A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 22

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The receptionist doesn’t react until Gu Zechen tidies up his suit and strides out, and Su Ni blushes, lowers her head and quickly follows him .

This woman . . . . . .

This woman is really Mrs . Gu .

In private, they have been already talking about it, “Mr . Gu and Mrs . Gu are really in deep love with each other, I didn’t expect that in the elevator they . . . . . . ”

“Yes, Mr . Gu always seems reluctant to get along with others, I can’t think in private he . . . . . . ”

“I saw it just now, Mr . Gu’s hands are . . . . . . But it's no wonder that Mrs . Gu is so young and beautiful, Mr . Gu will miss her very much if he can't see her for half a day . ”

. . . . . .

Then they snigger .

Su Ni’s face is burning hot, and even as soon as she gets close to Gu Zechen in the car, she dodges quickly as if electrified .

Gu Zechen’s eyes are too deep to see his emotion, but his words are still vicious, “well, didn't you just do what you want?”

Su Ni freezes, and it takes a long time for her to react . To this damned man, she is so sordid .

She wants to hold Gu Zechen’s arm and prove her identity in Gu’s company, but she doesn’t expect them to appear in a mess in public .

Moreover, did he walk out of the elevator first, completely ignoring the reactions of others?

Even he feels ashamed, then she has to find a way to drill into it .

“In your mind’s eye, am I equal to the women who seduce others by beauty and achieve the goal by means fair or foul ?”

Su Ni asks him unwillingly .

 “Of course . ”

Gu Zechen looks out of the window, replying to her simply .

Words fail Su Ni for a moment when she asks him that way . She is asking for insults . It takes long for her to come back to herself, and whispers, “Darling, you pinched me hard in your office just now . ”

 “You deserve it!” Gu Zechen says .

 “I also want to pinch you . ”

Su Ni leans over .

Gu Zechen pushes her away, and looking up at her delicate and blushing face, he feels his throat is dry .

 “Well, as a man, you want to square accounts in every detail with me . ”

Su Ni sees that he is not as angry as she imagines . She gets more insatiable, and the worst thing is to be pinched by him again .

Gu Zechen doesn’t say anything, and in disgust he pats the corner of his clothes that Su Ni has touched, and putting his hands around his chest, he closes his eyes and pretends to sleep .

Getting out of the car, Su Ni notices that Gu Zechen's tie is still a little askew . She can't help but think of the scene in the elevator again and her face turns red .

In fact, it’s not what the receptionist talked about . Actually, she wanted to hold Gu Zechen’s arm, but he refused her, and she knew that Gu Zechen dared not to treat her rudely in the company, so she clung to him . That’s what they saw .

He is a revengeful man, and he was so ashamed in front of his staff just now that she doesn't know how he will retaliate against her .

Thinking of Qin Yue’s advice and An Rong’s worry, Su Ni adjusts herself, and no matter how indifferently Gu Zechen treats her, she still has to please him enthusiastically .

But as soon as she reaches out, Gu Zechen grasps her wrist, and casts his sharp eyes on her, “Su Ni, what do you want to do?”

Gu Zechen frowns, and he has enough patience today, and this woman wants to make him angry completely!

Su Ni is innocent, blinking her eyes, and she stares at him with a pair of lovely charming eyes, which is too tempting .

 “Darling, your tie is askew, let me help you tie it . ”

Su Ni says gently .

Gu Zechen looks down at his tie, and it’s exactly true, but he still grasps her hands, and says coldly, “I can do it myself . ”

 “Well . ”

Su Ni curls her lips, and she looks disappointed .

The tie seems to turn against Gu Zechen because no matter how he fiddles with it, it's still askew . He's a man who has a habit of cleanliness and can't bear a single flaw .

“Let me help you . ”

Su Ni asks him tentatively .

Gu Zechen doesn’t say anything, so she begins to reach out, but when she just leans over, Gu Zechen grasps her again, warning, “ Su Ni, don’t play tricks . ”

Su Ni ignores him, leans over . Her eyes are intense, and her hands tidy up the tie flexibly and quickly .

Gu Zechen reclines on the back of the chair, and his breath is a little frozen .

From his angle, almost half of her body has been in his arms, and her fair face is flawless . Because she is so concentrated that she unconsciously licks her dry lips .

It seems that she plays the coquette all the time!

But underneath her white suit, the black bra is partly hidden and partly visible, which fails to wrap her plump chests up completely .

He has seen them with his own eyes, but now his eyes are fixed on the deep cleavage, unable to move his eyes .

 “Ok . ”

Su Ni flattens the folds of his shirt and looks at her masterpiece with satisfaction .

Gu Zechen quickly shifts his attention . Although he doesn't want to admit it, he can't find any fault on the tie .

Looking at his indifferent face, Su Ni doesn’t expect him to appreciate her work, and she says naturally, “don't think too bad of me . No matter how scheming and unscrupulous I am, my ultimate purpose is stay with you . ”

At last, Su Ni even gives him charming eyes, “you know what I am thinking about . ”

Gu Zechen gets serious suddenly, and he knows that she is seducing him intentionally, and he ignores her!

But it's just the feeling of being out of control somewhere in his body that makes Gu Zechen feel incredible and more and more irritable .

This sense is getting stronger and stronger in recent days .

He thinks uncontrollably of the absurdities of the last few nights: it’s not drug, and has he been addicted to that?

“I know a great hotel, in which there are many special dishes . . . . . . ”

Su Ni's soft voice sounds in his ear . It seems that he is seduced . Gu Zechen closes his eyes and does not move . But he does not hear what she says next .

Then, he quickly asks the driver to turn around and drive to the place Su Ni mentions .

Su Ni gently leans on his shoulder, and her hands are on his chest . She feels his palpitation, and her heart feels secure for no reason .

After a while, Su Ni is pushed away . She rubs her sleepy eyes, and finds they’ve already arrived .

Soon, Su Ni finds that Gu Zechen is not heading fot the restaurant . She reads his mind, but she still pretends to know nothing, and asks, "aren't we going to eat?"

Gu Zechen holds her waist, almost lifting Su Ni up . With a little sneer in his long and narrow eyes, he looks ambiguous .

 “Have a meal, I don’t know which mouth wants to eat . ”

Su Ni blushes, and Gu Zechen is becoming indecent . This time he can say all kinds of words . Su Ni whispers, “of course, we have lunch . ”

 “Really?” Gu Zechen says calmly .

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