A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Be at Daggers Drawn

Translator: Ju Jiakang

Proofread by Peter Gong

"That's all . I don't understand young people's business, and I don't want to get involved . " With that, the housekeeper helps Mr . Fu and goes upstairs slowly . As soon as the host leaves, the atmosphere at the dining table is silent again . Su Ni looks at the empty place . For some reason, she feels very bad . "I didn't expect that you could even befriend Mr . Fu . " Gu Zechen has a straight figure, and puts the steak into his mouth .

"Gu can always know celebrities, so can others . " Ruan smiles .  A clean light crosses Gu Zechen’s deep eyes .  "As early as Mr . Fu promised to leave the manor to me, he specifically mentioned you . Today, he introduced you himself . It seems that Ruan's momentum is not small, even I have to worry about him . "

"But . . . " Gu Zechen says with a slight smile: "Mr . Fu also said that he was not involved in the young man's business, for fear that Mr .  Ruan's wishful thinking would be lost . " "Don't worry, Mr . Gu . From the very beginning, I was not interested in the vineyard . Mr . Fu is just an honorable person to me . The elder's support for the younger generation makes Mr . Gu even suspect this?" Ruan grins and doesn't care about Gu Zechen's threat .

Gu Zechen sends out a cold hum from his nose, and no longer responds . It seems that he looks down on Ruan Yichen . When Mr . Fu mentioned earlier that there was a friend's son who was going to return home and asked him to take care of him more, he should think of Ruan Yichen . He just didn't expect that this friend's son was so important to Mr . Fu that he actually introduced him  himself . Mr . Fu's industry in Nancheng is not big enough, but the whole family has been rooted for decades and has developed in the whole country, and Ruan Yichen chose Nancheng, which made him doubt his intention .

"This Nanjiawan project, I'll help you once . It's to pay Mr . Fu a favor, but only once . " Gu Zechen ‘s eyes are deep, pursing his lips and says in a low voice . Su Ni is stunned and silently puts down her knife and fork .  She doesn't feel happy but worried . Ruan accepts Gu Zechen's help calmly and grins, "thank you so much, Mr . Gu . "

"I have a nice bottle of dry red wine, Su Ni . Go and get it . " Gu Zechen laughs . Su Ni doesn't expect that he would mention her .  She says ok subconsciously and gets up . Someone answers her at the door, and soon takes Su Ni to Gu Zechen's destination .  Not knowing why, Su Ni feels her heart suddenly gets uneasy, looking back at the two men sitting opposite .  Ruan issues a hearty laugh, and seems to talk about very happily .

She doesn't think that Gu Zechen will take a bottle of wine to share with them so kindly, or make clear what other people can do, but she has to go there in person . Thinking of these, Su Ni can not help but speed up her pace . Here, Gu Zechen's eyes have already narrowed slightly, and his narrow and long eyes are more sharp . "Ruan has come up with a good idea, but do you think I will give you another chance?" Gu Zechen takes the lead in opening his mouth, with a colder tone than before .

Ruan Yichen smiles again, neither denying nor admitting, and says: "my cooperation with Mrs . Gu naturally has my reason . As for the idea of Mr . Gu, I think Mr . Gu has misunderstood it . "  "Whether misunderstanding or not, I don't care . Ruan Yichen, I warn you that there are some things you can't do, and some people you can't touch . " "Mr . Gu mean the person I can't touch is Mrs . Gu?" Ruan focuses on the second half of the sentence, directly exposing his implied message .

Seeing that he doesn't answer, he smiles a little, then looks at Su Ni's back coming towards this side, and says lightly: "I've come here, and I've heard a lot of rumors, and Gu can help me out . " "I heard that this Su Ni is just a nominal lady Gu . In recent years, the general manager Gu didn't care about her . She doesn't have a wedding, doesn't live together with him, and doesn't even show up on necessary occasions . I heard that . . . " "Since it's a rumor, why should Ruan confirm it to me?" Gu Zechen insidiously interrupts Ruan Yichen's words .

Ruan Yichen is stunned, then smiles, nods, slightly raises his voice, and says: "also, I was so thoughtful that Gu Zong last night, regardless of exposing identity, rushed in to help your wife drink, from which I also knew the rumor was fake . " Gu Zechen's face is still cold, and he says without expression: "don't forget, whatever the relationship between Su Ni and me is,she's always my wife in the name . " Ruan Yichen's doubt has no influence on him . As for Su Ni, whether she can continue to work under his name is not in Gu Zechen's consideration .

Ruan Yichen nods earnestly . Gu Zechen's mind is heavy . He only found that he had finished drinking the water cup . At this time, his throat is dry and it is more difficult to be cool . "Stay away from Su Ni in the future . This woman's mind is simple and her ability is average, so she will treat you as a friend, but her man's eyes are not blind . " Gu Zechen's words directly warned Ruan . "I always have a cooperative relationship with Su . I know her ability . I don't need to explain it to Mr . Gu . No matter whether Mr . Gu believes it or not, I really regard her as a friend to me . "

"No need . " Gu Zechen rebuffs, with his sharp eyes, "keeping a distance from a married woman is a person's accomplishment . Moreover, she doesn't need any heterosexual friends . " "So I understand . Mr . Gu really loves his wife . " Ruan Yichen's smile is complicated and sarcastic . "It's not much better than me, isn't it?" PATA , Gu Zechen puts down chopsticks, his straight body exuding a burst of chill .

Just at this time, Su Ni comes in with a bottle of red wine .  She is going to open her mouth .  She closes her mouth and quietly puts the dry red on the table . "I have something else to do, so I won't bother you . " Ruan Yichen only eats a little of the steak in front of the him .  At this time he stands up happily, saying he is leaving . Su Ni is surprised . "No matter how busy you are, you have to eat . " And in her memory, Ruan Yichen has just arrived in China, and the project of Nanjiawan has not been settled yet . What's Ruan Yichen busy with? It must be Gu Zechen who has let Ruan go away .

Ruan smiles at Su Ni , and doesn't care that Gu Zechen is staring at him . He says to Su Ni, "I'd like to stay, but Gu's jealousy is too great . I'm afraid that even the steak will get sour, so it's better for me to leave early . " Gu? Jealousy? Su Ni's cheeks are slightly red . It's estimated that Ruan Yichen is the only one in Nancheng who thinks so .

However, seeing that he has already reached the door, Su Ni feels it is inconvenient to keep him, so she wants to sit down . As a result, Gu Zechen drags her into his arms . Su Ni takes a look upstairs in a flustered way, and looks flustered . "It's in outside . " Gu Zechen doesn't care . His deep eyes just stare at Su Ni . As time goes by, his eyes become colder and colder with a cold and fierce look

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