A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Gu Zechen Stabilizes the Scene

Translator: Ju Jiakang

Proofread by Peter Gong

Seeing that Ruan doesn't reply, the man shows a bit of malice in his eyes, and soon he disappears in the corner . Su Ni's face remains unchanged . He takes a look in the direction of Yin's family and says, "it's not the first time Yin's family has been looking for a lobbyist . " "This is the second time . " Ruan says truthfully . Su Ni smiles and says, "Yin family is very powerful, and the conditions given should be quite attractive . Ruan can always stick to my side, which is really flattering . " Ruan Yichen looks at Su Ni's side face, feeling that now she looks more dignified with her business wear mixed with a mature makeup .

"I am a man of one mind . I will not easily change the people and things I value . " Ruan says . Su Ni also turns his face and smiles at Ruan . "I wonder what's the matter that Ruan is going to decide?" "Of course, it's that we have a firm foothold in China . I remember that President Su and I mentioned this when we first met . " Ruan lowers his eyebrows and eyes, as if there were a magnet, attracting people's eyes . "Oh . "

Su Ni returns to her mind, lowers her head and voice, and says, " Ruan's words remind me of an allegorical saying, ‘Jiang Taigong is fishing’ . I just don't know who Jiang Taigong is and who the fish is . " "President . Su is joking . " Ruan Yichen says seriously, "maybe Mr . Gu said something to you, but there is one thing I can assure President Su that there is nothing else beyond normal business competition . " In this way, it's Gu Zechen who measures the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men . Is he trying to crush Ruan before he rises?

But if it is true, according to Gu Zechen's character, he will not be merciful . This Nanjiawan project is also impossible to fall into Su Ni's hands . The more Ruan explains, the more firmly Su Ni trusts Gu's suspicion . But at this time, Su Ni doesn't reveal her suspicion, "I don't know much about Gu’s business . Just now, I just ask casually . As for normal business competition, it exists even between Su's and Gu's . " "So the enemy of the enemy is a natural friend . " Ruan Yichen does not hide his intention and smiles at Su Ni . Su Ni is surprised . Pretending to divert her eyes, she secretly pinches the palm of her hand, sweating all over .

"Sue doesn't have to be nervous . " Her disguise doesn't work in Ruan's eyes . "I do not intend to provoke the dissension, but I think that Mr . Gu and Mr . Su's feelings are not as loving as they seem to be . There are many rumors in the whole southern city, and I think Mr . Su has heard about it already . " Ruan grows bolder . Su Ni is already calm, "right? Rumor is rumor after all, but will Ruan believe it?" "What a coincidence . " Ruan mutters, "the other day, President Gu said the same words to me . "

Gu Zechen? Su Ni frowns a little, her face looking no longer calm, and there flashes a sharpness across her delicate eyebrows . "Since Mr . Ruan has long suspected the feelings between me and Mr . Gu, why did you choose to cooperate with me at the beginning? After all, leaving aside my identity as Mrs . Gu, I'm afraid that Mr . Ruan would not have paid much attention to me . " Su Ni is scared for a while . The man has seen through her original lies, but still chooses to cooperate with her . His scheming and ambition have far exceeded Su Ni's budget . "As I said earlier, enemies of the enemy are natural friends . " Ruan repeats . "Gu Zechen is my husband, not the enemy, and you will not be my friend . "

Su Ni's eyebrows and eyes are cold, and his body moves quietly to keep a certain distance . "President Su, you are joking . To be fair, you've been married for two or three years, have you really known Gu Zechen? " "I know that it has nothing to do with Ruan . Ruan and I are just working together to win the Nanjiawan project . That's all . " Su Ni frowns and feels sick . It's no wonder that she has been feeling strange after she left the feast of director Zhang . Now, it's not only Gu Zechen’s treating her with the way he has devised against others, but also Ruan Yichen's repeatedly sounding out her relationship with Gu Zechen .

"Su is so serious . "

Ruan Yichen lowers his eyebrows with a shallow smile, which is no different from before, but Su Ni discerns a trace of coolness from that indifferent smile . "I'll go to the bathroom . " Su Ni gets up and makes an excuse to leave . After a few steps, she looks back at Ruan Yichen again . The man has been sitting there with the same posture as before, and the man who has just left quickly comes to her side . He is from the Yin family . Since Ruan Yichen has a firm goal and has chosen the Su family from the beginning, she will not worry about Ruan Yichen's temporary backwater . And he wins the battle . Ruan knows it . When Su Ni returns to the venue again, there comes a lot of commotion . Looking along the crowd, Gu Zechen is indeed found . This man is late, but no matter where he goes, he is the focus of the crowd .

Su Ni tidies up her mood, walks closer quickly . Regardless of the people's strange eyes, she smiles and pulls Gu Zechen's shoulder, saying, "President Gu, I thought you would not come . " "My wife's bidding committee means a lot . " Gu Zechen says, and hugs her waist in the presence of the outsiders as a loving husband . Yin's face becomes serious when she sees Gu Zechen . This is different from the hearsay . Moreover, Gu Zechen's appearance may defeat many people's psychological defense lines, and the government's side is wavering . It seems that the bidding will belong to a certain company because they feel it is already a foregone conclusion . With the arrival of Gu Zechen, the bidding meeting is also bustling . Most people know that the bidding is hopeless . On the one hand, they express congratulations and try to talk with Gu Zechen to see if they could find a new direction for cooperation .

Gu Zechen rarely has a good temper, refusing nobody . In the middle of the crowd, Gu Zechen tightly hugs Su Ni's waist all the time, not being away from her for half a minute . Ruan disappears . Half an hour later, the bidding meeting is held smoothly . When it is Su Ni's turn to give a speech on planning, there is a warm applause on the spot . Su Ni strides with a straight figure and a confident face . She quickly opens the projector and begins to make Su's future planning . With the deepening of the problem, the original restless scene quiets . Gu Zechen sits at the front, looking at the figure in the light on the stage . It's no longer the gentle and amiable look in her arms . She looks more confident and vigorous than men . But it's different from the first feeling . For a moment, he suddenly feels that he can not move his eyes . Leaving aside other things, he feels that Su Ni's plan alone is beyond his imagination . Or maybe Su Ni can really be a good partner .

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