A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Wishful Thinking

Translator: Wang Yiming

Proofread by Peter Gong

A month ago, Su was really clever for she made Cheng Yi abandon reluctantly the equity overnight and successfully took over CEO, though she was under the control of Cheng Yi .

The mysterious man also secretly paves much of the way for her and Su’s performance has been booming . This is the first time it happened .

Qin Yue quickly deploys a contingency plan and arranges meals for Su Ni and the head of the government department at night to make a good relationship .

"Su, I’ll come with you tonight . All the people there are acquaintances . Don't worry . " Qin Yue says carefully .

Su Ni nods . She believes Qin Yue for he is arranged by the man and his ability is extremely outstanding, which makes Su Ni relaxed a lot .

The dining place is in a five-star hotel . Su Ni and Qin Yue don’t wait long, and then the other party comes .

Because of Qin Yue, the negotiation goes smoothly . But it is implied that the business about the land is reported by a man who has great power and no one can afford to offend him .

If the project is to be successfully completed, one must investigate it clearly .

Of course, Qin Yue draws a lot of useful information from the other party, and Su Ni also understands some of the meaning .

It is said that there is only one big company that no one can afford to offend in Nancheng

Su Ni lowers her eyebrows and she can’t hide some loss from the bottom of her eyes .

Gu Zechen .

Will he do something?

If Mr . Gu has been keeping a close eye on this project, there is really no way for Su to continue the project .

No one dares to ignore Mr . Gu’s existence in Nancheng .

"Su, how about talking with Mr . Gu?" Qin Yue suggests .

Su Ni nods . While she certainly must talk with Gu Zechen first, she does not want to be close to him any more now .

However, she has to do that .

She is out of the box, and it is not far from the elevator . She has not come near yet before a familiar figure suddenly slams into her eyes .

Gu Zechen, with a black shirt, is elegant and noble, who looks beautiful and handsome . The woman in his arms looks delicate . They are very close .

Su Ni subconsciously pauses, and her eyes are gradually getting cold .

Gu Zechen also sees her . The man raises his narrow eyebrows . His thin lips are close to the woman in the arms, as if to kiss her .

"Mr . Gu, you are bad . " The woman's watery eyes stare at him, shyly .

Gu Zechen smiles sultrily, holding the woman's chin . But there is disgust floating from the bottom of his eyes gradually .

He pats her on the shoulder . "Go upstairs and wait for me . "

"Okay, see you later . "

When the woman leaves, she can’t help kissing Gu Zechen on tiptoe .

Su Ni pretends to turn a blind eye, and while passing Gu Zechen by, she walks quickly .

Suddenly, the man catches her wrist . At once, comes the woman’s perfume .

Su Ni irritably dodges Gu Zechen .

 “Don’t touch me!”

Gu Zechen sneers . Su Ni really dares to talk to him like this!

"You are Mrs . Gu, it is very normal that I can touch you . " Gu Zechen says .

Su Ni stares at him, thinking of his intimate contact with the woman . She feels disgusted .

The strength of her hand becomes heavier, and she opens his hands .

She turns around and runs into the elevator .

Gu Zechen closes his eyes and wants to catch up . Qin Yue, who has been behind Su Ni, stops his movement . "Mr . Gu, please be self-respecting . "

At his words, Gu Zechen kicks him . How dare Qin Yue to teach him? He really doesn’t know how to write the word ‘dead’ .

Qin Yue snorts and screams . But he does not fight with Gu Zechen .

At this time, Su Ni has left the restaurant .

She is just into the car when An Rong calls, telling her to come back early in the evening .

Su Ni is upset . If she returns to Gu’s house, will she face Gu Zechen tonight?

Nevertheless, thinking of the picture just now, she is afraid that Gu Zechen will spend the time with that woman .

Seeing that Su Ni comes back alone, An Rong asks . "What about Zechen? Aren’t you together?"

"He may be still in the company . " Su Ni smiles faintly .

An Rong frowns . After Su Ni goes up, she calls Gu Zechen .

"Come back before 12 o'clock . "

Su Ni takes a bath and comes out of the room, which is their wedding room . However, she has almost nothing in here, and Gu Zechen seldom comes back . It is like a desert .

Lying on the sofa, she closes her eyes with a thin cover . After a busy day, she is exhausted .

Suddenly, the footstep comes and the door is opened . Gu Zechen walks in with anger .

Su Ni opens her eyes, and the man’s cold face is printed .

She subconsciously shrinks .

Gu Zechen sneers, rushes to Su Ni in a few steps and opens her quilt fiercely .

The air comes in from all directions, and she immediately sneezes .

Gu Zechen is more disgusted . He catches Su Ni’s wrists and put them on her head . His handsome face draws near .

"Su Ni, who allows you to sleep in my room?"

Su Ni feels uncomfortable because the perfume surrounding Gu Zechen’s body is not hers .

Suddenly, the resisting emotion is floating from her eyes .

However, it is still tolerated by her . She says softly .

"You are my husband and I am your wife . Can’t we sleep together?"

"That's your wishful thinking . I won’t let you sleep here, unless you satisfy me . " Gu Zechen’s eye become gloomy and cold .

Su Ni shivers suddenly . Her hands force against the man's chest . “No . . . ”

But she can’t refuse him .

"Don't pretend . Don't you like it best when I touch you? Huh? What position do you want?"

Su Ni tightly closes eyes . She really wants to kick Gu Zechen, who just touched the other woman and even wants to touch her now!

She can’t help shouting . “Get your dirty hands off me!”

At her words, Gu Zechen squints . What is she talking about?

He catches Su Ni's wrist, as if to break by pinching and says coldly . "What?"

"I say if you touch another woman, don't touch me!" Su Ni is resistant .

She feels sick when she thinks of the picture of Gu Zechen and the woman just now .

However, Gu Zechen can’t allow her to refuse him!

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