A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Sign the Agreement

Translator: Wang Yiming

Proofread by Peter Gong

Gu Zechen doesn't speak . He just hugs the woman tightly in his arms . Gradually, his breath slowly calms down, like sleeping . Su Ni moves a little, but Gu Zechen suddenly wakes up and locks her waist . Along the way, Su Ni struggles to maintain her posture, and finally they arrive at the hotel . Gu Zechen wakes up on time . After seeing Su Ni, he releases her and gets off by himself . Su Ni rubs her sour arm, which is used as a human pillow for a long time . She is so tired but Gu Zechen doesn’t say any word of thank .

"A lawyer will come later . . . "

"I have told you that I won’t sign the divorce agreement . If you are free this time, you'd better have a good rest . " Before Gu Zechen finishes his words, Su Ni interrupts him . Gu Zechen walks quickly, and he has to stop to look back at Su Ni . Seeing that female is angry, he cannot help wanting to laugh .

He stretch out his hand to Su Ni, who stops vigilantly and stares at him . "What do you want to do?"

What a vigilant tone! It drives away Gu Zechen's good mood in an instant . He walks without expression, and directly holds her into his arms . To her, more words are nonsense!

"I have told you . I won't divorce . " In the elevator, Su Ni repeats . She tries to break off Gu Zechen's hand, but it doesn't work at all . She just thinks of all things during two days and becomes more and more aggrieved . "Gu Zechen, you don't have any woman who you like now . Even if you don't like me, you shouldn't think I occupy your wife's position . "

"What's more, a stable marriage is also very important for a businessman . If you can't deal with your marriage well, how can you deal with the company's major events?"

"Doesn't it hurt?" While Su Ni is muttering wrongly, Gu Zechen suddenly interrupts her . Su Ni stops talking . Gu Zechen does not speak, either . When the elevator arrives, he goes first . After Su Ni closes the door, she finds that Gu Zechen is rummaging through the boxes in the room, and soon comes with a medicine box .

"Actually, I have nothing to do with it . " Su Ni says, backing away .

"I just changed the medicine last night . It's time to change it now . " Gu Zechen is looking for medicine . Seeing that she hasn't come over, he can't help frowning . "What are you doing there?"

Su Ni thinks of last night . She could feel Gu Zechen's concern a moment ago, and he becomes cold and ruthless again in another second, which seems too abnormal for Su Ni to accept . Sometimes, she even feels that as long as Gu Zechen doesn't divorce, his coldness is acceptable for her . Otherwise, he will always give her hope, then breaks it, which forms a vicious cycle .

Gu Zechen squats on the ground, pulling her hand . His action is particularly gentle . Su Ni holds her breath and watches every move of his in silence . He frowns . When the medicine is applied, he carefully presses his lips again . When she looks at him, she feels colder under his eyes .

Such complex and unpredictable expressions can be switched freely by Gu Zechen . Over time, Su Ni is used to it .

"It should be another two days . This is anti-inflammatory medicine . Do not forget to take some usually . "

Gu Zechen wraps the gauze again, and finally ties a butterfly knot, which seems

that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder . Being pulled for a long while, it has to be symmetrical .

Su Ni's soft heart seems to be inspired, and she can not help raising her wrist and looking at it carefully . "I can't imagine that it is pretty good-looking . "

Gu Zechen glances at her . She cannot see the redundant expression from his cold appearance . She packs the medicine box quickly and hears the sound of bell .

Ding! It rings again .

Su Ni's heartbeat quickens . She suddenly stands up . Naturally, she thinks of Gu Zechen's lawyer he mentioned before . She is nervous . Sure enough, he was concerned about her a moment before, and he will talk about divorce the next moment . This man really likes riding on the roller coaster .

"Mr . Gu . " The lawyer comes in and nods to Su Ni . She quickly turns her back and doesn't want to pay attention to them .

"Put it on the table . " Gu Zechen says slightly .

"I won't get divorced . " She says and picks up the documents on the table . But she doesn't read them . She just wants to tear them up . Gu Zechen catches her arm . He smiles . "Are you sure not to see?"

Su Ni is stunned . She looks at the lawyer again . The lawyer pushes his glasses, as if to hide his smile . "Mrs . Gu . It is not a divorce agreement . "

"Isn’t it not a divorce agreement? What is that?" Su Ni clearly remembers that this lawyer comes three times for her divorce . The content of every talk is the same, but this time it changes .

"I suggest that Mrs . Gu take a good look first, and then decide whether to tear it or not . " The lawyer continues . At this time, Gu Zechen also releases Su Ni, and sits down, leaning his body on the sofa . His one leg is placed on the coffee table . Su Ni frowns, looking at them suspiciously, and finally decides to look first .

She sits opposite to Gu Zechen . She has summoned courage, ready to open her eyes, which are closed tightly . After ten seconds, she suddenly opens them . When she sees the four words of the marriage agreement, her eyes widen . The two men on the opposite side also see Su Ni's expression clearly .

The lawyer says . "Mr . Gu, I go out first . "

Gu Zechen waves his hand, and then puts his hands around his chest . He stares at Su Ni's expression with an appreciative attitude . This agreement should be very agreeable to her .

"Really?" Su Ni is excited . "It's really not a divorce agreement . " Then she looks down, and her face changes again and looks quite complicated .

Su Ni can't help but read out . "You can't have too much contact with the opposite sex . You can't stay alone with the opposite sex for more than five minutes . You can't have intimate contacts with the opposite sex, including hugging, kissing, shaking hands, but not limited to the above acts . You can't . . . "

Su Ni doubts so much that she opens her eyes wide, looking at Gu Zechen . What is he doing?

"It's ok if you don't want to divorce . Well, sign it . " Gu Zechen thinks that Su Ni will sign very happily . At this time, he spreads out his hands and looks relaxed .

Su Ni puts the document on the table and falls into gets silence again . "Gu Zechen, I like the first half of the sentence, but the second half . . . I don't think I've done anything sorry to you . This agreement . . . "

 “Since I don't divorce, I have to make sure that there won't be any scandal about me . This includes you, Mrs . Gu . Secondly, it's just a restriction . We can divorce one year later, and this agreement will be invalid . " Gu Zechen frowns and explains impatiently .

Su Ni closes her eyes and takes a deep breath . Is this Gu Zechen's compromise?

She doesn't seem to have any room for resistance . She is ruthless and raises the pen . But the tip of the pen doesn't fall on the paper . Su Ni looks at him and asks . "Is this aimed at Mr . Ruan?"

Gu Zechen is stunned . His hand, which holds his forehead, also loosens slowly . The man returns to the indifference of past days .

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