A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 44

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Even Gu Zechen doesn’t realize that there is a faint smile on the corner of his mouth . He holds his head high, closely following the charming figure . It is well-known that smartness and purposefulness have been a synonym for ability in the business struggle . Maybe this is the real side of Su NI . No wonder that she has taken back Su Shi . "That's all my plan, thank you . " Su Ni finishes saying, bows slightly towards the audience, and her vision falls on Gu Zechen accurately . Just now she notices that Gu Zechen's eyes have been targeting her, and the expression of her eyes seems to say she has never seen such a Gu Zechen before, and she feels increasingly tense . Fortunately, it's all over .

Su Ni leaves the stage, to enthusiastic applause from the people present . She sits right beside Gu Zechen, spitting out his tongue at him secretly, and asks, "how did I just behave?" Gu Zechen looks stiff, and a few seconds later, he utters unnaturally: "OK . " "Well, that's good . " Su Ni looks playful, and she is quite different from the person on the stage . "You don't know, I look at you sitting under the stage, but I'm nervous . I'm afraid I'll lose face if I don't speak well . " Gu Zechen stares at Su Ni accidentally . She doesn’t look like a liar, but she just looked confident on the stage, and he has really been impressed by her confidence . "In fact, I thought about this plan for a long time before I made it, but it's not as good as your sitting here, dear . Thank you for coming today . "

As she speaks, she gets up a little, and kisses him . Then she blushes and blinks quickly . Su Ni's movements are not covered up . Many people around her are seeing it and talking about it . Gu Zechen just wants to get angry, but he holds it back again . After that, his body is stiff . Su Ni is allowed to hold his arm and lean her head back . Her eyes suddenly search Ruan Yichen, at this time he is looking over here, meaningfully . Su Ni smiles at him . She doesn't need any explanation . She has a good relationship with Gu Zechen . "Next time . " Gu Zechen squeezes some words from his teeth slowly, "All right . "

The sound of Su Ni is soft like marshmallow . Gu Zechen suddenly feels at ease .

The Nanjiawan project has finally fallen into Su Ni's hands . Without a pause, there comes a warm applause on the spot . Not to mention Gu Zechen, it's Su Ni's own plan and the financial support behind it that  are worth everyone's affirmation . Su Ni walks up to the stage and simply makes a speech . Seeing that Gu Zechen is going to leave, she hurries after him . At the door, a lot of reporters come and surround the two . Su Ni knows that Gu Zechen hates reporters the most, especially when he is with her, and his face is a bit flustered . He even says: "you go through the back door, I will help you deal with it . " Gu Zechen looks at Su Ni as if she were a fool . When the woman is stupid, she is really disgusting . "Let's go . " Su Ni pushes Gu Zechen . Seeing that he is still motionless, Su Ni wants to cry without tears . "Will you doubt again that I've got these reporters?"

"No . " Gu Zechen replies truthfully . "Then go . " Su Ni is in a hurry . For a long time, Gu feels that the reporters he met are more or less related to Su Ni, but today her reaction really goes beyond Gu's expectation . "Reporters, I found them . " Gu Zechen's face suddenly softens, and he pinches her hand . "Your hand is still hurt, don't let people touch it . " Su Ni is still thinking about how to deal with this group of journalists . She feels the heat in her palm and looks up at Gu Zechen . "What do you say?" Su Ni thinks it must be that the scene is too noisy . She can't hear what Gu Zechen is talking about at all . "You don't have to say anything, just stay next to me . "

With that, Gu Zechen already takes her hand, pushing the reporters away, but Su Ni, with a confused face and blank eyes, is pushed and shoved by the reporters and has no power to parry .

Is this the reporter that Gu Zechen has sought? Is he crazy? "Mr . Su, do you have any participation in the Nanjiawan Project?" "Madam Gu, how is your feeling with President Gu now? I heard that you haven't appeared at the same time in nearly a year . Is this appearance related to the Nanjiawan Project?" "Madame Gu, please answer me, how has your relationship with President Gu developed? It's rumored that you are going to divorce . Don't you have anything to say?" One problem after another, even when it comes to the Nanjiawan Project, Gu Zechen is also involved . Su Ni is puzzled, but the divorce rumor still fell into Su Ni's ear, and the atmosphere gets embarrassing .

"Wait . " Su Ni suddenly stops; Gu Zechen frowns at her, but sees Su Ni holding up her head, with a haughty face, "who says we are going to divorce, we are OK . " "Then why don’t you wear a ring?" A reporter discovers . Su Ni panics and covers her hand subconsciously . She doesn’t know how many times she secretly looked for the ring in the car, but she can't find it . And she, naturally  dare not ask Gu Zechen for that, either . At this time, Su Ni is slapped on the face, and his face blushes and her ears redden, too . But, an idea occurs to her . He immediately looks at Gu Zechen for help, and says to Barra with a look of grievance: "honey, you see, that diamond ring is not too big . I think it's ostentatious . Just because I don't wear it, they actually say we are going to divorce . "

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