A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 12

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Su Ni’s face clouds over suddenly, and she turns her head indifferently .

Gu Zechen knows her attitude, but he’s not angry, because Su Ni will certainly beg him at last, anyway .

“Mr . Gu, where are we going now?” The driver asks respectfully .

“Gu’s hotel . ”

At his words, Su Ni frowns, and she called An Rong half an hour ago, and An Rong is in South City now .

Does Gu Zechen mean he will not go home tonight?

However, she doesn’t want to ask him .

“I’m going home . ” Then, Su Ni pushes the door open, and is about to get off .

But the door is locked suddenly, and Gu Zechen’s face clouds over, and he bids the driver to drive on .

Su Ni thinks he insists on doing things in his own way, and she looks at him angrily, unwilling to go to the hotel with Gu Zechen, and maybe she will meet some of those cheap women .

“Gu Zechen!”

“Shut up, let me rest a minute . ” Then, Gu Zechen actually closes his eyes, seeming to be asleep .

Su Ni is agitated, and it isn’t long before the car reaches the hotel .

Before she enters, she sees a familiar figure standing on the right side of the doorway . That is the woman who embraced Gu Zechen intimately last time .

Obviously, she is waiting for Gu Zechen .

Su Ni doesn’t get off the car, and Gu Zechen pulls her out by force . He pinches her chin with his long fingers, and she has to see him, “You wait for me and we go back together tonight . ”

Su Ni bites her lip, and she resists strongly . Gu Zechen takes her to the hotel just for she can watch him staying in the hotel with another woman?! It’s so humiliating!

She pushes Gu Zechen away with force, and says coldly, “I think Mr . Gu will take a long time to vent his desire, so I don’t want to wait for you . ”

At her words, Gu Zechen narrows his eyes threateningly, and smiles contemptuously, he orders, “You have to wait for me, even though you don’t want to . ”

Then, two bodyguards in black come out of the hotel and press her down on the sofa .

And that woman holds Gu Zechen’s arm proudly and they go to the suite together .

Su Ni stares at their backs, and she wants to fucking kill them!

But she knows that if she goes home alone tonight, An Rong will doubt their relationship .

If she goes back with Gu Zechen, it will be safe at least .

In the suite on the top floor .

Gu Zechen lies on the sofa lazily, and Guan Ning kneels on the carpet, rubbing his shoulders with her fair fingers .

“Mr Gu, may I stay tonight?” Guan Ning’s curved eyebrows are very seductive .

But she is just like any other woman in Gu Zehen’s eyes .

Guan Ning’s eyes resemble Xu Waner’s almost in every way, and that’s why he keeps Guan Ning .

Gu Zechen takes out a cigarette, and Guan Ning lights the cigarette for him immediately . Her soft breasts rub his chest lightly, but his face is as calm as ever .

He lowers his eyes, and his thin lips form an ironical curve, “Guan Ning, don’t forget your identity . ”

At his words, Guan Ning’s eyes are slightly moist for she has been serving him for more than a year, but she did nothing but accompany him .

Notwithstanding she stayed overnight, nothing happened .

Will Gu Zechen be different when he faces Mrs . Gu?

She lowers her head and smiles sadly, “I know, and I’ll leave in a moment . ”

Gu Zechen remembers that Su Ni is downstairs . He narrows eyes, holds Guan Ning’s shoulders suddenly to press her down on the sofa, and kisses her from the earlobe to her long slender neck, collarbone . . .

Guan Ning is secretly happy, but she finds Gu Zechen stops, rolls over and sits up, and there is no sign of passion on his face!

In the lobby, two hours have passed .

Su Ni stands up impatiently, but two strong bodyguards block her way .

At this moment, Gu Zechen and Guan Ning go downstairs finally . Su Ni turns her head, and her eyes fall on Guan Ning’s neck all of a sudden, there are a few deep or shallow hickeys on it .

Suddenly, it’s as if a basin of cold water were being poured on Su Ni, and her face pales .

Guan Ning stares at Su Ni, and her cherry lips smile lightly, “Mr Gu, I’m going back first . ”

Gu Zechen puts an arm around her shoulder lightly, but his mind is not on her .

Su Ni gets into the car first, and when Gu Zechen gets in, there is a faint scent of perfume on him .

It disgusts her just like the last time .

Su Ni bites her lip, and in fact, she doesn’t care about him, but at that moment, she feels very sad .

“Gu Zechen, don’t go too far . ” Su Ni can’t help saying .

After all, she is the legitimate Mrs . Gu, but just now, Gu Zechen actually left her waiting for him, and he was intimate with another woman!

Although she doesn’t love him, she will feel hurt as well .

Gu Zechen is always indifferent . He turns his head, and his obsidian eyes are as dark as the sea, “You can’t stand such a little thing, how can you be Mrs . Gu, right?”

“I can’t stand it, you can only touch me if you want to . ” Su Ni doesn't know where her courage comes from, and she just said that!

Later, she regrets her words . . .

Gu Zechen is just a pervert when he is in bed!

“You are ill recently, and I’m afraid you can’t handle it . ” Gu Zechen smiles frivolously .

His arms hold Su Ni’s slender waist suddenly, and he pulls her into his chest to feel her cold body temperature .

His hands grow restless gradually, and slip under her shirt .

Suddenly, Su Ni freezes . A strange and familiar smell comes in, and she slaps him .

The man’s face clouds over at once . He holds Su Ni’s hands tightly, and the sound of bone crunch comes, and she is sweating with pain .

But she still stares at Gu Zechen hard .

“You . . . let me go . . . ”

Gu Zechen smiles coldly, and his obsidian eyes are frightening, “Don’t you want me to touch you? Right? Let me see that if your charm conquers me or Guan Ning’s charm conquers me . . . ”

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