A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 47

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"Well, your uncle and aunt are both very tender and passionate towards each other . They don't have time to play with you . I think you'd better play with me, your grandma . " An Rong pats Gu Lang on the back and pulls him out of her arms . Gu Zechen's family, since his father's death, has been independent . Over many years, except for the occasional necessary meetings during festivals, An Rong’s family and his family already don’t have much contact . Gu Lang, who grew up in a foreign country and never got involved in the family struggles, keeps a pure heart . Every time he comes back from abroad, he always lives in An Rong’s house for two days . An Rong is glad to stay with him . Now, Gu Lang, who was worried just now, has listened to An Rong's words, has a good talk in the living room and bursts out a laughter from time to time with An Rong .

Upstairs, the servant knocks on the door and brings Su Ni a bowl of tremella soup .

"Madam says that you work hard in this period of time, and your body needs more nutrition . There will be delicious food later in the evening . " Su Ni's heart gets warm . Since her family fell, only An Rong cares about her as usual . Su Ni wants to give Gu Zechen a bowl of tremella soup, and she knocks on the door of his study . "This is what mom specially cooks for us . Do you want to taste it?"

Gu Zechen looks and frowns . "Don’t you know I don't like sweets?"

Su Ni is shocked . She doesn't know that . Gu Zechen understands that clearly . He isn’t harsh . "You go out first . I still have something to do . "

"That's fine . We'll have dinner soon . " Su Ni tells him and the latter has already opened the document and ignores her words .

Su Ni comes out of the study and sees An Rong looking over here . She smiles . "Mom, I gave Zechen something to eat . "

"He didn't eat it . " An Rong says .

Su Ni shakes her head . An Rong pats her on the shoulder and says . "This kid doesn't like sweets since he was a kid . It's OK . "

Su Ni is a little guilty . "Mom, it seems that I really don’t know Zechen enough . I don't know a lot about him . "

"Take your time . " An Rong carefully takes Su Ni to sit down . Her eyes are full of love . "Though you don't say what you have experienced these years, I also know that . I don't blame you . "

"Just in time, I can also tell you what Zechen likes to eat . . . " When An Rong begins to talk, Su Ni listens very carefully . Until the food is ready, An Rong still is still talkative . "Many things can only be understood when you get along with each other slowly in the future . Ze Chen is not bad, but he is just cold . As long as you can enter his heart, you will surely feel his tenderness . " Su Ni never feels that tenderness .

But at this moment, Su Ni nods . "Mom, I know . "

Upstairs, a tall figure has quickly come down . Su Ni and An Rong look at each other, knowingly shifting the topic .

"I heard that you will have a rest tomorrow . Do you have any plan to take my aunt out for a walk?" On the table, Gu Lang asks Gu Zechen with a smile .

Gu Zechen is still eating . "No . " Gu Lang's eyes look a bit of cunning . He knows that today's news is fake . Sure enough! Gu Lang makes a loud noise, and looks at Su Ni sneakily, as if to disclose her lies . He is extremely proud . Su Ni pretends not to see it . She lowers his head and drinks soup .

"I have two tickets for Andrew's global tour, but I can't go with my friends tomorrow . Otherwise, you two can go for me . "

"Mom . . . " Everyone knows that it is an excuse . Gu Zechen says unhappily . Su Ni smiles awkwardly .

An Rong says, “It’s not easy to procure these tickets . So, do you want to annoy me?”

"Otherwise, let's go . It's OK anyway . " Su Ni persuades Gu Zechen .

"Tomorrow morning, the company will have another meeting . " Gu Zechen takes back his hand without trace, looking for the reason with a poker face . At this point, Su Ni doesn't say much . She smiles at An Rong . She knows her meaning, but Gu Zechen doesn't want .   She can’t force him . Everyone in the meal eats unhappily . During the dinner, Gu Lang ignores the oppressive atmosphere and forces himself to tell jokes . But no one hears him . He has to give up .

Upstairs .

Gu Zechen sits at his desk and looks at the materials . Su Ni can’t help but say . “Just now if you promised, mom would be happy . It’s okay for me not to go there . "

"If she kept thinking about keeping us together, she would never be happy and one more time didn’t hurt . ” Gu Zechen says without turning his head . Su Ni bites her lips, sitting on the bed silently . In the middle of the night, Su Ni has a nightmare . The scene that appeared countless times reappears again . Su’s family changes ownership overnight . Her father can’t bear the blow, faints in the company, and the scene is in a mess . By the time she gets to the hospital, her father is dead .

It rains cats and dogs .

As the first daughter of Su family, for the first time she feels helpless, like a person standing on an uninhabited island . At this time, the tide slowly rises, and soon she will be submerged . But for her, there is no way to go back, and she can't stop it . Even she has no courage to question the person who betrayed her . The person deceived her and took the company away, but why did he do this? Her Father never recovers and becomes a vegetable . Doctors say there is little chance of his waking up in this lifetime . Su Ni closes her eyes and lets the tide slowly cover her face, gradually suffocating her .

(Su Ni coughs . ) Su Ni coughs violently and sits up in a moment of fright . She looks around in a daze and finds Gu Zechen staring at her suspiciously . Su Ni touches her face . It is moist, but it is not tear for it doesn’t taste salty . She knows that she has this dream again .

"I'm fine . I had a dream!" Su Ni explains first .

She doesn't seem to sleep for long . Gu Zechen is still reading in front of the desk, and she is lying on the quilt . She doesn’t know when she goes to sleep . Su Ni gets up and takes a shower in the bathroom . The feeling of being drenched all over her body makes her shiver involuntarily . She hasn't had this dream for a long time . Maybe it's a reminder . It's time for her to see her father .

She comes out with a coat and goes to the balcony to be refreshed by the wind . Touching her pocket, she takes out a cigarette and lights it for herself . The night wind is cold, and it gradually makes her calm down . Three years are like a dream . Sometimes she feels it is distant . Sometimes she feels that every detail of this dream is too clear, which brings her endless pain . Su Ni rubs her heart position, which seems to have been pulled with a burst of pain .

She takes a puff, but the smoke is strong . She then snuffs it out, and turns back to the room . But suddenly she finds that Gu Zechen has put down the book, standing behind her .

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