A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: I’ll Drink My Woman's Wine

Translator: Wang Yiming

Proofread by Peter Gong

Now, Su Ni is aware that something goes wrong . She is hesitant, and Gu Zechen suddenly hugs her more tightly, pushing the door of the room open .

"Dear, you are going the wrong way . " Su Ni hurriedly reminds him . But the people inside already look at them, and they are shocked . Then, they recognize Gu Zechen .  Much as they know little about why Su Ni is with Gu Zechen, they stand up one by one .

"Mr . Gu, long time no see . " Director Zhang's eyes suddenly brighten .

Gu Zechen takes Su Ni and seats himself directly where Su Ni sat before . He holds Su Ni's glass without much emotion in his eyes and says to Director Zhao, "It happens that my wife is here today . I'll drink on behalf of her .  Director Zhang won't have any opinions, right?" Then he swallows his wine neat .

Director Zhang’s mouth slightly opens . He is frozen . The rest of the people also become silent because of Gu Zechen . How about Mrs . Gu?

Su Ni’s face turns red . She gently pulls Gu Zechen . He doesn't like to admit her identity in front of outsiders . And it is not a necessary moment now . Why does he . . .

Director Zhang is a clever man . When he meets Gu Zechen, he becomes almost sober and quickly raises his glass, "Nothing, nothing . ” He finds that Su Ni looks unhappy .

He whispered to Su Ni just now, advising her to approach Gu Zechen . Unexpectedly, they are couple . Now, as soon as Gu Zechen appears, he feels much pressure . The Nanjiawan project belongs to nobody but Su Ni .

After drinking the wine, Gu Zechen gets up again and hugs Su Ni regardless of Director Zhang's psychological activities . "My wife is not feeling well from drinking . I'll take her back to rest first . "

"Of course . ” Director Zhang gets up at once . He is flustered and his fat belly knocks over the glasses on the table . Gu Zechen doesn’t look at him . He already goes outside . Director Zhang wipes out the sweat on his forehead . Although he is director, Gu Zechen is far beyond his influence . Although he isn’t afraid, he has to show his respect .

"Su and Mr . Gu . . . " People begin talking, discussing animatedly . They confirm their relationship from a lot of gossips . But people didn’t think about it before . Today Gu Zechen's appearance serves as reminder to them .

At the door, Ruan Yichen is just about to enter . When they pass by, Gu Zechen suddenly says, "She is my woman . Naturally, I will help her . Mr . Ruan doesn’t need to care that . ” Ruan Yichen smiles indifferently and does not refute it .

"And this . Please keep it . " Gu Zechen pulls a handkerchief from Su Ni’s hand and hands it over indifferently . But Su Ni flushes . Anyway, he is jealous .

"Su and I are always partners . Drinking is just my job, not care . " Ruan Yichen says, casually throwing away his handkerchief and looking as usual . "I still hope that Mr . Gu will not be too oversensitive . If it affects your feelings, it will be my fault . "

"Mr . Ruan looks after me because I am drunk . . . " Su Ni hurriedly explains . Gu Zechen throws a sharp eye . "Are you allowed to speak?" Su Ni opens her mouth but she is speechless .

"I'm still busy inside, so I won't bother you . ” Ruan Yichen doesn't want to pester too much and goes ahead after finding a reason . At the same time, Gu Zechen releases Su Ni, and walks to the elevator with his hands in the pockets . After a few steps, he asks without looking back . "Don't you go with me? Do you want to stay here?"

Su Ni glances at the room with some concern . Since Gu Zechen comes, Director Zhang has to show some respect for them . Then she quickly follows up . In the elevator, Su Ni sips her lips, looking up at Gu Zechen . She wants to say something, but dare not disturb him .

"Today's entertainment . . . "

"I don't need your explanation . " Gu Zechen domineeringly interrupts Su Ni . He doesn’t look at her . When the elevator arrives, he goes straight ahead and doesn’t wait for Su Ni .  She trots to the front of the car and hesitates .  His voice rings again . "Don't you get in yet?"

"OK . " Su Ni obediently responds . She moves in, and her body is leaning completely against the window . Gu Zechen comes in, then he attaches himself closely to her . In the narrow space, the air pressure plummets . Su Ni doesn't know whether she drank a little wine or just trotted . Her breath is a little chaotic and her face flushes .

"Things are not what you think . . . " Su Ni thinks that she still needs to explain . But when she just speaks, Gu Zechen holds down her head and makes her close to the window . He pries her lips domineeringly, and does not give Su Ni any time to breathe . One is hiding, and the other is chasing . Until the end, there is no way to escape .

Between the lips and teeth, alcohol blends, which is bewildering . Su Ni’s breathing gradually quickens . She just struggles for a moment, and then two hands are held against the window by Gu Zechen rigidly . She wants to speak, but her tip and tongue are brutally bitten by him again . He leaves no room . His body almost completely presses on Su Ni . Then it is more and more difficult for her to breathe in such a narrow space .

Like a punishment, Gu Zechen goes further, snatching her air and restricting her breathing . The harder she struggles, the fiercer his force becomes .

Woo! In haste Su N grits her teeth and Gu Zechen finally stops . Bur less than three seconds, Gu Zechen’s tongue tries again . Soon, a sweet smell replaces the alcohol taste .

"Gu . . . " Su Ni feels she is dying . Her hands can only hit the window once and again but can't get rid of his control . Gu Zechen is still attacking . His flexible tongue crosses every inch of her cavity wall and stirs a mess . She doesn't know how long it lasts and her consciousness fails her . After she completely gives up the struggle, Gu Zechen slowly stops .

In an instant, Su Ni opens the window, and puts her head out . Then a severe cough is followed by her retch . Su Ni holds her throat with difficulty . There seems to be a fire burning, which urgently needs to quenched . Gu Zechen grabs her immediately . He becomes angry when he looks at the shocking scratches on her white neck . "For just one project, you will make yourself look like a ghost!"

Su Ni swallows her dry throat, by contrast, the pain in her wrist is nothing . She is a little distracted and somewhat helpless . She smiles to Gu Zechen . "The project which is insignificant in your eyes matters much for me . Even at any cost, I will must . . . win . . . "

Su Ni suddenly feels dizzy . She gently trembles again . Suddenly she unconsciously falls into the arms of Gu Zechen . For a moment, Gu Zechen looks pale .

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