A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 26

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The doctor who has just spoken loses his face completely . He is the attending doctor here .  Many famous people seek his treatment . But he has never seen such an arrogant man . Before he finishes speaking, Gu Zechen’s cold eyes make him choke . Su Ni wants to sit up, but she is frightened by Gu Zechen . His dark expressionless eyes seem to reign thousands of troops that are coming from hell . “Mr . Gu, calm down . ”

At the door, a middle-aged man in casual clothes enters in a hurry . He smiles and whispers, “Mr . Gu, why don’t you inform us in advance?”

“So . . . shall we call the police?” A younger doctor whispers .

“Call what!” The slightly older doctor on the side pushes him . His eyes fill with helplessness . He lowers his voice and explains, “Don’t you see the dean’s attitude? It is estimated that Mr . Gu is CEO of Gu’s and he will buy our hospital . If you want to stay here, behave yourself . ”

“I am not talking about work today . Please organize a medical team and give her a comprehensive check now!” Seeing a sensible doctor around, Gu Zechen moderates his attitude, but the domineering way he speaks can not be refuted .

“Yes, yes . ” The dean responds again and points to several doctors, saying, “You guys, check this . . . Mrs . Gu . ”

When doctors hear it is Mrs . Gu, they dare not to delay, and the dean feels relieved . He only heard that Mr . Gu is married, and the woman who can make Gu Zechen disregard others is surely his wife . Now Gu Zechen doesn’t refute, so the dean is more and more confirmed . At this time, he pushes away other doctors and joins in person .  “It seems that this is a skin burn . It is not bad . There is nothing else worse . ”

“What I want is a complete check!” Gu Zechen utters word by word clearly .

There is a tremor in the dean’s heart . He almost forgets that this is not an ordinary patient . Even if she is not sick, he has to examine her carefully . He orders, “Immediately make arrangements!”

“Darling, I’m fine!” Su Ni calls weakly .

Looking at the eyes of doctors, she is afraid that she has been regarded as a fake tiger . They choke with silent fury . Gu Zechen has a stern face . Instead, the dean smiles and exclaims, “A comprehensive inspection is better . Mr . Gu is also worried about you . ”

Worried? Su Ni feels a little confused . She remembers vaguely that he comes out from behind the crowd after the fire .  In addition, he goes to hospital because she makes a groan in the car . But he doesn’t know that it is not injury .

Su Ni pushes away the doctor and insists on walking to Gu Zechen .  Holding his arms in her hands, she shakes her head and looks up at him, “Dear . . . ”

Gu Zechen originally attempted to take out his hand, but Su Ni fails his effort . She lowers her voice and says quickly, “I never expect that my husband will care about me so much . ”

“I just want you to remember that when you are away from home, you should do what you are supposed to do . ” Gu Zechen says coldly . The doctors around them quickly walk away, fearing that they hear something private or secret .

What did she do? Su Ni is a little bit surprised . The fire is an accident . The only reason is Ruan Yichen . Is Gu Zechen jealous?

Su Ni lowers her head and looks at the white suit on her body . A faint scent comes . She can not help but lean closer to Gu Zechen .  “Dear, my legs are weak . Can you hold me in your arms?”

Feeling that Gu’s body is stiff, she is about to fall . Soon her back becomes warm . Sure enough, Gu Zechen is holding her in his arms .

“Troublesome!” Gu Zechen curses, but he bends down and hugs the woman in his arms . After that, all her inspections are performed while Su Ni is held in Gu Zechen’s arms . When blood is drawn, Su Ni shakes her hands in fear . Gu Zechen’s fierce voice comes, “Watch it!”

The little nurse is also frightened . Bur she also knows that she is certainly not ordinary person for the dean accompanies her . She can only stabilize her mind and tries her best .

“Mr . Gu, the inspection has been done . I am sure there is no problem with your wife . ”The dean takes a sigh of relief with a stack of checklists . Gu Zechen doesn’t say a word . But Su Ni’s face becomes paler . How could it be all right?

Is it . . .


After all, it is inconvenient . Su Ni goes in alone . The doctor briefly asks her a few questions, but Su Ni answers indifferently . Finally, she is given a gynecological examination . The result frightens even the older female doctor . She asks Su Ni with a look of seriousness,“Little girl, have you been bullied by a bad man?”

“No . . . No . ” Su Ni shudders .

“You don’t need to be afraid . ” The female doctor comes and takes Su Ni’s hands gently like her elders .  “You are safe here . If the bad guy really bullies you, we will call the police immediately . ”

Su Ni is very angry and sorrowful . She only feels the pain between her legs, but she doesn’t know it is so serious that it makes the doctor have such a serious misunderstanding .

“Doctor, what the hell is wrong with me?” Su Ni grits her teeth and asks ruthlessly .

“Third level tear . You may have surgery if it is more serious . It will have an impact on your future fertility . If you don’t encounter a bad guy, how can it be so serious?” The doctor says directly .

Su Ni is also shocked . So Serious? As they are talking, the office door is opened again . Gu Zechen glances at the doctor and asks, “What about her?”

The doctor frowns slightly . Seeing the suit that Su Ni is still wearing, she is vigilant and protects Su Ni .  “Who are you?” The doctor asks .

Gu Zechen frowns .  “What? Should doctors check our relationship?”

“Most people don’t need it . But she is a special patient now . So I should ask about it . ” The doctor is also reluctant to show weakness and her hands have been groping slowly for her phone .

Gu Zechen ignores the doctor, and approaches her step by step . The doctor immediately pulls out her mobile phone .  “I will call the police . You are suspected of insulting woman . . . ”

“Insult?” Gu Zechen takes a step and gives Su Ni a teasing glance .  “Did you tell her that way?”

Su Ni regrets . It is uncommon to have such an upright doctor today . She doesn’t want the doctor to get in trouble, and says quickly .  “Doctor, you have misunderstood . ”

“Little girl, you don’t have to be afraid . You should learn to protect yourself when encountering such things . Otherwise . . . ”

“Or what?” Gu Zechen puts his hands in his pockets leisurely, and grabs Su Ni as he approaches her .

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