A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 53

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"I want to, but Mr . Gu needs to give me this opportunity . " Ruan Yichen's face looks helpless, showing a wry smile . "With Gu's strength, how can we find someone to share a piece of it?" "Then why not take it at one stroke? Mr . Ruan" Su Ni says coldly, "I'm afraid Su Shi is not worth mentioning in Mr . Ruan's eyes . In other words, Ruan always wants to use my Su's platform to achieve his own goal . ” Hearing this, Ruan frowns slightly . Looking at Su Ni's eyes, he is also a little more cautious and serious . He purses his lips and keeps silent for a few seconds . Finally, he says, "Mrs . Keller wants a mainland capital Injection Company . My time back home is too short to meet Mrs . Keller's requirements in a short time . Mr . Su is right . I really mean that . " Su Ni turns around and stops talking . After going through the bidding for the Nanjiawan Project, if she thinks that the original cooperation is her plan, she will be naive . Instead, from the beginning, she is used by the man .

"This is the first step for Su and his family to go abroad . " Ruan Yichen is unwilling to give up, and is pressing step by step . "Su's power is weak . At present, he has no idea of developing internationally . Ruan is afraid that he will be disappointed . " Su Ni has a cold attitude . "All right . "

Ruan concludes the topic in a straightforward way, then goes to Su Ni and raises his glass again . "Today is a celebration banquet for you and me . I don't talk about anything else . Congratulations, Su Ni . " "Thank you . " With the Nanjiawan Project advanced, Su Ni's face looks a little softer . "In the past, I were abrupt and impolite, but it is my personal career habit . I always want to know my partners better . Su will not mind . " Ruan puts it straight . Su Ni shakes her head and looks calm as usual . "The relationship between me and Mr . Gu is said by people to be confusing . Mr . Ruan will naturally have his own ideas after hearing it . " "Yes, I believe it this time . Don't you think most of these people are coming for President Gu?” The door of the lounge is not closed, and the hall is well lit, and the guests are toasting with each other . Compared with Sue company, which has just gone bankrupt, it's really lively here .

Su Ni sips the wine, looking cold eyes and making no sound . "So it is a gamble from the beginning, and I am right . " Ruan says with a smile . "Are you married, Mr . Ruan?" Su Ni suddenly asks, "if it's not convenient for you to answer, it's OK . " "No . " Ruan replies quickly, then keeps a stiff smile on his face, saying: "a long time ago, I fell in love with a girl, but she liked another man, but I didn’t care . It was good to see her smile . Later . . . ” He pauses for a while . Su Ni couldn't help looking at him . "And then she married that man?" "No . " Ruan shakes his head, and his smile becomes bitter . After he drinks all the wine in the cup, he looks at Su Ni again and says: "I think that they will get married as you do, and then they will live on happily . Unfortunately, that man betrayed her and married another woman, and she, because of the accident, never wakes up . "

"Sorry . " Su Ni lowers her voice, but it is a sad story . "Nothing . " Ruan shrugs her shoulders, pretending to smile at her easily . "It's been several years, I've almost forgotten it, but sometimes I feel it lingers in my mind . " "She must be a very good girl . " Su Ni couldn't help but feel relieved . "Indeed . " Ruan nods his head, thinking of the past and his eyes show a shade of tenderness and light, but then his tone becomes cold and his eyes also display a trace of hatred swiftly . "I don't know why he is not satisfied with such a good girl . I'd like to see more about the woman he married, and in what aspects she is better than her!” Su Ni's hands tremble, and sadness flashes across her eyes . She also wonders where she is worse than the girl Gu Zechen loves . "And have you found the answer?" Her breath feels still, and she is afraid to miss any word . Su Ni lowers his head, but he doesn't notice Ruan staring at her, puzzled by the complexity and exploration in her eyes .

After a long while, Su Ni raises her head, and Ruan Yichen also shifts his eyes, purses his lips, and his eyes are lonely and proud . “Not yet . Maybe, she has her good points, too . ” “Or, when the man got married, it was just a family arrangement, it was not what he wanted, and the girl didn’t expect that a marriage would change the fates of three people . " Su Ni's heart gets sour, but it is because of another person's feelings that she becomes talkative . As for some things, Like Ruan, she also wants to explore . Some words, she also wants to say to Gu Zechen personally . But in the end, she can't do anything . Ruan sighs and stops talking . Holding up the glass, he finds that there is no wine in his glass at all . He licks his dry lips, and he couldn't help being thirsty . Su Ni says, "Let me get it . " "I'll go . " Ruan Yichen holds her arm and a warm current flows into her body . Su Ni dodges as if she got an electric shock, regains herself, lowers his voice and says sorry . "Nothing . " Ruan pulls back his hand and smiles faintly . Su Ni picks up her skirt and speeds up her pace . She comes back again with two glasses of champagne in her hands . "You must love Gu Zechen . " Ruan says in a positive tone . Su Ni looks at him in surprise, and then jokingly says, "Ruan didn’t think so at the bidding meeting before . In just a few days, you have changed your mind?" Ruan Yichen shakes his head seriously and does not feel embarrassed . "If you don't love, how can you persist for so many years?" His meaningful words make Su Ni’s heart tremble a bit . She never talks to anyone about it, and how Ruan has come to this conclusion .

Su Ni slowly sips the wine, and her eyes and eyebrows with light make-up are calm as usual . Only the thin lips gently purse up, and she whispers, "Mr . Gu and I are good . " "A life without feelings is nothing but a walking shadow . President Su, do you think so?" Ruan presses forward step by step . Su Ni's heart suddenly panics . She subconsciously steps back two steps . The cold elegance between her eyebrows is gone . She stares at Ruan Yichen coldly, and her tone is already displeased . "Mr . Ruan, you are not me, neither are you Mr . Gu . How do you know that our feelings are not good? Do you always sleep under our bed every night to eavesdrop? “ “Don't get excited . " Ruan Yichen's smile becomes gentle, but he also shows an illusion of insight into the world . Once again, he says: "I'm just talking about it casually . After all, President Gu is used to being cold . When it comes to emotion, it's not suitable for him . "

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