A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 54

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Ruan has something to imply in his words, and Su Ni is extremely unhappy when she hears his words . She just looks at his sincere face and pretends to be innocent . Su Ni is unwilling to discuss this issue any more . After raising her glass slightly, she is about to turn around and leave . Before she goes out, she sees a long black figure steps into the lounge . "Husband . " Su Ni is shocked, but she also quickly stabilizes her thoughts, quickly squeezes out a smile and rushes to him . Gu Zechen looks down at the arm she is holding and sees Su Ni's smile again . He says: "I don’t disturb you . " "No interruptions . " Ruan Yichen takes the lead in opening his mouth, then lifts his step and passes them by, laughing with a deep meaning, "I won't disturb you, take the first step . " Gu's eyebrows and eyes are cold, and he stares at Ruan coldly until the latter leaves . Gu shuts the door of the lounge with a bang . "What do you do?" Su Ni is startled and releases Gu Zechen's arm in an instant . "What am I doing? Su Ni, are you sure you want to ask me what I'm doing? " Gu Zechen, who has been forbearing for a long time, suddenly approaches Su Ni step by step . His eyes are like an eagle’s, staring at Su Ni directly, without giving anyone any chance to dodge .

Su Ni retreats to the corner of the wall and a trace of fear flashes across her eyes . Until Gu Zechen punches the wall beside her face and forms a half encircling posture, Su Ni feels a little relieved . "Today is the celebration . " Su Ni kindly reminds him . "Oh? Is it to celebrate that your relationship with Ruan Yichen has gone a step further, or that I haven't come to disturb you today? " Gu Zechen is full of jealousy . "Don't do that . " Su Ni feels humiliated for a while . She tries to push Gu Zechen away, but finds that he is like a rock, motionless . Su Ni gives up . "All right . " Su Ni helplessly looks at Gu Zechen, "you see, just now we didn't do anything, and the doors are open, and nothing happened between us . " "Su Ni!" Gu Zechen breathes quickly, holding her right arm tightly, and the anger in his eyes is completely ignited, "do you forget about the agreement you signed? Uh huh! Seeing that Su Ni doesn't speak, Gu Zechen accentuates his tone, "then I'll help you remember that you are not allowed to live in a room alone with a man, and you are not allowed to have any physical contact with any man, especially Ruan Yichen . Su Ni, have you forgotten that?"

Su Ni's mouth suddenly opens wide . It takes a long time for her to show a look of disbelief and fear, "Gu Zechen, you follow me . ” "Need tracking?" Gu Zechen opens his mouth and smiles coldly, "if you want one one to know it, you had better not do it yourself . Su Ni, do you think you can escape from my control?“ Gu Zechen suddenly shakes off Su Ni's hand . The latter loses his support and leans weakly against the wall . "Gu Zechen, between Ruan and me nothing has really happened, and you reminded me last time, how can I . . . “ Su Ni chokes, struggling to make a voice from her throat . But Gu Zechen's eyes are cold . "I know that it's not right for me to live in one room with you . I've violated our previous agreement, but I think it's Su's celebration banquet . I think no one will be so bored to write anything sensational . " "Do you think I need to take this risk? Still, Su Ni, you can't live without a man? If you can't find love with me, go to another man . “ Gu Zechen's long thighs squatting, and his index finger supporting her chin, he looks at her tearful eyes, very upset .

"Su Ni, don't forget what you promise me . I don't think there is anything important at the celebration banquet that you two need to talk alone . This is the first and last time, otherwise I will make you pay!“ Gu Zechen finishes his words, and leaves . Su Ni's body trembles for a moment, but she jumps forward subconsciously and hugs Gu Zechen's calf . "I'm sorry . " Su Ni shakes her shoulders and whispers . Gu Zechen pulls up his leg hard, but he cannot move . Instead, his trouser leg sweeps her face, and Su Ni closes her eyes subconsciously . "This is the Su company . President Su is kneeling in front of me like this . Don't you want to make people think that I, Gu Zechen, treat you tough?" Gu Zechen's tone is neither light nor heavy . His words are extremely cold . After a pause, he narrows his eyes again . "Or, Su Ni, do you do it for me on purpose?" "No . " Su Ni has lost the ability to explain . It seems that no matter what she says is wrong now . "The Nanjiawan Project is over . Ruan will go to Nanjiawan to supervise the work . I promise you that today's situation will not happen again . And he offends me only because of his carelessness . "

Gu Zechen doesn't speak . Su Ni looks up at him with no dignity in her eyes . "You know, how happy it is for me if you don't divorce, and how can I . . . " "Does Ruan tell you anything else?" Gu Zechen suddenly asks . Su Ni is stunned and shakes her head . "Get up . " Two minutes later, Su Ni takes Gu Zechen's arm and together they come out of the lounge . Soon, someone surrounds Su and Ni, saying the blessing politely, and Gu Zechen doesn't say much, nodding slightly to greet . After that, it is the discussion of business cooperation . The other party seems to see that Gu Zechen is not interested in it, but he also knows it, leaving them alone .

Su Ni can vaguely hear the voices around her, saying how happy she is . Even Gu Zechen will go to Su's celebration banquet in person . Su Ni's grin is numb . If he does not know that she is alone with Ruan Yichen and has a body contact again, Gu Zechen doesn't care to attend such a boring celebration banquet . Su Ni looks at his side face . His jaw line is obvious, his facial features are rigid, his thin lips are tightly pressed, and his whole body seems so overbearing that nobody is allowed to approach him .

She does not know if Gu Zechen is still angry . After he helps herself up in the lounge, he says that she needs to make up for today's behavior . "Honey, I respect you . " Therefore, Su Ni is also full of energy, smiling in front of the crowd, her eyes being full of love . Gu Zechen is playing with the wine glass . He glances at Su Ni and drinks it all at once without saying a word . Su Ni then looks up . The scarlet liquid flows into her teeth . Before she can taste it, she quickly swallows it . Then she smiles at Gu Zechen and says, "thank you for coming here today . " Gu Zechen and Su Ni walk in the crowd, and his voice is low with ridicule and disdain, "today my wife's acting is a bit bad, or that your mind is not on me at all . " Su Ni's smile freezes . She wants to draw back her hand, but as soon as she moves it, her hand is tightly held by Gu Zechen, and her gloomy eyes tighten, giving off a cold air . Su Ni is like being in the ice-house, suffering .

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