Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 632

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Chapter 632: They’re Just Greedy

“Princess Iron Bull defeated Chen Hongfeng. Doesn’t this mean that she’s reached the level of participating in the S Tournament?”

After this exclamation, someone else shouted, “What Princess Iron Bull? It doesn’t sound threatening at all! How about War Goddess Iron Bull instead?”

“War Goddess Iron Bull, you’re the best!” reverberated throughout the Radiance Palace.

Lin Yuan felt slightly depressed by this new nickname.

This nickname sounds impressive, but can’t they drop the ‘iron bull’ part!?

Lin Yuan did not dwell on the nickname. He cast his gaze to the center of the arena, where Chu Ci stood, clearly completely drained of spirit qi and using a foil to support herself.

Chu Ci had truly pushed herself to the limit in this match against Chen Hongfeng.

It was because she had pushed herself to such an extent that she was able to secure such a categorical victory.

Chu Ci had let her potential shine in front of the entire Radiance Federation and was basking in the glory that was being showered upon her by the thousands of people present.

Lin Yuan felt unspeakable pride!

Chu Ci’s growth was a testament to Lin Yuan’s past year of hard work as well.

The match was over, and Chu Ci returned to her seat next to Lin Yuan. Everyone’s gazes followed her and landed on Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan regretted not wearing the mask.

But as an afterthought, he was glad that he had not worn it.

Chu Ci had just beaten Chen Hongfeng. It would not have painted a nice picture if he was seen wearing Chen Hongfeng’s mask and sitting next to Chu Ci at that moment.

Chu Ci turned to Lin Yuan and whispered, “Big Brother, I won!”

Lin Yuan rested his hand on Chu Ci’s shoulder and secretly used Spirit Injection to replenish her spirit qi.

Lin Yuan looked at her hair that had been messed up during the fight. He patted the hair down and said, “You were great!”

When she heard Lin Yuan’s praise, Chu Ci beamed.

Proving yourself to the person closest to you was the best feeling.

Moreover, it was even better that it came from Lin Yuan.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull had already been whisked away by the Guild Alliance for treatment.

The Guild Alliance took full responsibility of taking care of the injured feys in such matches. This saved Lin Yuan some trouble as well.

Since Lin Yuan was not wearing a mask and was behaving affectionately toward Chu Ci, who had just won a match, the rest of the audience was abuzz with chatter about him.

This included some members of the Rhine Guild Club’s main team.

The very mature-looking Li Ang was seated next to Shi Xu. He was unshaved today, which made him look more shabby than usual.

As he watched Lin Yuan pat down Chu Ci’s stray hair, Li Ang whispered to Shi Xu, “Shi Xu, what do you think about the man sitting next to the silver-mask-wearing girl?”

Shi Xu’s brain was preoccupied with thoughts about his plan to confess his feelings to Zhao Xiaochun. Thus, he had not paid attention to the exciting match that had just ended.

When he heard Li Ang’s question, he quickly leaned away from Li Ang and thought, Is Li Ang trying to play for the other team after being single for too long?”

Shi Xu replied nonchalantly, “He’s pretty handsome.”

Li Ang took out a mirror and checked himself out. He twitched his lips and tried to mimic the cheerful young man’s smile. He smiled a toothy smile and said to Shi Xu, “Do I look good when I smile like this?”

Shi Xu looked at the bright smile on Li Ang’s face. He felt that it was somehow blasphemous yet familiar.

Shi Xu carefully thought about it. Suddenly, realization dawned on him.

Shi Xu was reminded of an old cucumber that had been split open. It resembled Li Ang to a tee!

However, alarm bells soon started ringing in his head.

Why are you asking me how you look? Is he trying to make a move on me now that he’s going over to the other side?

Shi Xu immediately became serious.

“Li Ang, I’m only interested in Zhao Xiaochun.”

Shi Xu’s words left Li Ang baffled. However, Shi Xu’s loud voice was overheard by the other Rhine Guild Club members.

They looked at Shi Xu strangely.

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Didn’t Shi Xu’s head start to ache at the mere mention of Zhao Xiaochun after she ate him out of house and home? When did he become interested in her? Could it be that some strange personality trait was awoken in him?

The other members of Rhine Guild Club shifted their gaze from Shi Xu to Zhao Xiaochun, who was sitting nearby with the rest of the Dragon Gate Guild Club members.

They saw her gnawing on a gleaming sausage. She was devouring it like a madwoman.

The Rhine Guild Club members gulped.

Shi Xu deserved to be broke for the rest of his life!

Long Tao and Fang Duoduo had noticed the Rhine Guild Club members’ eyes on Zhao Xiaochun.

Fang Duoduo whispered, “Boss, do you think the Rhine Guild Club is trying to plan out some kind of battle strategy?”

Long Tao shook his head and replied, “Impossible. Xiaochun has never shown her trump card. There’s no way that anyone else knows about it. Moreover, even if they did catch wind of something, it’s useless so long as they have no idea what the abilities and exclusive skills are.”

Zhao Xiaochun heard what Long Tao and Fang Duoduo were discussing. It was only then that she noticed the eyes of the Rhine Guild Club members on her.

She quickly chomped on her sausage and said to Long Tao and Fang Duoduo, “They’re just greedy!”

The next few matches were not as exciting, not even the one where the Rhine Guild Club, who was the previous year’s S Tournament champions, were involved.

It was because the lucky member of the audience that the Rhine Guild Club had picked was an old man that was over 60 years old.

The strongest fey he had contracted was a Bronze Sharp-Toothed Hunting Dog.

The Rhine Guild Club had sent out a reserve team member. However, the weak Sharp-Toothed Hunting Dog made it difficult for the reserve team member to come up with a fighting strategy.

Due to the lackluster happenings in the area, the people present all turned their attention to Lin Yuan and Chu Ci.

Lin Yuan had managed the spirit-lifeform store for most of his life and had crossed paths with people from all walks of life.

He had not been bothered by the eyes of other people on him.

However, ever since Lin Yuan had come to the Royal Capital and closed the spirit-lifeform store, he had spent almost all his days in the Return from Faraway Mansion.

He usually held discussions on Star Web and had moved from center stage to backstage.

Now that he was backstage, Lin Yuan was not used to the sudden attention of thousands of people.

Lin Yuan could not help but think, Have I been cooping myself up too much?

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