A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 31

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How can she say that she will spare no effort? Gu Zechen really wants to leave the woman directly .

"Su Ni, in addition to me, what cards do you have now? Or do you expect that that man can really help you?" Gu Zechen stares at the unconscious face . He grits his teeth and squeezes out his words from his teeth .

"Back to the hotel!"

Su Ni is suddenly woken up by a burst of cold stimulation . She looks up and sees Gu Zechen with a black face . She shivers . While the wet woman is leaning against the bathtub, Gu Zechen continues to sprinkle water with a shower-head .

"That's enough!" Su Ni screams and hurriedly climbs out of the bathtub . But Gu Zechen pushes her back again . Su Ni is covering her head, like a drowning dog curling in the bathtub . She doesn't know what happened and why he does this to her .

"Gu Zechen, I'm so cold . Please don't . . . " Su Ni cries out, her shoulders trembling .

Gu Zechen's eyes are cold, and he has no sympathy . He just coldly squeezes a few words out of his teeth . "Su Ni, are you awake now?"

Su Ni knocks on her head . Then she is wrapped in a bath towel, and picked up by Gu Zechen directly .

"Even if I am drunk, you can't put me in the bathtub . What if I catch a cold?" Su Ni’s voice becomes smaller and in the end there is no sound at all . Gu Zechen can't hear it at all . However Gu Zechen says indifferently, "Even if you have a cold, you deserve it . "

Su Ni is disgruntled . She stares at him . She originally wanted to play the woman, but looking at those black eyes, she loses the courage at that time . She just obediently lets him hold her . On the bed, Su Ni wraps herself in a small quilt . Her hair is still wet . It takes her a long while to recover from coolness . Su Ni also probably remembers what happened before . Although his words are vicious, she doesn't expect he will help her . Su Ni can't help saying . "Thank you for today . "

Gu Zechen is smoking at the window when he hears and looks back . There is no emotion in his long and narrow eyes and his thin lips move slightly . "Don't worry . I just don't want you to lose my family's face, and I don't want to be gossiped that Gu Zechen’s woman is disgraceful . "

"You!" Su Ni is so angry that she grasps the quilt tightly . Her wet eyes are filled with discontent . However, Gu Zechen is indifferent . Su Ni can only lower her voice and says . "I think if you don't say it, no one will know that I am Mrs . Gu . After all, we didn't have a wedding . Not many people know about it . "

"So, do you mean to blame me?" Gu Zechen grits his teeth and sneers . "Su Ni, don't play the trick .  Aren't you scheming for the identity of being Mrs . Gu?"

Su Ni lowers her head and bites her lip without saying anything . Gu Zechen's appearance tonight is an accident . Moreover, as the president of Su, she had many social activities outside before . Even if they met occasionally in the same hotel, Gu Zechen would not come to greet her . He would not take her away like today . If this happens frequently, then how will she cope with the visitors in the future? After thinking for a moment, Su Ni lowers her voice and says . "Dear, you probably don't like me showing myself in public . As you know, what happens in business is just a show . "

“"A show?" Gu Zechen’s hands are in the pockets . The light in the house is not on, and only colorful neon outside floats through the French window . Su Ni can't see his face . She only feels Gu Zechen’s unusually cold voice, which makes her shiver and hides back .

"Atishoo!" Su Ni rubs her nose . Gu Zechen’s hands pause for a few seconds in the air . Unexpectedly, after a few seconds, he turns and brings a hair drier .

"Lean over!" Gu Zechen orders . Su Ni is also startled by Gu Zechen's behavior and shakes her head hurriedly . "No, I'm fine!"

"I order you come, or do you like being forced by me?" Gu Zechen asks impatiently . Su Ni blinks . She smiles and moves toward him .

"Turn around!"

"Ok . " Su Ni smiles and answers . Then she turns her back against Gu Zechen . Soon a burst of warmth sweeps through her body from her scalp . Gu Zechen blows fast, but does not panic . Occasionally, his fingertips will touch Su Ni's scalp, causing the latter to throb in her heart . She hurriedly holds her knees tighter . The originally tense atmosphere seems to have gradually dissolved with the increase of temperature . He uses his hand to make a comb and carefully brushes every hair . Even he doesn't realize when his eyes soften .

"Gu Zechen, do you care about me now?" Su Ni lows her head and grins . She is shy .

"What did you say?" Gu Zechen turns off the drier and does not hear clearly . Hearing this, Su Ni widens her eyes, but soon she shakes her head again . She stutters . "No . . . Nothing . I think the temperature is just right . "

The noise rings again . But in Su Ni's heart, it is more beautiful than the most beautiful symphony .

"All right . " Gu Zechen throws the drier aside . He gets up, and his hands are in the pockets . He becomes indifferent again . Su Ni touches her hair . The tip of her hair is still wet, but it does not affect anything . She pulls her hair slightly and can not help whimpering in pain .

Looking at this, Gu Zechen quickly comes over again and bends down to check her hair . He has handled it carefully and frowns discontentedly when he sees that there are still knots .

"It's okay . " Su Ni doesn't care . Gu Zechen takes a comb and tidies her hair carefully . He has always been meticulous in his work . Even blowing a hair, he cannot bear any flaw .

"Are you a woman? Why is your hair quality so poor?" Gu Zechen holds a comb and it often gets stuck . He cannot help complaining . Su Ni blushes with shame . She has not done scalp care for a long time and she just washes casually at home . Now Gu Zechen asks her such a straightforward question . She feels embarrassed .

"That . . . is not too bad . Have you ever seen good hair?" Su Ni smiles shyly . After her words are just finished, Gu Zechen suddenly throws the comb into her hand . Su Ni freezes . She doesn't know what wrong words she said just now . She foolishly looks at him .

Gu Zechen looks gloomy . "This is the first time I have combed a woman's hair . It really makes me feel sick . "

"Why disgusting?" Su Ni feels aggrieved .  Well, this man takes the initiative to do that . But is this the first time he has combed a woman’s hair? And she is that woman?

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