A Different World Romance That Begins With a Reincarnation! ~The Excluded Summoned Wanders the World in Search of Their Reincarnated Childhood Friend~ - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 - Strong Enemy

Translator: TheDoru

「Everyone! Crunch down from the demons!」

Ryou shouted loudly so that everyone present could hear.

When the knights realized that the owner of the voice was one of the heroes, they immediately took a step back from the demon and crouched down.

Ryou kneels down to protect Patille and raises his left hand, which is clenched into a fist.

He opens his fist.

One breath.

A big swing down.

The next moment.

With a rowr that cuts through the wind, water magic arrows and ice spears fly, piercing the demons one after another.

Erika’s archery, caused a shower.

Faint magic, Ice spears.

Then Naoto’s Thunder Spear flashed, followed a moment later by an ear-splitting roar.

A series of stagnant attacks wiped out the swarm of bears and that overturned the situation.

「Ryou, behind you!」

Patille shouts as she sees the two surviving Brute Bears closing in on Ryou from behind.

His sword was still stuck in the brute bear he had just defeated, and he had no weapon.

Nonetheless, he smiled and held up his index finger.


「Haaaaaaaaa! Flying Dragon Flash!」

Yuki’s flying kick shattered the head of one of the brute bears.

Ryou then holds up his middle finger.


「Take this! Whirlwind Slash!」

Naoto cuts the remaining brute bear in two with a sword.

Ryou slowly stood up and pulled out his sword.

「Aomi, you run too fast!」

Yuki put her hands on her hips and looked into Ryou’s face as she tilted her head. 1

「I’m having a hard time keeping up with you.」

Naoto shook his head lightly and shrugged his shoulders.

「I’m not really fit.」

「But you made it just in time.」

Honoka and Erika are out of breath as they catch up.



Patille whispered with relief, and the knights shouted with renewed fighting spirit.

「All that’s left it that big guy…」

Naoto points his sword straight at the Polypod Mantis.

「Ugh, gross.」

Frowning, Yuki pulled out the two sticks equipped on her back and connected them in front of her. She rotates them and shoots them upward, then connects two more sticks to her left hand as well. Finally, she caught the falling one with her right hand and onnected it with the one of her left hand to complete a 2m40cm club.

「Tip of the freezing spiritual spear, pierce the immovable enemy…. Let’s go, Ice Lancer!」

On the signal of Honoka’s magic, Naoto from the front, Yuki from the right side, and Ryou from the left side started to run towards Polypod Mantis.

「Here I go, Twin Fangs!」

Erika’s wind arrows split into two in midair, accelerating towards the Polypod Mantis.

The Polypod Mantis doesn’t dodge, but instead takes it in its body.

The ice spears and wind arrows were blocked by the hard skin and they shattered.

「Not even a scratch, how about this then?! Lightning strike!!」

As Naoto swung his sword, a shockwwave of lighting surged forward, gouging the earth and catching the Polypod Mantis.

But both the lightning and the shockwaves glided across the surface of its body.

「Oh, it’s not just hard.」

Two paws attacked Naoto as he stopped.

「Hinata-san! Don’t take it too seriously.」

Ryou shouted, and Naoto quickly fought it off with his sword.

It’s not too fast to deal with.

However, the attacks with the sickle-shaped paws continued incessantly, and he could barely dodge or avoid them.

「I can’t get close enough.」

While Yuki lamented, she skillfully manipulated the club to fend off the attack.

「Step back, please!」

Erika readies her bow.

「Shock breaker!」

The arrow landed at the feet of the Polypod Mantis and exploded in a cloud of dust.

Of course, it didn’t miss.

「The blade of a merciless spearman, leave your marks and roar to the ends of the earth….. Metal Lancer!」

At the same time as Honoka finished her chanting, Polypod Mantis emerged from the cloud of dust.

There is only one target.

The steel-bladed spear flies right into the mouth of the Polypod Mantis.

A blow aimed at the inside of the mouth, which should be the softest part of the body.

However, the magic spear that Erika sent by surprise was caught by the demon in the jaws moving from side to side and dissipated it.


It was a medium-ranked metal lancer of the ore family, a higher rank of the earth magic rock family, with the greatest penetrating power of any currently available to Honoka.

Honoka was stunned to see how easily it was stopped.

Two paws close in on the defenseless Honoka.


When Honoka came back to her senses at Erika’s voice, she saw the Polypod Mantis’s paws approaching her.

At that moment, a light red, transparent dome-shaped wall covered Honoka.

One of Honoka’s unique skill.

A barrier that nullifies all attacks for a certain period of time.

However, Honoka’s face twisted in pain.

「Eh? That’s a lie…..」

The barrier, which was supposed to be flawless, began to collapse after only a few attacks.


Naoto noticed the situation and shouted. However, it was far too late.


Finally, the barrier disappeared completely.

As Honoka crouched face down, the Polypod Mantis swung down with a merciless blow.

Just when it looked like the sickle-shaped paw was going to catch Honoka,

Ryou jumps out with the speed of a bullet.

Ryou didn’t hesitate to go straight for it and hit his paws hard with his whole body.

The paws change their trajectory and gouge the ground beside Honoka.

Erika gulped at what had just happened in front of her.

「Hazuki-san, Hozumi-san, get back!!」

Ryou immediately stood up and held his sword, but he couldn’t find his footing due to the impact of the collision.

Then, another leg, which had shifted its target to Ryou, attacked with a sidewise cleave.

He couldn’t duck.

Ryou catches it with his sword, but he can’t fend it off and is blown away.


He was slammed straight into the ground and rolled over two or three times.


He tried to stand up immediately, but a sharp pain in his chest stopped him from moving.

Although he was able to avoid being cut in two, it seems that several of his ribs were broken. But there was no time to slow down. Ryou shook off the pain and raised his body.

As he looked up, he saw a further attack.

「This is bad, my sword!」

The sword he had let go of when he was blown away was lying about a meter away.


He heard Patille shout.

Ryou turns his face away and closes his eyes. At the same time, there was a violent impact.


Somehow, Polypod Mantis’ attack deflected off Ryou and shattered the Ryou’s sword as it rolled away.

Polypod Mantis turned to Naoto and the others as if he was no longer interested. It no longer attacked Ryou.

「…It deviated?」

Ryou looks back and thinks about the sequence of events that have just occurred.

「Did I get lucky? …..No….」

It had attacked with precise aim until now, and it was inconceivable that it would miss against someone who could not move. It’s impossible for them to intentionally deflect an attack.

「Wait…. then…」

Something’s bugging him.

「Ryou! Are you okay?」

Patille rushed over, crouched down beside Ryou and gently put her hands around him.

「I’ll have you healed up in no time.」

Patille put her right hand on Ryou’s chest.

The moment he saw this, an idea struck him.

「Patty! Wait.」

Ryou squeezed Patille’s right hand.


Patille furrowed her brow in confusion.

「Don’t worry, I can tolerate the pain.」

Ryou let go of Patille’s hand and slowly stood up.

「Patty, there’s something I want you to do…..」

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