A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband - Chapter 11

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“Mrs . Mo, she is just a mistress, and you don’t forget there are reporters here at any moment . ” Su Ni says indifferently .

At her words, Xu Qian looks up at the cold woman in front of her . The woman’s outstanding temperament is inherent, obviously, she comes from a wealthy family .

However, Xu Qian has no impression of her .

“So what? I just want everyone in South city to know that this woman is a mistress, and make it impossible for her to stay here!” Xu Qian looks at the mistress angrily, eager to tear her .

That mistress winces in fear, and she earns her living by virtue of her face, so this face must not be disfigured .

She looks up at Su Ni imploringly, her intuition telling her that Su Ni can save her . . .

“Are you sure you want to do this? As far as I know, Mo’s company is ready to be listed recently, if there's a scandal about Mr . Mo keeping mistress, it won’t be a glamorous thing for a company . ” Every word of Su Ni strikes at Xu Qian’s heart like a hammer .

Indeed, Su Ni is right .

The most important thing for Mo’s family at present is the company’s reputation .

But she can’t tolerate this little bitch!

“It’s not the first time for Mr . Mo to keep mistress, so you’d better live with it . Even though you kill this mistress, he also will have other mistresses . ”

Mo’s matter has already been the talk of high society . Su Ni has attended many parties this month, and she has already known a lot of things .

Xu Qian wheezes, looks at Su Ni coldly, and gnashes her teeth with anger .

 “You're determined to protect her, aren't you?” Xu Qian points at the woman on the ground arrogantly .

Su Ni frowns, and she just doesn’t like being stopped in the way .

“I dare not do that, Mrs . Mo can do what you want to do . ” Su Ni smiles, and gets out of the elevator without trace .

The woman’s eyes widen, and she wants to catch up with Su Ni, but she is caught by Xu Qian’s servant .

That woman’s shoulders are held by others, and her eyes stare at Su Ni closely to keep Su Ni’s appearance in mind . Actually, Su Ni could have saved her, but she chooses to ignore her .

However, she knows that Xu Qian dare not kill her, and she remembers Su Ni .

Qin Yue has been waiting for Su Ni, and he can’t help being surprised to see her .

Su Ni can’t offend anyone now, and her every action in South city must be accurate .

But if Xu Qian investigates this matter in the future and takes advantage of it, she will have one more enemy .

“Su Ni, you should have calmed down . ” Qin Yue can’t help saying .

Su Ni’s face remains placid, and she smiles and says, “Mo’s company is the only one who can rebel against Gu’s company, and I won’t be foolish enough to offend her to find a rival for myself . Do you think anything will happen to Mo’s company?”

Qin Yue pauses, and Su Ni always sees things clearly, but he has no idea that she should be so thoughtful .

If trained and guided cannily, she will be great certainly .

Gu Lang has just entered the clubhouse when he sees Gu Zechen coming towards him . He stops a moment, and asks in amazement, “Uncle, are you leaving?”

Gu Zechen frowns, and he would have taken along Gu Lang to the negotiation, but Gu Lang comes too late, and he has already settled the matter .

“Yes . ” He answers, and walks on .

Gu Lang can’t help looking behind him . Does Su Ni come here to find Gu Zechen?

Or she comes here to find others?

Seeing Gu Lang does not go, Gu Zechen stops and asks impatiently, “Who are you waiting for?”

“Su Ni, I just brought her here, and I don’t know who she wants to find . ” Gu Lang says .

At his words, Gu Zechen frowns, Su Ni?

“You go back first . ” He says with a deep voice .

Then, he gets into the car, but doesn’t leave .

Su Ni knows Gu Zechen has left, and she doesn't stay long before she comes out with Qin Yue . Gu Zechen’s assistant steps forward to let her get into the car .

Su Ni looks at the familiar Maybach, and slows her pace .

As soon as she gets into the car, Gu Zechen pulls her into his arms, and her soft breath dissipates much of his gloomy breath .

“Why are you here?” His tone is very deep .

Su Ni bites her lip, and looks up at the handsome man in front of her, she takes a deep breath and says, “I come here to find you . ”

“You haven’t recovered yet, how can you get out?” He touches her forehead with his palm, feeling it still hot .

Su Ni avoids her hand, and sits aside .

Gu Zechen narrows his eyes, and he is unpleasant gradually .

Su Ni says, “Why are you against the government developing Su’s new project?”

Gu Zechen raises his eyebrows, and this is board’s decision .

The project’s site is opposite Gu’s mall, and Gu’s company has a complete development plan for that area, but Su’s company plans to build a hotel now, and it isn’t in their plans .  

“So? Is this project very important?” Gu Zechen looks indifferent .

Su’s company has risen faster than he expected .

And after Su Ni gets out from the mental hospital, she becomes different .

If she becomes a force, it’s absolutely not something he can allow .

“Yes . ” Su Ni nods, and says frankly, “I just inherited Su’s company, and I can’t make mistakes .

Gu Zechen touches his chin, and from her attitude, he can know that she evidently comes for help .

So . . .

Gu Zechen chuckles, and looks at Su Ni with piercing eyes, “Let’s get divorce, if you divorce me, I will help you once .

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