A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Stay Away From Him

Translator: Wang Yiming

Proofread by Peter Gong

"Dear . . . " Su Ni shrinks, leaning in his arms and crying in a low voice .

"Ruan Yichen is not as simple as you think . Stay away from him in the future . " Gu Zechen suddenly loosens Su Ni, and lets her stand up by herself .  Then he eats steak again on her own . Su Ni’s head is a little dizzy . Gu Zechen’s words muddle her up . She needs some time to understand .

"Do you remember what I said?" Unexpectedly, Gu Zechen turns his head and confirms again .

Su Ni quickly nods . She is not stupid . She absolutely finds that Gu Zechen is hostile to Ruan Yichen, but he is not jealous as Ruan Yichen says . "But you have to tell me what Ruan Yichen is going to do?"

Gu Zechen looks indifferent, and glances her . "You only need to remember what I said . "

Su Ni doesn’t want to ask . Because Gu Zechen doesn’t say and she can’t get any answer . So she changes the topic . "What you said before is to help me get the Nanjiawan project . It is really because of the word from Mr . Fu?"

"Um . " Gu Zechen’s head doesn’t look up . Su Ni notices that Gu Zechen cuts the steak into a small piece like a picture of nine palaces and eats with relish . It seems that he likes steak besides fish . Su Ni remembers silently .

"By the way, I will invest five million dollars into your business . On Friday, you can prepare for it . "

"Ah?" Su Ni is stunned .

"You . . . You are going to take part in the Nanjiawan project . ” No matter how stupid she is, Su Ni also understands .

No matter what method she used before, Gu Zechen just didn't agree . Today, after meeting Ruan Yichen, he not only promises to help her to win the Nanjiawan project, but he will invest her business as well and she will have a say .  If Gu Zechen didn’t his consideration, why would he help her so much? Gu Zechen does not deny it . He raises his eyebrows, showing his disdain .

"All right . " In front of Gu, Su Ni has no right to refute . What's more, to ask Gu Zechen to invest is always Qin Yue's wish . Now it is to make her easy .   A wry smile flashes across Su Ni's mouth . All the problems of Nanjiawan project are solved . It seems that she gets Ruan Yichen's favor .

"What do you need me to do?" Su Ni asks .

"I don't need too many people to know my existence . In name, it is still you who preside over the overall situation . I will show up on some necessary occasions . The only thing is that you have to keep a backup for me of any reported information and any decisions about Ruan Yichen . " After Gu Zechen finishes, Su Ni takes a breath and purses her lips without speaking .

"What's the matter?" Gu Zechen asks her . Su Ni shakes her head, and then nods quickly . She does not expect that Gu Zechen's suspicion of Ruan Yichen has worsened . He is not only to be involved in his project, but also to pay attention to Ruan Yichen's words and deeds . In other words, now she becomes Ruan Yichen's eyes, helping him to monitor Ruan Yichen .

Although that man is far from a close friend, he is her partner after all . She has known his basic personal information . These days, apart from his confident ambition, she can't see any other clues . What is Gu Zechen really worrying about?

"I'll tell you what you should know, and don't ask more about what you shouldn't know . " In a word, Gu Zechen completely dispels Su Ni's doubtful mind .

Su Ni takes a deep breath in and out .  "Mr . Gu has helped me so much . I should be grateful . "

With that, Su Ni gets up, takes the wine divider personally and pours the claret into his goblet . A quarter, just three mouthfuls .

Su Ni looks at him with a smile and is relaxed .  “Toast to you, Mr . Gu . ”

Gu Zechen doesn't refuse . He puts the wine into his mouth without expression . But he doesn't make any comments as he did at the exchange meeting .

Su Ni understands one thing later . That night Gu Zechen went there and helped her having a drink with Director Zhang . She thinks that he not only wanted to protect her, but to help himself as well . Actually, he wants to win the Nanjiawan's project . His ambition was exposed from that day . That is why Su Ni is worried about the next day . But Gu Zechen doesn't need her explanation at all and doubt her at all . Whether she or Ruan Yichen, it's just like a chess piece in Gu Zechen's hand . They fall into their position of the chessboard . From the beginning, Gu Zechen has already schemed for everything .

"Honey, I have to go to the exchange meeting . You can eat slowly here, and we won't go back together . " Su Ni puts down her glass and says softly . Gu Zechen is still sitting in a dignified posture without words . Su Ni thinks he agrees . She takes her bag and goes out .

There is wind blowing over Su Ni's hair, and some haze in his heart is blown away . But it is still foggy . She calls to Qin Yue, telling him that Gu Zechen has promised to invest . She has already done what she was asked to do . So what else should she do next?

After a while, Qin Yue sends a text message .  “Business as usual . ” Su Ni smiles helplessly . This is getting on track . She will do what she should do . Once she finds out the bias, Mr . Chen will show up again .

At the exchange meeting, Ruan Yichen is not present in the morning . On the white lace tabletop, red wine is still where he was before . It seems that Ruan Yichen is not here . Su Ni wants to leave . It's not a good day . Although she can guess that Ruan won't be angry, she is the host after all .

What's more, it's not the first time Gu Zechen has upset them .

Su Ni is upset . As soon as she walks to the door, she sees Gu Zechen's Maybach slowly coming out . Su Ni stops to let Gu Zechen go first . As a result, Gu Zechen must have seen her, for the car is parked not far away from her and does not intend to leave . No way, Su Ni has to go reluctantly and opens the back door . Sure enough, Gu Zechen is leaning on the back of the chair . Su Ni forces a smile . "I think it will take you a little longer before you finish eating . "

Gu Zechen doesn't speak . He just stretches out his hand and takes the woman into his arms . Su Ni pretends to lean on his chest peacefully, and soon smells a smell of wine . She remembers that when she left, she just poured a little wine for Gu Zechen . Does he drink a lot after she left?

"Would you like to have a rest?" Su Ni asks with concern . As a result, Su Ni feels his complicated eyes . She really just wants Gu Zechen to have a rest .  She has no other idea .

But Gu Zechen doesn't give him the chance to regret . He smiles and says . "Sure . Let go back to the hotel . "

"Mr . Gu, leave me by the side of the road later . I suddenly remember that there is something else to deal with over there . " Su Ni makes the last desperate struggle .

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