A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: A Missed Date

Translator: Ju Jiakang

Proofread by Peter Gong

"Nothing . " Su Ni gently spits out a word . She doesn't know what is wrong with her . The relationship between Gu Zechen and Guan Ning is not as short as a day, and Gu Zechen never avoids her at all . If she wants to get angry with him, she will do it earlier . Now, the wisest choice is to pretend that she doesn't know anything, neither fighting or making troubles . Gu Zechen looks down at the document again . "Let's go to the cinema in the evening . " Su Ni suddenly suggests . Gu Zechen clenches his fist, and hardly bears her . He bites his teeth and squeezes two words out of his teeth, "go out . " Su Ni is stunned and a little uneasy . But Gu Zechen's eyes are covetous . Obviously, he doesn't give her any chance to make jokes . Su Ni frown slightly . "Then I'll go around and call me when you finish your work . ” When she is about to reach the door, suddenly comes the voice of Gu Zechen from behind, "come back!" Su Ni is surprised to look back and sees that Gu Zechen has picked up his coat and walks towards her whle putting on it .

Su Ni asks in surprise, "don't you have to work overtime?" "It doesn't matter . " His eyes inadvertently glance at the trash can, "Don’t you say to see a movie, what?" Gu Zechen changes too fast, and Su Ni’s reaction is not as fast as his, "do not know, I do not see the film, either . " "Choose any one . " In the elevator, Su Ni takes out her mobile phone and flips through the latest movies . As for the cinema nearby . . . . "Actually, I've never seen a movie in a cinema before . . . " Su Ni hands the mobile phone to Gu Zechen . The latter looks stiff and unnatural . "You can choose one at will . " The problem is that Su Ni doesn't know what Gu Zechen likes to watch at all, and what is suitable for them . After all, it's the first time to watch a movie together, or it's better to be careful . They walk to the door side by side . Su Ni suddenly turns back and asks the receptionist, "do you have any latest movie recently?"

The little girl at the front desk is stunned, and sees Gu Zechen pulling his tie at the door . He seems impatient, so she reacts quickly and asks, "do Madam want to go to the cinema with Mr . Gu?" "Yes . " Su Ni nods . "But we've never been to the cinema before, and we don't know how the latest movie is . Just want to ask . " "This, I know . Now the highest ranking is Transformers . Look, 8 . 9 points . ” The little girl at the front desk quickly scratches her finger across the table and hands it to Su Ni . "Thank you . " Although Su Ni never sees the name, he has heard it countless times . As for the blockbuster, it should not be so boring . "You are stupid . What science fiction do you watch?" Another older receptionist comes over and says somewhat speechlessly, "Gu and Mrs . Gu go to the cinema, and definitely they want to see a love movie, but you do not understand that!”

"Yes . " The little sister who recommends Transformers reacts suddenly . Feeling sorry, she smiles and says, "I'm sorry, Mrs . Gu . " "It's OK . Recommend any one . " Su Ni also feels embarrassed, but she vaguely expects a recommendation . Seeing that Gu Zechen has come here the two receptionists discuss for a long while and finally recommend a love comedy . "What do you do for such a long time?" Gu Zechen's patience has always been insufficient, and his face is also stinking at this time . The two receptionists are already scared to shrink their necks, but Su Ni smiles and says, "nothing, let's go . " Gu Zechen looks at them suspiciously, but he doesn't ask again . He gets in the car and they head straight for the cinema . Su Ni chooses the VIP box . Entering the box, she is shocked to find that it is equipped with a bed . Gu Zechen doesn't care about this, but he reclines on it directly . Su Ni has to get tough and says with a smile, "in fact, the cinema is not so bad . " Speaking, Su Ni leans against the pillow, and the screen is just above her sight, so she enjoys it very much .

The movie name is a bit vulgar . When it starts, Su Ni still worries . He secretly looks at Gu Zechen and sees that he has no special expression, and she feels little relieved . She is only afraid when the movie has just reaches its middle Gu Zechen will feel bored and leave abruptly, which is embarrassing . "I don't know how to do this, but everyone comments it is good, so I decide to take a look . " Su Ni finds an excuse ahead of time, but after a long while Gu Zechen doesn't respond at all . “Well, it is all right if you don’t feel bored . ” Su Ni says in secret . She slowly approaches Gu Zechen for a few minutes, leaning on the same pillow with him, keeping a stiff posture, not daring to move a little . "Will you like some water?" Su Ni breaks the ice . "No . " "What about popcorn? I heard it matches the movie very well . " Su Ni says playfully . In the dim movie light, Gu Zechen's face is blue and red for a while, and she could not see his real mood at all . "Don't you want to see a movie?" he says .

Su Ni smiles and relaxes herself completely . In half an hour Gu Zechen is shocked to find Su Ni's tearful performance, and the plot of the movie has long been forgotten . Su Ni twitches his nose, and more paper towels start to appear around her . Gu Zechen keeps a little distance from her subconsciously, but is dragged near by Su Ni again . Gu Zechen is grabbed by his tie and he almost dies . When he is about to attack, Su Ni begins to wipe his tears again . "It's so miserable . How can he not believe her? It's the evil girl who is fit to play the devil at a glance . " "Let us go!" Gu Zechen pulls his tie and turns black completely . Does the woman's brain get eaten up by the movie? Can she still cry with such a simple plot? Su Ni completely ignores Gu Zechen's expression, still grabs Gu Zechen's arm, then takes out a paper towel to wipe his snot, chuckles and says, "when he knows the result, he will regret painfully . " Gu Zechen closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, opens his legs and collapses on the bed

He feels that the bed here is definitely not so useful, but at the moment, he has no other thoughts . The crying woman is really upset! "But if the film does not go on like this, who else will go to see it?" Gu Zechen can't bear it . Looking at the time he finds most of the film is unfinished . When he touches his forehead, his head is buzzing . "I can't say that . This movie is also the art of life . I dare say there must be such misunderstandings in reality . Unfortunately, some misunderstandings can't be solved in this life . " Su Ni is completely immersed in the movie at this time and cannot extricate himself, and she retorts . Gu Zechen thoroughly understands the woman's lack of brain . At this time, she does not even have the idea of attack . he closes his eyes and forces himself to clear all the thoughts in his mind . He does not care about whatever she likes to do . Out of sight, out of mind . Gu Zechen doesn't know how long it takes before he is pushed by Su Ni . He opens his eyes, looks at the cast list on the screen, feeling relieved, and asks, "it's over?"

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