A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 16

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Though he is brave, Gu Lang doesn’t want to oppose her in the face of Gu Zechen .

Thinking of Gu Zechen's black face, Gu Lang cannot help shivering .

Besides, he did see Gu Zechen before . So he says again, "Su Ni . . . "

Perceiving the gloomy gaze, Gu Lang quickly changes his words . "Aunt, did you quarrel with my uncle?"

 “No . ”

Su Ni answers simply and decisively .

"But, why do I feel that both of you are weird?"

"You are so curious . Why not ask your uncle directly? I don't provide gossip here . "

Su Ni says, flicking the folds on her clothes . Although her face is expressionless, her body exudes the aura that drives others away from her .

Gu Lang answers with a click of his tongue again . Uncle’s woman should have such a cold aura . It is true .

After that, it is quiet .

It is nearly ten o'clock when they get home . An Rong sleeps early in daily life, leaving only two servants to guard the living room .

"Madam is back . "

She nods, watching the second floor, which is still dark because lights are not turned on . She asks frankly, "Is Gu Zechen back?"

The servant shakes his head and watches Su Ni's face cautiously .

Su Ni smiles and says nothing . Because Gu Zechen is not at home, her pace is much lighter .

In the middle of the night, Su Ni is awakened by the noise .

After careful listening, she finds that Gu Zechen is back .

Su Ni looks at the watch . Um, 2:30, does he still know to come back?

It is a coincidence that An Rong discovers that when she goes to bathroom . Now, they are quarreling unhappily downstairs .

An Rong always blames Gu Zechen for he stays out late and ignores Su Ni and the whole family . Gu Zechen occasionally answers with one or two words . He is also extremely tired .

"Son, I know that you still think about that woman, but you should put it down after so many years . ”

"If it weren't you, how could Waner have a car accident? Mom, I will not forget this . "

Gu Zechen’s tone becomes cold, and he interrupts An Rong’s persuasion without any politeness .

Su Ni twists the quilt with her hands, and her body curls up tightly into a ball .

A year ago, she came to Gu’s family . At that time, Xu Waner had a car accident . From then on, Gu Zechen began staying out late . With time going by, she gets used to it .

"I know that you are still blaming me . But Su Ni is innocent, why can't you treat her better?"


Afterwards, there come light and rhythmic footsteps . Gu Zechen is going upstairs . An Rong shouts a few times from the back and but GuZechen does not stop .

Su Ni quickly closes her eyes, pretending to sleep .

"Since you dare to force me to marry you, no one is innocent . "

After his words, the door is opened, and Su Ni’s heart is lifted up .

The last sentence is told by him deliberately .

The man does not stop, and rushes to Su Ni directly in the darkness . He suddenly opens the quilt and pulls Su Ni up .

Su Ni is shocked, squinting, half-dreaming and staring at him . She shouts with dissatisfaction, "Gu Zechen, what are you doing now? Don’t you let me sleep?"

"Don't think that I don't know you are already awake . Besides, you dare file my suit . Good job . "


Su Ni is completely awake, and she cannot see his face in the dark . However, she can still feel the gloomy aura from the bottom of his eyes .

"Good acting skill!"

Gu Zechen pushes her . Su Ni falls onto the bed, feeling dizzy .

Someone knocks at the door .

Su Ni holds her breath and Gu Zechen no longer speaks . The air is quiet and terrible .

A few seconds later, Su Ni shouts to the door, "Mom, we are fine . You should go

to bed early . "

"Then you also have a rest early . "

An Rong is still worried about two them, and waits for a few minutes near the door . Making sure that it is quiet, and then she leaves .

Su Ni looks at the black shadow lying next to her, whose heartbeat is rapid . It is a little annoying . She says coldly, "Mom has gone, you can get up . "

Gu Zechen pretends to miss her words and does not move . Until Su Ni pushes him, Gu Zechen catches her hand and warns her with a low voice, "Su Ni, I advise you to be honest . Do not do these things . Don't you want me to come back? Well, I satisfy you now!"

After that, he turns over and presses Su Ni under his body directly, and his hands are groping her .

Su Ni is angry and annoyed . While she curls her legs, Gu Zechen presses her in advance . Su Ni looks at him with grievances, "You know, my body is still not good, and I believe you don't want me to faint again . "

Gu Zechen’s head is stunned, remembering Xiao Ming’s warning .

"Because it is your duty as Mrs . Gu . "

Though he says that, Gu Zechen does not take the next step .

Su Ni has no words to refute, but her body is really unable to withstand his torture .

However, she cannot tell him, the culprit .

With a bang, Su Ni turns on the light .

Su Ni does not prevent his body from approaching, and hugs him tightly and closes her eyes, "I know I can't stop you, but you should care about your mother . . . "


When she mentions An Rong, the anger in Gu Zechen’s eyes appears again . “Su Ni, do you think that my mother is here and you have more confidence opposing me?”

"At least, this marriage is inseparable . "

Seeing that this man does not act rudely as usual, Su Ni becomes much braver . Her hands clasp his arms and murmurs softly, "Hey, think about what you did tonight . Who has gone too far?"

"Oh, I am coming back to compensate you . Su Ni, what do you want?"

Gu Zechen sneers .

Su Ni takes a deep breath and her chest heaves up and down . She is awakened by the man in the middle of the night, and has to be insulted by him .

"How? Can't you tolerate me?"

Gu Zechen continues to spark her anger . He still remembers the woman’s temper when they were just married . This woman was arrogant, and even he was not respected by her .

This year, what happened to her, which changed her temper dramatically?

"I can't . "

Su Ni complains sadly, “You always say that I go too far . Think about it carefully . Who always asks for a divorce? Who always becomes angry in front of mom? Don’t forget . It is me who maintain the relationship when mom is here . "


Gu Zechen directly pinches her chin, and it is almost crushed by him . His eyes are full of juggling and teasing, "Su Ni, do you know that you become more annoyed now? Especially, your sharp tongue is really unlikable . "

Just now, he thought that Su Ni would be angry . He didn’t expect this woman to change her temperament . Like a persimmon, she is fooled by him . At last, he turns out to be wrong?

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