A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Take Her away

Translator: Ju Jiakang

Proofread by Peter Gong

"This exchange meeting has been settled for a long time .  We just decided on the Nanjiawan project yesterday .  Everyone is very happy . . . " "Well, you've settled the project so soon . Congratulations . " Gu Zechen sneers, as if he read Su Ni's mind clearly, and his eyes are becoming increasingly disdainful, "What, I accompany you this time .  Do you and director Zhang naively think that I will help you to settle the Nanjiawan project?"

Su Ni is embarrassed . To be honest, that's what she has really thought about . But Gu Zechen is in a bad mood at this time . She thinks for a long time and reluctantly says: "husband, don't be angry, in fact what we are really celebrating today is the last payment of funds from J . K . 's account . ”

"Only 50 million!" Gu Zechen holds his head high and looks proud . When he thinks of the laughter before and Su Ni's discrimination in front of him, Gu Zechen only thinks that there is an active volcano in his chest, which will erupt at any time . "Yes, fifty million . " There is a trace of loneliness in Su Ni's eyes, but she doesn't dare to show it clearly . She just says: "the 50 million yuan is not worth mentioning to Mr .  Gu, but it's a huge sum of life-saving money for me and Su . "

Su Ni does not believe that Gu Zechen is not clear about Su's situation . It’s so inappropriate to take her away . "Su Ni, what do you think if I open my mouth and support Yin family?" Gu Zechen reaches out to hold her throat, and slightly lowers his head, his eyebrows and eyes closed . Seeing the fear in her eyes, Gu Zechen feels a trace of pleasure flashing across his eyes . When did her savior become someone else? "You . . . You won't . " Su Ni feels suffocated and blushes, but tries to squeeze a word out of her throat .

"No?" Gu Zechen stares at Su Ni like a clown . "From the perspective of commercial value, Yin's strength is 100 times stronger than that of Su Group that just went bankrupt!" "Because… because I'm Mrs .  Gu! " Su Ni's lips are slightly open, and she tries to breathe out of his oppression . Her helpless eyes are even more imploring .

A fit of restlessness, once again, surges up in Gu Zechen’s heart . Suddenly, he lets go of her hand . Su Ni covers her neck like a fish returning to the water, breathing freely, but coughing violently, which makes her tears fall down quickly . Soon, Su Ni forces herself to bear the pain, raises her head, her eyes looking bright . She says with a smile: "after all, I'm Mrs . Gu . If Mr . Gu really supports Yin, I'm afraid that there will be a lot of gossip . "

"I’m going to divorce you, and do you think I will be afraid of that?" The feeling that his Achilles’ heels have been caught by her makes Gu Zechen unhappy . Especially when the woman is in front of him, he can't display his feeling . He feels that it must be the woman's repeated emphasis on her identity as Mrs . Gu that he has begun to care about his wife's title . "We're not divorced, are we?"

Su Ni is relaxed a lot . Even if Gu Zechen is bullying her, Su Ni is still smiling . "Anyway, before the divorce, I am Mrs . Gu, which is a fact you can't deny . As for divorce, I have said that it is impossible unless I die . " "You are threatening me . " Gu Zechen steps forward, and Su Ni is already ready: she takes a step back . Just because of panic her foot does not step steadily, and her body quickly falls back .

Ah! Gu Zechen frowns tightly, subconsciously reaches out to stop her waist, and clasps her in his arms .  Su Ni's closed eyes slowly open . After looking back, she finds it is Gu Zechen .  He saves herself again . "Remember that what I do not fear most in my life is the threat . What if I don't divorce? Don't expect me to help Su!" Gu Zechen says coldly to her .

Su Ni's eyes are filled with disappointment .  “All right . ” Gu Zechen's face looks a little relieved . " Not up?" Su Ni's reaction comes back, and with a red color emerging up on her cheeks, she hurriedly gets up to tidy up her skirt .  And she sees Gu Zechen does not wait for her but goes straight to the main villa . Su Ni does not know whether to follow or stay behind .  She is afraid of Gu Zechen's anger when she goes back to Ruan Yichen . What's more, his words about not getting divorced just now ives Su Ni a lot of space for fancy .

His attitude just now is not as resolute as before . Does it mean that he is not that determined to divorce her? But Su Ni never dares to catch up with him . He can only smile secretly to herself .  When she hesitates, Gu Zechen utters without turning back his head, "there is lunch here . " "Oh . " Su Ni takes his words as an invitation, feeling happy . Stepping on the fine stones, she follows up briskly . Later, she even gets so bold that she hugs Gu Zechen's arm .

Gu Zechen's face gets pale, but he only glances at Su Ni who smiles with a blush, as if she were an innocent and naive girl who knows little of the world . It's not a meal . Mr . Fu is the host and he invites a real French cook from abroad . After a while, besides Gu Zechen, Ruan Yichen strides in from outside . Seeing Gu Zechen, Ruan Yichen is not surprised . Instead, he smiles at them and sits down on the opposite side .

"Mr . Gu, this is Mr . Ruan . He has just returned from abroad and intends to develop at home . He is a rare young talent . " Mr . Fu makes an introduction . Gu Zechen nods expressionlessly . Ruan smiles . "Thank you very much, Mr . Fu . But this time when I came back, I happened to cooperate with Mrs . Gu, so I met Mr . Gu a long time ago . " "So . " As soon as Mr . Fu hears this, he suddenly realizes it and says with a smile, "I'm old and confused . Yes, one is a young talent, the other is a rising star in Nan Cheng .  No need for me to introduce any more! Ha ha! "

"Mr . Gu, I'd like to offer you a toast . Please take care of me in Nancheng . " Ruan raises his glass and smiles at him . Gu Zechen's face is cold . After a few seconds' pause, he raises his glass in Mr . Fu's eyes and drinks it up . "It's good .  Let’s try Kobe steak first . It's just medium rare . It's just good . " Mr . Fu is kind-hearted . For a while, everyone is silent . Su Ni cuts a small piece and puts it into her mouth . She doesn't know what kind of spices in the steak, but it has a unique cool taste .

"Mr . Fu is right, and the steak is just right . " Su Ni smiles and draws the two men's attention to the steak . Soon they nod at the same time . Mr . Fu puts down his knife and fork and wipes his mouth . "Take your time . It's time for me to take a nap . " The three men quickly get up, and are called to sit down by Mr . Fu who says meaningfully, "you are all free . I am old . This time, I will leave the manor to Mr . Gu to take care of it . I can also go abroad and reunite with my children . " "Don't worry, Mr . Fu . I will do what you told me . " Gu Zechen's eyebrows are deep, and a trace of respect appears on his face . Ruan Yichen also slightly bows his head, showing respect .

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