not going down alone! You fuckers come if you dare!
Seeing Wang Ke in danger . Kiel and the other prepared their wits . This was a battle they cannot avoid . Yu Lianbos anger made him impatient, he shouted . What are you waiting for!? I want them crippled and crawling right now!
The lackeys shouted and charged, clashing with the group . Tables and chairs were thrown and smashed . The nearby students who were eating in peace had no choice but to distance themselves from the brawl . They had no intentions in interfering, they didnt want to offend Yu Lianbo and the Heavens Pride behind him for a freshman they didnt knew .
Kiel threw out a punches, sending out people flying . Seeing Kiels fearsome display of strength . the rest were awed . They became influenced with his fighting, and started fighting more intensely . Kiel looked at the others . As expected of the students from the combat classes, they were strong and had decent fighting capabilities . Fan Luyong and the rest were able to cope with two or more students . . Fang Tao was the only one who got it worse . His fighting capabilities were too weak . His face and arm littered with bruises .
Kiel with his flurry of punches and kicks took down most of the lackeys . Even though they were only using their body strength, since the usage of Qi during unofficial fights inside the campus are prohibited, it was enough to render those lackeys into a reverie of pain . Black eyes, bruises, and even broken bones was their outcome . After all, most of these lackeys only had the cultivation of a 10th stage to 12th stage of the body refinement realm, given Kiels strong inhuman body, he could somewhat cope with their attacks . The others realized this and knew that they could only hope of taking him down with their sheer number .
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Kiel employed numerous boxing, kicking and even grabbing techniques . Even though his execution and his proficiency is farcry from a professional fighter . Nevertheless they were more than enough to cope with his current enemies . Fang Tao and the rest were awed by the numbers of techniques he used . Fang Tao even praised by saying . I didnt know you were so strong when it comes to fighting .
Kiel punched, sending a guy stumbling a few steps back . He replied . You would be the same if you had two brothers who are not only battle maniacs but are also insanely strong .
For a while, they could cope but soon, the problem showed itself . There were too many of these lackeys . They didnt have unlimited supply of stamina . Wang Ke and the rest started getting exhausted, their retaliation becoming weaker and weaker . Kiel even with his strong body failed to keep up with his enemies . His two fist were no match for the dozens of fist flying towards his body .
A punch gave him a black eye and blood started flowing down from his nose . His body was hurting all over . He saw another punch hurling toward his face, a punch he knew that would render him out cold . He didnt have the energy to block anymore . He closed his eyes, unwilling to accept the outcome . But the pain he expected was nowhere to be felt .
He slowly opened his eyes and saw the fist was blocked by someone . He heard a strong and steady voice . Do you think you own this dining hall to do whatever you want?
It was youth wearing blue uniform . With bright eyes and a chiseled chin . He had a serious and mature disposition . No matter how hard the lackey yanked his fist from his clutches, it was all in vain . His hands were like an iron clamp, refusing to let go . He casually waved his hands, sending the guy flying and smashing into a table .
Even the person who Yu Lianbo called brother Min stopped burying his face with food and deeply looked at this newcomer . Yu Lianbo who was sitting, wiping his face with a towel became more annoyed . Squinting his ferocious eyes . He said . What does this have to do with you Ma Huo? Scram the hell out of these halls!
He ignored and looked at Kiel saying . thats some fighting spirit you got there kid! whats your name?

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